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Twitter Poppy !!


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or why not donate to a worthy (poppy-related) charity and resist the peer pressure to wear a poppy in any form?

There's my problem with Poppies, wearing one is no longer really a sign of respect like it used to be, more a 'chore' or something you're made to feel is a Duty these days... or for the dreaded reason 'because it's cool' (one reason that should NEVER be used to try and convince me to do anything, I'll decide if I think it's 'cool', thanks). For me, I don't assume people not wearing one is a sign of disrespect or anything like a lot of people seem to.

Also I guess putting one on your twitter means the charity that collects under the Poppy appeal get nothing, so if I'm gonna have one, I'd rather make it a real one, but above all else I'd rather just make the donation really.

I personally don't need for there to be a sign that I have done this for the approval of others (same reason I have a small yellow flower from a Marie Curie appeal, but just keep it rather than wearing it).

So there ya go, possibly as thought provoking as I'm gonna get... ever.

Professional eater of puppy dogs, baby heads and killer of grannies...

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