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  2. If anyone is interested to know Adele Roberts stands in for Jo Whiley on Radio 2 next week whilst Annie Macmanus hosts for Lauren Lavern on 6 Music at breakfast time next week.
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  4. Arielle is in for Clara on Monday 22nd August
  5. Response to @Jono Idea of a card my message to tribute Scott Mills and Chris Stark’s tenure at Radio 1 reads:

    For the hard times and the good, for the the greatest radio personalities I got to praise them like I should. For the laughter and the joy brought a smile to many of days soundtrack as comprehensive student then through to sixth form to early adulthood. A constant will be missed. Especially the ridiculously funny laugh out loud moments that no other radio presenters come close (well maybe Elis James and John Robins on 5 Live. But this isn’t about them’

    Thanks for the memories they were quite alright actually. Best of luck with the future retiring to Radio 2 Scott and Chris going global, you will be back sure I know.

    Love Ya Bye - Aaron Williams @aarjaewilliams (They/Them

  6. Emily Pilbeam and Christian Carlisle are in for Gemma Bradley on BBC Introducing on 4 September.
  7. Yea also she does anthems at 1030 aswell then I think dean and Vicky are meant to start on the 5th
  8. Not far off Mollie King’s new Future Pop show from launching and Rock Introducing it would be good to have that extra pop and addition to the future brand of shows
  9. Sam & Danni are in for Dean on Saturday 3rd September. Mollie is solo on Saturday 3rd September. Nat O'Leary starts her new show on Sunday 4th September which I believe is a week earlier than the press release stated.
  10. Emil Franchi is in for Matt & Mollie on Friday 19th August. Sam & Danni are in for Arielle on Thursday 25th August.
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  12. No Greg is off for 2 weeks,then he’s back for the final week of Scott & Chris then he’s just got a few days after the following Monday (which is a bank holiday) he’s back mid week
  13. Is Greg off when Mills leaves?
  14. Would have thought Nat would have done one of the shows
  15. Sam & Danni now sitting in for Vick and Katie Also: Radio 1 00's (Monday 29th August) 7-11am: Emil Franchi 11am-2:30pm: Matty Chiabi 2:30pm-6pm: Robyn Ritchford Matt sits in for Greg on Tuesday 30th & Wednesday 31st August.
  16. Might start spreading the word on the Radio 1 pages
  17. Awesome idea, but that would need more than just us here on the forum. (I don't know if I can help cause I'm not from the UK.) But if social media, especially popular figures like artists or other DJs get involved I can see the song make it easily to the top 40.
  18. Hi guys i thought it be great to get behind a song that reminds us of Scott and Chris to tey and get into the Chart for one of Scotts final chart shows. Bambeloo was the obvious one pointed out by NathanS on the chat. Come on guys lets get streaming it and whatever else. Be so cool and a nice touch from all of us to Scott anf Chris
  19. I'm old enough to remember Mark Goodier handling both 'briefs' with aplomb ,,,,
  20. Greg's show is extended to 07.00-11.00 on Friday 26th & Monday 29th August. Dean & Vicky are live from Reading 11.00-15.00 from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th August. Adele's show is extended to 07.00-11.00 on Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th August. There's a gap 15.00-19.00 on Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th August - potentially more Reading shows? Rickie, Melvin (& Vicky?) are on 11.00-14.30 on Monday 29th August, then 10.30-14.00 Tuesday-Thursday. Vick & Jordan are on 14.30-18.00 on Monday 29th August, then 14.00-17.45 Tuesday-Thursday. Sam & Danni are in for Dean on Friday 2nd September.
  21. It felt really odd at first, because his current shows are the total opposite (new & alternative vs. top 40 music), but after the chart olympics feature I had no doubt that he was gonna be announced as the next host. It feels like it has been decided already around the time he first covered. Anyways, he's a great choice, I'm sure I'll stay a regular listener after he takes over.
  22. Wonder if just that they may have contracted Vicky Hawksworth to start presenting so many hours from august even with show starting in September since she hasn’t had a regular Radio 1 show permanently and getting a daily daytime one could be warming audience. Plenty opportunities live on air co-hosting and presenting may help pilot if and get feedback from
  23. Yes next week, although maybe they are waiting to see if Scott gets over Covid by then...
  24. I thought Scott and Chris were meant to be in Newquay
  25. I think they will get a show in the end but don’t know where no though
  26. Sam & Danni are in for Arielle on Wednesday 10th August. Sam & Danni are in for Matt & Mollie, and live from Boardmasters, from Friday 12th to Sunday 14th August.
  27. Sam & Danni are in for Dean on the 6th of August and Arielle on the 10th of August. They are also sitting in for Matt & Mollie live from Boardmasters the weekend of the 12th-14th August.
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