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  2. New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    Probably because Matt is playing a lot less songs than Alice used to, so it evens out throughout the day.
  3. New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    Some of the extra songs was due to them being pre-mixed and shortened though.
  4. New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    A lot more songs too, Maya managed to play 51 (!) songs today, Matt usually played around 40. And the songs were a lot more 'new' aswell
  5. New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    So the retro jingles are gone from Greatest Hits
  6. You know what, fair play. 4am (slightly drunk) thoughts: I really really love that dancey ramp Scott uses at the moment - he played it at 2:51 today and it's just SO GOOD.
  7. Yesterday
  8. I didn't listen to the show today, and have just downloaded the podcast. I tell you something, regardless of how well Maya did today, she has given us a 51 minute podcast!
  9. I heard a bit of the show, and I'll catch up on the rest on the podcast later. I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting, but I didn't hate it and I don't think it was awful. There was some quite funny stuff relating to Maya actually - getting her old teacher on and the like. A lot of the focus of the show was on Maya though - I guess that makes sense seeing as it was her first week, it'll be interesting to see how she beds in when the show isn't all about her. I did think Scott was being extra slick today though, which I quite enjoyed - showing Maya how the professionals do it. I didn't hear the first link but I think they were making a bit of a joke about Maya saying Scott's show on a Friday is her "warm up". Please - being on the Scott Mills show IS the main event. Give it the respect it deserves. Also, the Friday mix is now the full 3:30 half hour and judging by what I heard today, there might be new jingles for Greatest Hits this weekend - which would be a shame, the hearing the old jingles were the best bit for me.
  10. So how was Maya then? I didn’t get a chance to listen
  11. Last week
  12. I think we can safely the BRITs will be the biggest talking point tomorrow (given Maya's connection to Stormzy, shall we say!).
  13. That's a bad sign - it sort of suggests that the Maya Jama Fridays won't just be the normal show where Maya Jama happens to be a contributor in a Chris/Beccy style role, but they will be focussed on her like she's a guest being interviewed, but EVERY WEEK. Yawn. I wonder how long it will go on for?
  14. Their resident Private Investigator, James, has been moved from Fridays to Thursdays now that Maya Jama is co-presenting on Fridays. It'll be a bit of a waste if they don't make up any features and just play more music.
  15. Scott did say yesterday that there won't be any form of a repeat of past BRITs years, and he and Chris are sounding alright today!
  16. Happy day after the BRITs day! Should be a good show. #neverforget
  17. Got my request played on the Bamboleo gap today! It was the "let's get social to social media" song.
  18. Schedule Changes

    Late additon to the schedule tomorrow. 8pm-9pm: Clara Amfro interviews Kendrick Lamar
  19. The fake boyfriend service keeps getting better and better. I'm pissing myself at today's one.
  20. Schedule Changes

    Phil Taggart is sitting in for Annie Mac on Wednesday 21st, Thursday 22nd and Monday 26th March, as well as Monday 2nd April.
  21. Schedule Changes

    If she's good I'm willing to change my mind, but until proven otherwise can we refer to Maya Jama within the context of Scott's show as the homewrecker?
  22. Schedule Changes

    Fri 23 Feb: 1:00 - 4:00 Maya Jama joins Scott Sat 24 Feb From 10am - New schedule begins Mon 26 Feb - Fri 2 Mar 4:00 - 6:30 Jordan in for Adele 4:00 - 7:00 Adele joins Greg for the Gregathlon Fri 2 Mar 3:00 - 4:00 Scott does the Official Chart
  23. New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    New schedule starts this weekend 24/02
  24. A wee while yet then! It certainly sounds as though he isn't ready to leave yet, and I hope Ben Cooper has picked up on that.
  25. New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    That's so embarrassing! Of course, we don't know the reasons for her only doing 13/30 shows in six weeks - there could have been a variety of reasons, but it certainly looks suspicious!
  26. New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    That's interesting, I always saw her move from weekends to early breakfast as a promotion. Given Dev started on weekend breakfast and was then moved to early breakfast after a few months, to go in that direction looked like a promotion. Plus, when Gemma was moved Ben Cooper likened her to Chris Moyles in the press release as if he was building her up to be the next big thing. Ha! Never heard anything more ridiculous. I'm glad he realised his mistake after a year, on that one at least! One of my favourite things about Gemma's sidelining was the way after it was announced she was coming off early breakfast she pretty much stopped showing up and Adele started weeks before she was formally due to! EDIT: Just looked it up because I was interested to see if I remembered it right. It went like this. Gemma on w/b 13th April 2015. Announcement Wed 15th April. Gemma on w/b 20th April. Gemma off w/b 27th April and w/b 4th May (Adele sat in). Back w/b 11th May. Off w/b 18th May (Adele sat in). Back Mon 25th - Wed 27th May. Off 28th and 29th May (Yasser sat in). Adele started Monday 1st June. So in her last six weeks of early breakfast, she only actually did 2 1/2. 13/30 shows. Actual LOL.
  27. 12th October according to Genome (Emma B - whooooo - was on from the 5th to the 9th, and before then Chris Moyles was on.
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