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Change in the In New DJs We Trust Lineup...

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Skream & Benga and Chuckie have been announced as new additions to the ever-evolving line up of BBC Radio 1's In New DJs We Trust (INDWT) show.

From January 2011 (Thursdays, 9-10pm), the three DJs will join the rotational* line-up alongside Jaymo & Andy George, Toddla T and Heidi in the slot that brings together the most innovative, exciting and talented DJs and gives them a one-hour showcase to play the best new dance music.

The new line-up will be broadcast, in order of rotation, Thursdays from 9-10pm:

Thursday 6 January – Jaymo & Andy George

Thursday 13 January – Skream & Benga

Thursday 20 January – Toddla T

Thursday 27 January – Chuckie

Heidi will now move to the fifth Thursdays of the month that occur in 2011 – 31 March, 30 June and 29 September.


Latest Jingles: 2010 Beds Package, 2009 and 2010 ID Packages, Newsbeat 2009/10.


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Skream and Benga. Two amazing artists. They're djing at my uni for new years eve. Everytime I see Skream's face or name anywhere I <strike>scream</strike> shriek in excitement before telling the people nearest to me that he is from my hometown of Croydon :D The spiritual (and literal) home of dubstep.

The one and only time I associate myself with Croydon ;)

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