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    Dan18F1 got a reaction from vorti in Annie Mac to leave Radio 1   
    I completely agree with that, maybe radio 1 need a specific evening commissioner? Daytimes sound like they’ll be really great with the new changes and an Arielle/ Greg/ RMC/ Scott and Chris/ Grimmy line up is very strong and weekend daytimes are very strong now too. 
    However, the evenings look like they’ll be a complete mess now, there’s literally going to be 4 hours of basically nothing every night. Then there’s the fact that the specialist shows seem to have been halved in length, the fact that live shows seem to be ending at 10pm now, the random mix of power down playlist and introducing dance slotted in the evenings, it all just doesn’t make much sense and isn’t coherent in the slightest. 
    I’ve been very impressed with the changes that Aled had made until this point, but this just doesn’t make sense. If it is to do with cost cutting (which I’m pretty sure I remember reading somewhere that the BBC haven’t got to make anymore cuts this year) then why would they promote a triple headed team to the mid morning show rather than keeping live shows running later? 
    Even 1xtra has got live shows that run in the week from 6am - 1am. That’s going to be 2 hours longer than R1’s 5am- 10pm. Surely there must be some changes that will be happening later in the evening some point soon? 
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    Dan18F1 reacted to Lily Georgia in Schedule Changes   
    Matt & Mollie are in for Greg for a week 22nd-26th March.
    Vick and Katie are covering 1-4 on the Friday.
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    Dan18F1 got a reaction from JacobRadioFan in Are Matt and Mollie the 'future' of Radio 1?   
    I think their new show sounds really great, really nice to have a really strong weekend schedule again and good to have a weekend afternoon entertainment show. In my opinion, it’s the strongest Matt has sounded since he had his 10-1 shows. 
    Depending on when Scott goes, I could see them taking over his show, as I think Jordan is definitely favourite for Drive. Hopefully they take their producer (Louis) with them if they do ever move shows. 
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    Dan18F1 reacted to IamNotFromUK in Schedule Changes   
    That's pretty much it. You can't have C list presenter who used to play a lot of music during their regular show covering A level show like breakfast. As well as that, the logistics matter. For example, there's no point in having Grimmy or Scott covering breakfast if Matt and Mollie are available. That was the case 10 years or so ago when Scott was covering Chris Moyles and someone else had Scotts show or Greg James (who at the time was on afternoons) covered Scott (drivetime), but now we see it less frequently. I think this has to do with current line up, which is quite strong at the moment. Just think about it, 10 years ago the weekend line up was good, but not up to the weekday level. Edith Bowman was former daytime presenter who was demoted, same applies for Sara Cox and Vernon Kay (but still they filled in for Chris Moyles sometimes), Huw Stephens was more specialist kind of a type presenter. Now there's Adele Roberts, Jordan North, Matt and Mollie, Arielle Free. 
    I think the higher bosses make a call on who covers who in case of sick producer. For example, if Greg James is sick, I think Matt and Molle will get the first call, if he's unavailable, then it's Scotts turn, after him I think Jordan North.
    For Clara's show the obvious choice would be Adele Roberts and Katie Thistleton. If their unavailable, then it's Arielle Free.
    For Scott, it's Matt and Mollie, Jordan North as they're quite similar presenters in their style.
    For Grimmy, it's Jordan and maybe Adele or Arielle?
    There are exceptions if no one's avaliable. For example, Matt Edmondson covered breakfast during Christmas period. Don't get me wrong, he was really good, it's unusual to have him without Mollie on such high profile show. This means that no one else was available without tearing up the schedule completely. 
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    Dan18F1 reacted to Lily Georgia in Studio order question   
    @Lee E In repsonse to your chatbox post, here are the current studio allocations for R1:
    Arielle 82F, Greg 82A, Clara 82F, Scott 82A, Grimmy 82D, Annie 82A, RMC 82D, Jack 82A
    Early Breakfast 82F, Greg 82A, Jordan 82F, M&M 82D, Scott 82E, Annie 82A, Danny 82B
    Adele 82D, Jordan 82F, M&M 82D, Charlie 82F, Target 82A, Tiffany 82C
    Adele 82D, Jordan 82F, M&M 82D, Life Hacks (Katie in Salford, Vick in Salford or sometimes 82E), Sian 82B, Dan 82C
    If you want the same info for 1Xtra or Asian Network let me know.  1Xtra use the same 6 studios as R1, as do around half of Asian Network's shows - the rest come from Birmingham.
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    Dan18F1 reacted to Fourcandles in When was Greg as his best?   
    Just a thought - I watched a clip on Greg's insta from when he did the Prue Leith song. It got me thinking about his breakfast show. I think he's great at it, but I think Greg was at his peak at R1 towards the end of his drive show (last year or two). In interviews, he said that this was when he assumed he wouldn't get breakfast and so just starting going weird and funny stuff on the show, and I just thought the content was great. The fatberg visit, shouldn't be news, the podcast and all the other stuff, I just thought it was really really funny.
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    Dan18F1 reacted to Lily Georgia in Schedule Changes   
    Week commencing Monday 4th January:
    Rickie, Melvin & Charlie are in for Clara (Mon-Thurs) Matt & Mollie are in for Scott & Chris (Mon & Tues) Adele is in for Rickie, Melvin & Charlie (Mon-Thurs) I guess Clara and Scott are working during the week leading up to Christmas (unlike most of the weekday presenters) so this makes some kind of sense.
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    Dan18F1 reacted to Lily Georgia in Schedule Changes   
    Some more upcoming cover:
    Dev is in for Scott from Monday 28th September to Thursday 1st October (with Chris!) Cel Spellman is in for Arielle on Friday 9th October
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    Dan18F1 got a reaction from georgeh in Hello New Members!   
    Hi George, 
    Really enjoy reading your posts and hopefully you’ll continue to post frequently in the future!
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    Dan18F1 got a reaction from IsaacM in Hello New Members!   
    Hey Isaac, 
    You’ll be very welcome here especially with your love of Jordan North! ? Hope you enjoy joining in with all of the discussions! 
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    Dan18F1 got a reaction from anothernerd in The UM Dream Schedule for R1   
    Thank you for organising this! The results are very interesting but mostly what I expected really. Although I didn’t realise this forum had so much love for Arielle but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I would be very happy for a future radio 1 schedule to look like that. 
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    Dan18F1 reacted to IsaacM in Hello New Members!   
    Hi everyone!

