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Fratellis attack Madonna


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THE Fratellis have made a thinly veiled attack on the Queen of pop.

The Scots band performed alongside Madonna at Radio 1's Big Weekend on Saturday, but the trio were left disgruntled when her Madgesty was given preferential treatment.

It was reported that on the run-up to the gig, Madonna's people told organisers to treat the star "like the British Queen times 20".

With demands including two trailers and entry for her substantial team of flunkies, the source added: "She took a lot of accommodating."

And it appears that her fellow performers might have been a little miffed.

In a post on their fan forum, Fratellis frontman Jon Fratelli, fumed at the lack of "respect" shown to other bands performing.

And although the singer didn't name Madonna, it seems clear he is referring to the international hit maker in his rant.

He wrote: "We've given in. There's no respect left. The Fratellis state that from this moment on, the truth shall be spoken whether some people like it or not.

"When one person puts a corner of Britain on lock-down, all broadcasters, TV commissioners, money men and scoundrels have lost any sense of fair and decent.

"We, like every other artist we met today, pour every bit of heart, soul and sweat into a business that we love so much night after night. Our crew dedicate every last ounce of enthusiasm into making sure that we have a show that we'll never forget.

"Yet every step of the way someone, sometimes seemingly for the fun of it, made life more difficult than it needed to be.

"If all that's not enough, at the end of the night when all you want to do is walk 20 yards to a bus, some witless wonder tells you hat no one can go anywhere until one particular person out of 15,000 licence fee payers has left the site."

And the singer vowed not to pay his licence fee until the situation changes.

He finished: "For £418.50 a year we want equality.

"We declare that all licence fee requests shall be ignored until the Corporation promises that the wants and needs of the few shall never again be granted at the expense of the many."


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