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    Ash101 got a reaction from murste in Schedule Changes   
    Chris is very much Scott’s “sidekick”. The others are all “co-presenters”.
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    Ash101 got a reaction from Toby_Radio in Schedule Changes   
    Chris is very much Scott’s “sidekick”. The others are all “co-presenters”.
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    Ash101 reacted to Lee E in Scott and Chris sounding top of their game   
    I would say probably correct, that Scott Mills was definately offered the gig and turned it down - bit of a kick to Jamie Theaktson to know he was second fiddle after being in the slot for some years
    Wonder what made Scott turn it down - was it the fact he would have been working with Amanda Holden lol
    As for Greg - I would say he will go for Moyles' record and try to do 9/10 years being the radio nerd he is, but it depends how long you can hack early mornings although he has Chris Evans' wish of being 4 days only
    I can see Scott on afternoons for some time yet too as him Adele and Clara are the only constant on daytime currently after recent changes to both weekday and weekend schedules but maybe start to cover shows on Radio 2 like SWITA and Ken Bruce? Also of note Sara Cox has had no real "leave" since being on drive, wonder if there is potential for Scott to cover this slot?
    It will be interesting to see what happens to the three from Kiss - maybe they have potential to replace Grimmy on drive one day ? and give Dev and Alice the night show weekdays where they can be smutty and allow Jordan to have weekend afternoons and be the cover for weekday shows as well - Dev definately deserves a slot on daytime even if it is the 9pm one nightly
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