    My name is Isaac and I’m currently a Computer Science student. I am also a massive radio geek as well – I’ve been listening to Radio 1 now for 6 years and to The Official Chart for nearly 6 and a half years.

    I’ve been a long time lurker on this forum (5 years I think!) and I’ve loved reading the comments and posts about Radio 1 ever since I found this. I’ve always wanted to join in the fun with comments and posts of my own but I’ve either delayed putting it off or been too shy to make a move. Hopefully, with everything strange going on, now is the right time.

    I look forward to getting more involved with the forum during times of big discussion here, whatever happens to Radio 1. Maybe a new presenter might join. Maybe Scott Mills will do 9 years in the afternoons. Maybe Jordan North will get the primetime slot he deserves. But for now … thanks for having me!

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    Dan18F1 got a reaction from THIS IS THE BBC in The UM Dream Schedule for R1   
    Thank you for organising this! The results are very interesting but mostly what I expected really. Although I didn’t realise this forum had so much love for Arielle but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I would be very happy for a future radio 1 schedule to look like that. 
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    Dan18F1 got a reaction from Audio_Nerd in Breakfast Deps?   
    I love Dev and Alice and think they’re the best on the station at the moment, but I think that’s the problem, that neither of them would probably be able to commit to a weekday slot as they’d both be off for half the time.
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    Dan18F1 got a reaction from anothernerd in Christmas Schedule Predictions 2019   
    Yasssssss. Scott’s still on Christmas Day Breakfast!! I’m surprised Jordan is on Christmas Day again though! 
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    Dan18F1 reacted to Toby_Radio in Current Thoughts on Radio 1   
    I think we are on the brink of some monumental change, be it in three years from now, or in six months.  It has to happen.  There’s a lot of talent, like RMC, D&A, Jordan, Arielle, that aren’t being used.  They’re the people that need to break through, when the likes of Nick, Clara, Scott, and at a later point Greg, move on.  That leaves the big slots in revamped, safe hands.  And the next generation of talent can break through, and eventually get those big slots, hopefully quicker than people have in the past.  Radio 1 has more presenters in their 40s, than 20s.  And content wise, if relevant, that’s not an issue.  But radio 1 need to bring the next generation through, because otherwise when these ones run out of steam, there’s nowhere to turn, and the station and it’s audience will drift older and older until the station dies off, from lack of requirement, or failure to reach the right demographic.  I think we are slowly starting to see that happen, and it needs to be averted, halted, and reversed.  In terms of a listen right now, the music annoys me when it repeats a lot, and it’s too music heavy, but there are some golden bits of radio, which just epitomise the “live moment” that radio is all about.  
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    Dan18F1 reacted to Toby_Radio in Schedule Changes   
    I’d put money on this.  Not too much money though?.
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    Dan18F1 reacted to Toby_Radio in Future of Radio 1.   
