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  2. Took me a while. Now it´s working. Listening now on my phone top quality. Needed so much to listen to this first in the morning. You've made my days a lot better. Thanks a lot.
  3. Just one questión. I'm on this page. Do you know which of these files should I download? Thanks in advance.
  4. Last week
  5. i would say that eurovision is the reason too. that would be 3 weeks off 1-4 within the space of a month. That being said i can also see Matt & Mollie being the go to cover from now on anyway. It stops the weekday schedule being interrupted and ties in with the weekend schedule nicely.
  6. Eurovision is around the corner so I’d say Scott has enough on his plate getting ready for that.
  7. I've been using get_iPlayer. It can be finicky at times but it gets the job done.
  8. As noted in other threads, Scott does not appear to be covering Breakfast for the two weeks Greg is off but Matt & Mollie are I wonder what has lead to this, is it Scotts other commitments and these two weeks were a write off for several days so they just said screw it let's put Matt and Mollie on every day Or is it because Scott is being groomed for Radio 2 now therefore they need to get a new breakfast cover some experience, and get Jordan covering for Scott
  9. And Rickie Melvin and Charlie!
  10. Hi guys. Is there a way to download the whole show -with music- outside the UK? I found this but is asking me to pay? http://goodmoodsoft.com/app/47 Any advice? Thanks in advance
  11. Other than Scott no ones in on their own shows on Bhol mon
  12. I don’t think so. Wonder if R2 are doing anything? That could be why maybe?
  13. Also, sorry to double post, but does anyone know if R1 are doing anything different over the Easter Weekend like a Ten Hour Takeover or a countdown of some sort? I seem to remember that they normally do, but I’ve not seen or heard anything being trailed for it.
  14. And she seems to be for most of, if not all of next week as well, as Adele is in for Clara.
  15. Katie is in for Adele tommrow
  16. It’s annoying waking up to Matt and Mollie on Fridays- I like them but they’re not morning material Its sort of werid about 4pm when the chart comes on as it doesn’t feel weekedny as it’s been on Friday for years now. I would like it if Jordon took the Friday greatest hits maybe Arielle on Saturday maybe Maya(unfortunately) on Sunday? Just an idea I had at least
  17. Yeah funny that all phones used to have a ‘FM Radio’ app now they don’t. Shame really, as that was great but now with AppStore’s you can get Spotify and other music apps now so I guess a radio app is not nesscsary as a default app now Also I have a clock radio but mines DAB and FM but I don’t use FM as I can’t be bothered going through and finding my local frequency. And DABs more useful
  18. I still find it confusing to this day. Usually tune in to hear Greg and always get surprised by Matt & Mollie. At least it reminds me to listen to the chart on the way home. I'm not fully against a different Friday schedule with a "Friday breakfast" or a "Friday afternoon", but if they'd stop calling it weekend, that'd be great.
  19. I still have an FM radio as alarm clock if that counts. (I just find it more reliable than a phone.) It's funny though how FM is actually less accessible (at least for me) since most phones no longer have it and internet became cheaper.
  20. Perhaps although suspect she will have a proper show soon enough
  21. Yeah it should be. That could be Arielles big break!
  22. How do we still feel about this? I have to say I don't listen as much on a Friday, it just throws me. I have no issue with the presenters - I listen on a weekend but it doesn't give me the feel good factor about the weekend tuning in on a Friday and hearing different voices to Monday to Thursday!
  23. They could argue 1Xtra does an important job from their perspective, I can't see them wanting a third. I quite enjoyed the Radio 1 Vintage pop-up station. I guess the question is what music would such a station play, I reckon there's demand for something like the Greatest Hits show, but there is quite a plethora of 90s stations these days. Anything less modern like Radio 1 would make it like Radio 2.
  24. This was actually going to be a thread praising some of the new experimental podcasts from Radio 1, but figured I'd throw out the general question too. I've just started listening to Worst Dates (which is the Radio 1 comedy podcast - should be it's own podcast not just a series) and Unexpected Fluids. Both amused me on the walk home. Worth a listen for something difference and perhaps an evolution of what the Surgery used to be (minus the good advice!)
  25. I became a regular listener in 2004 - but had been listening a few years on and off before that. Mostly to Chris Moyles. My listening of Radio 1 really shaped the years that followed, for instance, listening on the day of the 7/7 bombings when Vernon Kay stayed off and Scott did both breakfast and drive, and Newsbeat breaking the news Jacko had died.
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