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Geeky question about studios and Real or no real

Lee E

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Hey guys

Geeky questions - put in this room as relate to Mills show

A. Does mills always use the same studio, because sometimes you watch stuff like Bingo and the windows are on his right sometimes his left, noticed the same with Grimmy as well

B. When they do real or no real with Greg, is he in the room with Scott and Chris, or is he in "his" studio, I get that if someone like Alice or someone comes in to play they are in the same room

C. Do presenters share a studio, for instance Grimmy, Scott and Annie Mac share one and Clara and Greg the other and same at weekend

D. We never hear a Clara/Scott handover, but hes been there for live lounges and all recently


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A: No. Don't think so. You mentioned the reasons.
B: According to Greg's Snapchat, they are in the same studio. He does some snaps from in there
C: No. Sometimes some of the screens say 1Xtra or even Asian Network. Sometimes the microphones are 1Xtra ones as well.

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