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  1. I back this idea. Bring it to the Midlands!
  2. Mollie would be dreadful on her own. they only trust her to present 1/2 hour a week-shows how much faith they have in her.
  3. I just can't see who'd do it Scott and Chris would be on 5live then. My other choice would be Dev but unless it's prerecorded. Nick Bright could do it but again he's on 1xtra and 5live over that weekend so I can't think of who'd do it. What's your idea for the format? Tagert audience?
  4. Its been done before( Rock N Roll football on Absolute...)
  5. He's doing well for himself. Radio 1 2 now 5 Live! Wow I don't think I've ever wanted to tune in before but now I do!
  6. If you have another device use your phone Download an app called shazam!!
  7. Sounds like Global's one "on digital on global player and play *Station name*"
  8. I think huge is a understatement, I'd say they bought some magic to the airwaves, for me he's still magic, but I kinda prefer his style on R1, kinda felt rebellious now on x hes good but I've been on a break from Radio x so havent heard him lately
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