Nightmare Radio One schedule

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Following on form the fantasy schedule topic for a bit of a laugh what would be your nightmare schedule 

4-6 Sideman:mellow: 

6-10 Maya Jama

10-1 Nick Bright(Worst presenter)

1-4 Joe Swash(Reeally annoying tv presenter)

4-7 Johnny Vaughan and His team 

7-9 Nick Grimshaw 

9-11 Will Best

11-early Daniel P Carter Rock Show


6-10 Roman Kemp (i can’t stand capital)

10-1 Annie Mac and Jack Saunders(or possibly another  specialist DJ) 

1-4 Cheryl

4-7 The X Factor Judging Panel from 2018(or just robbies wife)

7-9 David Rodigan(I don’t get why he’s at radio 1/1xtra surely he’s more radio 2 material?)

9-11 Charlie Sloth Rap Show(thank gawd he’s gone)






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