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Things That Get Better With Age...

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... fine wine, jeans, and Scott Mills.

Thanks to Tweed, I've got my hands on a classic Mills show, from 2005. It's up on the Archive here.

It's quite interesting to listen to - even after being on Radio 1 for seven years, he still hadn't quite lost his posh twang, and at times it sounded a lot like that clip of him doing "All Requests Lunchbreak" on Heart, particularly during Your Call (fun fact: That clip also features a younger Chris Smith With the News reading the news (also, how old is Chris Smith With the News? I think he's quite a few years older than Greg, and if he was doing the news in 1996 then he must be about Scott's age. Also this is sort of his second life - he used to be Christian O'Connell's sidekick, so he must be one of the more mature Newsbeat staff)). Anyway. What was I saying?

Oh yeah, Scott 10 years ago. Surprisingly little content - Your Call seems a bit ropey and "All Requests Lunchtime" like - 45 minutes of requests and no chat content during peak time seems a bit odd. How long did that go on for and was it a daily thing? Also the links were really short and Chappers wasn't as involved. Mills seemed very different then to how he is now, I think I prefer 2015 Scott. Although given the choice between Chappers and Chris, I think I'd say Chappers. Also a strange use of the 5pm and 6pm news jingles for Your Call, and with Scott popping up at the end of Newsbeat. It sounds weird.

If anybody else fancies a listen, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. And also if anybody knows how old Chris Smith With the News actually is that would be good too.

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Haha, love the You've Been Busted feature. There's no way they'd get away with that now.

I do miss the era of risquér radio. It all sort of ended on Radio 1 when Chris Moyles left. Was listening to clips of Badly Bleeped TV the other day - that was hilarious.

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