Radio 1's 50th birthday

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With just over a year ago to Radio 1's 50th birthday on 30th September next year, I'd be interested to know people's ideas of how they would like to see the station celebrate it.

The most obvious choice for me would be to throw in a few retro jingles from over the years and have some classic highlights and features played. I think the celebration should be long-lasting, say from 1st September to 1st December. No doubt there will be another TV documentary like they did for the 40th anniversary in '07.

Last years Ibiza 20th anniversary celebrations had a tagline of "Ibiza 20" so I'd like to see something similar like "Radio 1 @ 50".

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If they get this right it could be fantastic.

Chris Moyles had Tony Blackburn on his breakfast show in 2007 for 40 years, and Radio 1 had their DJ's talk to and pick up stories of Radio 1's long history.


I make no bones about the fact that I'm a big fan of Mark & Lard's old show. Love them or hate them, nobody did or has since done a radio show quite like theirs was. Or in my view hasn't been as close to as funny. It'd be incredible if they asked them to do a one off reunion for this with their own playlist of songs from their Radio 1 days possibly, they both still are working for the BBC afterall at 6 Music. Or at least involve them in some way.


Saying this, I'm skeptical of it all. I get the feeling sometimes that the Radio 1 heiarchy believe the world was only started up in 2009, and they seem to be ashamed somewhat of a history they should be proud of. So all in all we'll get some over rated bel end like Frank Ocean or a Ken West special live lounge. And that's about it.

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