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  1. Let's be real. Scott's phasing out of Radio 1. He's no longer breakfast cover, He's hosting more Radio 2 shows now. Next time someone leaves Radio 2 Scott will likely move into that slot.
  2. My thoughts, Will anyone care she's left?
  3. Not the biggest Grimmy fan but credit to Grimmy for that! Used to love that feature!
  4. Very interesting indeed. A few votes for Dev on earlies and TCMS at breakfast. My favourite R1 Schedule. I have two ideas for a schedule one I submitted to the GDrive poll. The other I'll post here as it's more fantasy than reality (Mix of 00s-early 10s presenters) More so if a spinoff station launched.. 4-6 Dev 6-10 Chris Moyles 10-1 Sara Cox 1-4 Matt Edmondson 4-7 Scott Mills 7-9 Zane Lowe 9-11 Jo Whiley 11-1 Huw Stephens Friday 4-6 Chart with Reggie 6-7 Anthems with Reggie 7-9 Annie Mac 9-11 Pete Tong 11-1 Judge Jules Saturday 9-11 Chappers and Dave 4-7 Nick Grimshaw and Annie Mac 7-8 Anthems with Colin Murray(Pre Record) 8-11 Westwood Rap Show 11-1 As 1Xtra Sun 9-11 Edith Bowman 4-7 The Surgery with Aled 7-8 Anthems with.. (Guest Host- Pre Record) 8-9 Radio 1 Documentary Weekend 6-9 Vernon Kay 1-4 Greg James
  5. Yeah, I reckon theyll have good chemistry together.
  6. Would be good, but he's transitioning to Radio 2 now.
  7. That daily mail article was awful. Half of it was a swipe at Moyles! But yes, Think it's time R1 ditched a few dj's. Maybe Matt and Mollie? That show sounds like Capital. Reckon Matt will leave. He's been there over 10 years!! Reckon Greg and Grimmy are safe. They are on at primetime so they'll be fine. If I was to guess 3 DJ'S to leave. I'd say Matt, Annie and Huw.
  8. My money would be on Maya Jama, for a co host job. They're about the same age same level of fame, likely mates?
  9. Radio 1 to launch a new dance station on BBC Sounds. https://radiotoday.co.uk/2020/02/bbc-radio-1-dance-to-launch-on-bbc-sounds/
  10. I back this idea. Bring it to the Midlands!
  11. Mollie would be dreadful on her own. they only trust her to present 1/2 hour a week-shows how much faith they have in her.
  12. I just can't see who'd do it Scott and Chris would be on 5live then. My other choice would be Dev but unless it's prerecorded. Nick Bright could do it but again he's on 1xtra and 5live over that weekend so I can't think of who'd do it. What's your idea for the format? Tagert audience?
  13. Its been done before( Rock N Roll football on Absolute...)
  14. He's doing well for himself. Radio 1 2 now 5 Live! Wow I don't think I've ever wanted to tune in before but now I do!
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