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    Acelink reacted to OohErr in 24 Hour LOLathon with Scott and Chris   
    Actual LOL at Jordan and Scott just now:
    Jordan: oh god, they're gonna send me back to local radio - oh wait, all the jobs have gone.
    Scott: it's all coming from London now babes, Rock FM's not on anymore.
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    Acelink reacted to THIS IS THE BBC in Radio 1 Podcasts   
    Is anyone else listening to the comedy podcasts?
    I quite enjoyed the Ed and Lauren Get On podcast (which has recently finished) due to their funny but down to earth style. It just feels very relaxed and I could see this being brought back as they seem to be quite natural on the radio. General discussions about the funny side of life in a great partnership of real-world comedians. Niki and Sammy's Peachy Podcast however hasn't been great as they spend most of the time talking about themselves and often have to have guests for the show to sound entertaining - it seems very similar to Grimmy's show - forced fun, reliance on guests and awful features (description friction in this case). They are just run-of-the-mill youtubers though so no great expectations here! Scott and Chris' Best in Show is great, replaying games and features from the past couple of years, I t would be better though if they went back even further to things we won't all remember or have heard before bu overall, it works well and is a great idea as a lot of radio is never repeated but Scott's show deserves to be promoted in this way due to its long history for being so entertaining. The Kench podcast will feature many shorter series', the current of which being Ray Moss - No Stone Unturned. This is very different from the others as it is a fictional, light-hearted detective series in which he tries to investigate mock-up cases sent in by listeners. It seems very good in the way the stories are quite funny and interesting and he is a great character. So all in all these new podcasts are a great addition to the R1 collection and I would recommend them to people who enjoy the existing podcasts. In my eyes a much better idea than the constant documentaries and R1 takeover's we were bombarded in this slot before!
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    Acelink reacted to robpotter in Friday is now the weekend   
    To be honest, this is probably going to be good for Matt as they both worked really well together when she was on. I'm looking forward to hearing more of this!
    Maybe that toilet gag persuaded the bosses of R1 to add her to the schedule!
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    Acelink reacted to Jono in Friday is now the weekend   
    I mean as far as schedule changes go this isn't as dramatic as I expected this year's overhaul to be - no one has been binned!
    It seems to say a lot about Radio 1 that Scott's had a boost from this news, he seemed a natural fit for the chart show from his cover stints in the past. Not sure what to make of the fact Maya lasted only a few months working with Scott and Chris though!
    Will the chart show now return to a 3 hour show rather than the weird reboot it has been in more recent years?
    I wonder if this is Ben Cooper's way of getting the wage bill down - presumably Grimmy will be getting less now unless they're expecting the usual Friday hosts to do some more elsewhere. 
    Jordan is great, it's a shame we're not hearing more of him, but Mollie King and Matt Edmondson are a good match.
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    Acelink reacted to OohErr in Schedule Changes   
    How'd you guess? I should probably lay off, she's not the devil. Although she has now been bumped from Rage for Molly King.
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    Acelink reacted to Dan18F1 in Schedule Changes   
    I’m also liking Jordan covering but he seems to be playing LOADS more songs than Greg does (and even Dev when he covers) 
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    Acelink reacted to OohErr in The Scott Mills Show Discussion Thread   
    Loving Sophie's recent appearances. The overeating thing was very funny. She reminds me of Beccy. They should get her on more. Weird that Scott seems to make his APs sit outside the studio now, unless it was just for effect on the radio. Otherwise I don't see why they'd do the whole thing through talkback instead of getting her on a mic.
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    Acelink reacted to Dan18F1 in New Weekend Schedule February 2018   
    Some of these sound great including the Ray Moss one and the Matt Edmondson one because they both sound like they could both be hilarious 
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    Acelink got a reaction from OohErr in Let's play Who Tennis online!   
    “Finding Beccy’s forte”
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    Acelink reacted to OohErr in Let's play Who Tennis online!   
    Number 1 for dance and RnB - Galaxy 105 - whooooooo!
  11. Haha
    Acelink reacted to OohErr in Let's play Who Tennis online!   
    Being a "Gleek". WHOOOOOOOOOOOOoooOOOOOOooooOOOOooOooOOoooo!
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