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Where would you put scott next?

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It's been almost ten years since Scott Mills moved to the 1pm show, five years since he started cover on Radio 2, and two since he joined 5Live.

He is likely to move - Radio 1 or elsewhere - at some point, so where would you put him?

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Actually seems his R2 cover has died down a bit - I wonder if that's because Aled has decided he wants to keep him longer at R1? For sure I think he's entirely worthy of his daytime show for a good while yet as he's clearly still very relevant to the target audience.

So with that in mind, I keep him at R1 until there was sight of a major show opportunity at R2. Then put him on R1 weekends (afternoons) for a short while, potentially still doing the chart on Fridays, with more R2 cover for a while. Then he could simultaneously leave R1 completely as he starts his new major R2 show.

Of course all that assumes there is a longer-term master plan for R2 shows... Ideally I would see him as a Steve Wright replacement. 

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