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Unofficial Mills Forum Rules


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Welcome to the Unofficial Mills discussion forum. Before posting we ask that you read through these rules. UM reserves the right to change them at anytime.

  • No advertisements in posts - keep them to signatures
  • Your username should not be a web address nor should it display a likeness to names of Radio 1 team members. Impostors face having their account name edited or deleted.
  • Respect that we have forum users of all ages - so no adult content or swearing
  • Posting of grotesque, sexually gratuitous/obscene, violent or any other 'extreme' photographs/material of any such nature deemed inappropriate by the owners of this website will result in an immediate ban. No caution or warning will be given.
  • User signature images should be no bigger than 468 x 60 pixels.
  • Threatening, insulting or abusive posts will be removed
  • Forum posts should be relevant, and in the right place
  • UM may edit your posts to keep it constructive and to keep the thread running smoothly.
  • Post boosting, digging up threads, 'games' and pointless posts will be removed
  • Moderators have the right to remove or close topics they feel are pointless
  • Text chat and pointless abbreviations are not acceptable, nor is posting in capital letters.
  • Posts of a racist, homophobic or sexist nature are not tolerated and will be removed. Any forum member who breaks this rule may be banned.
  • Discrimination/abuse against any forum member on grounds of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation and genetic features is strictly prohibited.
  • And criticism should be constructive. Those provoking reactions will be considered 'trolls' and will be asked to stop. Those that don't comply will be banned. This includes pointless threads about Radio 1 DJs.

Please also remember to use the alert button if you feel a post violates the forum rules - report.gif - located on the left hand side of a post in the blue section.

Unofficial Mills cannot be held responsible for the actions of its members on the forum. You will be held responsible for any libellous posts, and relevant action will be taken if needed. Those that do not comply with the rules of the message board will find themselves banned or deleted.

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