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  2. Listening to Annie Nightingale Mixtape shows to celebrate the birthday. They are giving me goosebumps from the awesome tunes to the news clips.
  3. How good has it sounded this month. Nostalgia is a beautiful thing. Also nice to have fresh voices. Who is everyone's faves? Also this is making me realise I'm becoming too old for R1 as the music has been so exciting Elvis Presley and the Jackson 5. I'm 27 I don't want to let go of you yet Radio 1 you have been too good to me over the years. Sent from my SM-A520F using the mobile app
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  5. mills played 2 ibiza ids/jingles today . 14th sep around 1;48; 52 and another around 1;49;00 could someone record them please and put them up ?
  6. So seems as an update from WiseBuddah is imminent, I've put together a quick demo of all the current "Where It Begins" IDs. Radio 1 "Where It Begins" - 2017.mp3?dl=0 Enjoy!
  7. AMAZING. That's so so funny, I've never heard that one before. Maybe it's just rose tinted nostalgia, but I think the callers were of a higher calibre back then than they are now.
  8. Have you read this unfortunate story about a Tinder date where a girl threw her poo out of the window because it wouldn't flush... and then gets stuck in a window? Reminds me of the girl who left a poo in a bag for her date by accident and called up to tell the story on Scott's show. Classic stuff from 2006. Worryingly seeming more frequent than it should be! Listen back here: Mills_ Natalies embarrassing story..mp3
  9. That's wonderful! Explains the story behind Mark and Lard's beards and cowboy hats on the radio 1 DJ photoshoots! Dave Pearce's bit is very cool too. He was left in a right hot spot covering for Evans. And who'd of ever thought Dance Anthems would ever work on a Sunday Night? It's where it should be now, with Dave, but on Radio 2.
  10. Jordan is going to go to bigger and better things quickly. Matt seems to be focusing a lot more on TV presenting and producing, so I wouldn't be surprised if Jordan replaced Matt as Scott's cover presenter very soon. Radio 1 has 2 very good northerner presenters in Danny and Jordan and a bit of a rubbish one in Grimmy. All from Lancashire though, wouldn't mind seeing some representation from Yorkshire.
  11. Think Mr Cooper must have been reading this with his statement saying No changes coming. This month's superstar subs I'm listening with interest. Jordan is killing it. I think the more time goes by if big boss Ben is not getting rid of people. Some of the line up may leave to pursue other ventures. Greg and Matt come to mind. Sent from my SM-A520F using the mobile app
  12. Sounds like the intro has been updated.
  13. Didn't know that Whitney Houston was a cover presenter for Simon Bates!
  14. He's brilliant! The northern wit too just tops it off. The R1 Greatest Hits show is SO good!
  15. How good is Jordan North too? He's become a really slick, natural presenter. I don't mind Matt but Jordan would be great on this slot permanently.
  16. 15 minutes into the Radio 1 Greatest Hits Show. I bloomin love it. Nostalgia is a beautiful thing. Mr Cooper thumbs up for a change. Especially throwing in new voices across the month. Sent from my SM-A520F using the mobile app
  17. Here's a BBC press pack with some Radio 1 facts (a lot of which I didn't know) and some interviews with former DJs.
  18. Every weekend in September Radio 1 are playing some of the best songs of the last 50 years too during the 10am-1pm slot. Grimmy played some old songs this morning, complete with old jingles blended in with normal imaging. Sounded really good. I also never thought we'd hear power intros of Wham! and Stevie Wonder...! Heard some during Adele's show.
  19. Schedule is out!
  20. Another new bed played after I think 2:10pm.
  21. How're you identifying them? Shazam isn't working for me! Im trying to ID the one used this morning by Scott in for Grimmy.
  22. Here's another
  23. Yesss thank you so much!
  24. Ahh thanks for that. Shazam is bringing up Bring Me Higher (Future House Remix) by DJ Ariana Gomez for one however I can't find it online anywhere. Up until I heard the Disciples one I thought all the beds were specially composed...
  25. There's the Don Diablo remix of Ghosttown by Madonna (target), the Dave Aude remix of Take Me Back by Claire Rasa (whooo?) and See Your Body Move by Secret Panda Society.
  26. I know one of them is Martin Garrix's Byte and another is Disciples' On My Mind. What are the other ones you know?
  27. Enjoy! (I know a few of the others if anyone's interested.)
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