    A few points here.  What I would say, is Radio 1, due to its target audience, is at the forefront of attracting a new generation of listeners, and is up against the likes of streaming services, YouTubers, podcasters, and commercial radio.  It’s a multi platform youth content brand/provider, with the live linear station as the bedrock of the output, the live moment, the petrol that fuels the engine.  I agree, if the content was made more on target, and less safe and predictable, then they would be more successful with the target audience, and I’d imagine by the new year a weekday shakeup is imminent, not just a shifting around.  Especially with the new Pop Controller coming in.  Otherwise, 30 something white blokes or 40+ presenters get swapped around again and again with no change, obviously with exceptions.  If there aren’t some big changes in 2020, then there’s a serious magagerial problem.  My second point, one thing to remember is Radio 1 doesn’t live or die by RAJAR, and a decline in audience could be nearly older listeners deserting the station, and if you aren’t 16-24, in theory, Radio 1 doesn’t care if you listen or not.  The core 3 million under 24 listeners is who they’re aiming at and broadcasting to, with 3 million weekly listeners, all 16-24, Radio 1 would be seen as succeeding.   
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    Dan18F1 got a reaction from Mike123 in Scott and Chris sounding top of their game   
    I don’t want them to do that tbh, Scott and Chris’ current slot is a lot better than Matt and Mollie’s, think if they got moved it would seem like a demotion 
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    Dan18F1 reacted to R1Aled in Schedule Changes   
    Hello everyone
    Aled here, Head of Programmes at Radio 1. Thank you for all your passion for Scott,  Chris and Radio 1 - the station’s success relies on fans like yourselves caring about radio and what we do and all of us at Radio 1 really appreciate it. 
    Don't worry - I’m not planning on hanging around and cramping your style, I’m trying to get hold of Jono. I’ve used the ‘Contact us’ section but I’ve heard nothing yet, if someone on the board has his contact please ask him to email me. 
    (It’s nothing bad!) 
    Keep up the amazing work everyone, be as critical as you like, I’m sure Scott appreciates it. 
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    Dan18F1 reacted to Chris D in Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James - First Thoughts   
    Good to hear What's My Age Again and Game of Phones this week. It's added a bit of variety to the same old features.
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    Dan18F1 got a reaction from vorti in Scott on daytime BBC Radio 2   
    I’m guessing from the tone of it, that the whole thing is a joke and is based on the fact that Radio 2 has changed quite a lot in the last few years and the fact that quite a lot of people aren’t that happy about it. I don’t think it’s anything to get too annoyed about. 
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    Dan18F1 reacted to Jono in Radio 1's Big Weekend 2019 - Middlesbrough   
    Tickets will go on sale on Thursday 14th March 2019, at 5.00pm
    Saturday's line-up includes:
    Miley Cyrus
    Mumford & Sons
    Bring Me the Horizon
    Billie Eilish
    Charli XCX
    James Arthur
    Jess Glynne
    Lewis Capaldi
    Sam Fender
    The Amazons
    Vampire Weekend
    Sunday's line-up includes:
    The 1975
    Little Mix
    Catfish and the Bottleman
    Ellie Goulding
    Jax Jones
    Pale Waves
    Rita Ora
    Sean Paul
    Two Door Cinema Club
    Zara Larsson
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    Dan18F1 reacted to OohErr in 24 Hour LOLathon with Scott and Chris   
    THIS IS WHY I LOVE RADIO. None of that dull shit that's so safe you want to cry. This rude af film quiz is something else.
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    Dan18F1 got a reaction from OohErr in 24 Hour LOLathon with Scott and Chris   
    This last hour and a half has been the best radio I think I’ve ever heard on Radio 1. It’s nice to see all the DJs being able to show their (rude) personalities. And Jordan has really really stood out tonight. A shame that’s greg won’t be on until the morning as I enjoyed him doing the rude bits last time!! 



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