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  1. Here's a question, when it was Greg's drive show before the chart, on a Friday Scott used to do Floorfillers or ready for the weekend, but what did Greg do in the 6-7 Friday slot ? I know it was branded as Dance Anthems on Friday when the chart came in was it that before though
  2. that will be a pre record I bet
  3. Seems like 6-6 NYE is Radio 1 Dance, so is that the stream or with live presenters? doesn't look like any of the regular presenters are on until 6 with Arielle
  4. Is it like last year with Scott and Chris doing drive then
  5. Morning All As we approach her last shows on earlies, I am still at a loss as to weather Adele has been promoted, demoted or sideways moved Going from earlies to weekend breakfast, a more social slot than having a 4am alarm but not on air daily, but on air one hour less a week in total, totally different audience Then there is Arielle, she's definitely been promoted and wonder if this has been done to make her the dep for Dance Anthems, so she's not on air at weekends but can cover Matt & Mollie? backwards step from the weekend breakfast to afternoons, but still on a Friday demotion I would say as they have gone from breakfast on a Friday/Saturday to afternoons
  6. They are missing a trick - they could run hours of Dave Pearce Dance anthems shows too
  7. Alice has replied to Devs insta story impying that they will be back together?
  8. He moved last week, fronting the new dance station good move for him, I bet money came into it
  9. I am surprised at this announcement, not just a DJ - an established DJ he has either had a blinding offer, or he has fallen out with someone, I will miss him I wonder if he knew for some weeks already and Charlie knew, it all seems quite organised
  10. I wonder if that's because 1xtra breakfast will be a co-hosted slot going forward?
  11. I Know I have asked this before, but never had a solid answer, and some newer members may know, so why is it on a Friday and the weekend the studios seem to swap for example on a regular weekday Adele, Clara, Grimmy and RMC are in 82D and Greg, Scott, Annie and Jack come from 82A but at weekends it seems to change, Arielle 82A, M&M 82D, Jordan 82A, Dev 82D, Scott 82 (E/F??) Annie 82A and Danny 82D Anyone have any idea why this happens, also why doen't Scott just use 82A on a Friday or is that because Annie insists on 82A every time
  12. I hope he uses all the old jingles and Roy Walker voice overs
  13. It makes sense for Scott to have a holiday I mean he worked all of the summer I think bar the weeks he was forced off for Clara on 11-3, I see Sam his BF is involved with Hits Radio South Coast but not sure where? cannot see him on the schedule I would think Chris would usually have the same week, but it has happened before i also wonder now if Dev is the main daytime cover again? now Jordan has his own slot 3 times a week, wonder if Dev will be the main cover for Scott and Grimmy? or will it be Cel going forward, has there been a swap of roles, Cel is now the supply teacher as Jordan has the weekend mids slot? Also now, what happens to the chart when Scott is off, as Jordan was often used for that, will that be someone who's not on a Friday like Katie? Vick? maybe Mistajam (he did it for Greg back in the day and he doesn't work Fridays) or someone like Jordahn with Cel covering for him
  14. YAY Hello Nathan, welcome, I know Nathan he's a top lad, you should liseten to his shows on Uckfield FM
  15. Plus as Jordan, launching your "new" slot why would you want to be on someone elses gig? specially co hosting with her, I'd rather be on my own show
  16. I would like to go with Scott and Greg, i'd love to discuss their early careers, I am on community radio,what it was like for Scott to work at an old FM station in the 90s, and when is Scott planning to go to R2... (I wonder if ladbrooks would run a book on it lol) Sadly at 40 I am too old to chase the dream, the biggest slot I get to cover is weekday drive on Uckfield FM which has a good following, usually twenty odd online listeners, and lots of FM in shops and all around the town, Uckfield drive is great on a Friday, from 6 there is a feature called "feel good Friday" which is similar to "ready for the weekend" Scott used to do, but more 90s/00s dance music, also just bagged Monday breakfast at 107 Meridian FM, which I have just been given but not done it yet. I'd love to learn what life is like at R1, what happens behind the scenes, what is Aled like as a boss compared to how he was on air years ago, and was Moyles really as much of a bully as rumored. I also like Mistajam as well, he seems like a great mate when he's on the radio.
  17. I think he'll go in the Steve Wright or Ken Bruce slot when they retire
  18. It's been brilliant Going to miss Scott covering next time, but i'll be tuning to R2 next week as this could be the start of him covering weekday shows, not sure he'd get to cover for Vine though, but I can see him covering for Ken and Sara and maybe Zoe Greg is great on breakfast, and they did the right thing putting him on drive for 6 years so he could come in and refresh it after the Grimmy era, imagine if he had got it after Moyles, then he would probably have finished now and we would have a new host, although I still maintain that Scott should have been appointed in 2012 and maybe Grimmy getting afternoons But if Scott had got it then where would he be now? probably out, the reason he's been about so long is not only his relevance but also he's not in the prime slot, so in the background as such I can see Jordan getting 1-330 if Scott moves to R2 full time, i'd say he would be lined up for the big show if SW retires, but with a schedule change to 2-430 and Sara starting at 430 instead of 5 If I was the controller of R2 I would remove the Vine slot if he went to TV full time have Zoe 630-10 Ken 10-1, Scott 1-4 and Sara 4-7
  19. For me Jono its for sure the Moyles 52hr show, I'd love for Scott to break that before he moves to R2
  20. I wonder why they didn't move Clara to the Friday slot instead of Greg?
  21. I don't understand why they have kept Party Anthems, as Annie could include some of those commercial tunes in her first hour
  22. He did earlies on R1 also? I can see RMC going to 1xtra breakfast and a R1 cascade happen from there
  23. Aled has been in charge longer, he was head of programes under Cooper since 2017 or so, and he was instrumental in Greg going to breakfast, he has essentially been doing the day to day running of Radio 1 since then and continues to do so today
  24. I could see Scott going back to drive, but I am not so sure if that would be a backward step?
  25. Also BH Monday Clara in for Scott 11-3 as it is Scotts week Scott is on Radio 2 in for SWITA 2/5
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