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Working in the radio industry


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Some people in the UM WhatsApp group chat (including me) want to work in the radio industry one day. This here is to discuss and point out ways to get a job in radio.


I'm Julian, 16, from Germany. I've fallen in love with radio when I was eight or nine years old, started to run my own, imaginary radio station in my head. When I was 14 years old my mum told me about a radio workshop at my local church. After it finished, the guy who did it asked me to return every Tuesday, which I've been doing for the last two years. I went from being a reporter to doing my whole own show. I'd like to study journalism after I finish school in a year and then work in the radio industry. I like presenting and choosing music most, but production and editing is great work too.


What about you? Who would like to work in radio once and who's got any advice for me / us?


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I second that - I'm not sure what the equivalent of Global is in Germany (Bauer lol?) but if you're lucky and persistent enough you might be able to browbeat one of your locals into letting you make the tea or something. 

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