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    welovemoyles reacted to Tea20 in Alice Levine leaves Radio 1 after 9 years   
    It's a bit sad knowing that this is the last ever time Alice will be on R1. She's always been one of my favourite presenters and listening to her show has always manged to put a smile on my face and often had me laughing out loud. Best of luck to her in whatever she does next. 
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    welovemoyles got a reaction from anothernerd in Aled New Radio 1 Station Controller   
    So proud and excited for Aled. What do we all reckon will happen with the station going forward as it was hinted there will be exciting changes.
    There will be a heavier social media and digital presence that's almost a guarantee. 
    The daytime music playlist may be looked into a bit more he's such a big pop music fan so can see it becoming more 80% pop chart hits and 20% Alternative genres. 
    The schedule will remain un touched for a while as he would've had a real say over changes in the past year or so. However i would expect anytime now an announcement that Jordan North has got Friday-Sundays 10-1 when Lockdown schedule is over. 
    What's everyone's thoughts?
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    welovemoyles reacted to Jono in Scott and Chris to present new Radio 5 Live show   
    I never really thought a talk station would be the direction of travel for Scott, but it definetly makes sense over a choice between Radio 2 and 6Music. Means he's up against Moyles on Radio X which is usually where my radio goes on a Saturday morning too. 
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    welovemoyles reacted to Mike123 in Scott and Chris sounding top of their game   
    There’s no way another breakfast host will last 6-8 years after Moyles.  It needs to refresh much quicker than that, Moyles staying so long left radio 1 in a tricky situation, not to mention, Greg’s breakfast era is really most likely a transitional show before the new big radio 1 DJs break through.
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    welovemoyles reacted to LSR1 in Radio 1's Screen Time   
    He’s still on during 6-7 on a Thursday, with Grimmy 
    Haven’t heard Ali’s podcast yet but going to try some of them out when I get the chance!
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    welovemoyles reacted to anothernerd in Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James - First Thoughts   
    I love Greg’s new show 
    He’s 100% better then Grimmy 
    I think Chris on Radio X has a decent rival now Greg’s settled into his new show 
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    welovemoyles reacted to anothernerd in Fantasy Christmas Schedule 2018   
    I’d like to see Greg&Scott co-host Christmas Day Breakfast 
    if Greg can’t do it solo.
    My dream Christmas schedule would be 
    Christmas Eve
    Greg James Breakfast 
    Adele Roberts 
    Radio 1’s Greatest Christmas Hits with Maya and Jordon
    Matt and Mollie 
    Phil Taagart 
    The 8th with Dev
    Indie Show with Jack Saunders 
    Christmas Day
    Breakfast:Greg and Scott (or Just Greg)
    Artist Takeover 
    Bangers with Jordon North 
    Matt and Mollie 
    ArIelle Free.  
    Annie Mac 
    Boxing Day 
    Scott Mills
    Best of the Live lounge with Adele 
    Greatest Hits with Katie
    Pre-recorded show maybe 
    Annie Mac
    New Year dance party with Mistajam 
    Not sure after this 
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    welovemoyles reacted to Lee E in Schedule Changes   
    they must have versions of Gregs new jingles with Scotts name then surely he can't use the old Grimmy ones 
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    welovemoyles reacted to OohErr in Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James - First Thoughts   
    A feeling I've rediscovered since Greg started breakfast: the 10am sadness that the breakfast show is over and an excitement for its return the next day.
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    welovemoyles reacted to vorti in Yet more new presenters!   
    After his first week I can say that Jack's show is my new favourite. It's on a bit late for me though, so I can only listen to it on iplayer next day, if they ever swap it with Charlie's, that'd be even better.
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    welovemoyles reacted to Jordan12 in New Weekend Schedule February 2018   
    Jordan has said he had a sore throat/cold and was not self inflicted.
    Disclaimer: I am not Jordan North. 
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    welovemoyles reacted to Ant L in New Weekend Schedule February 2018   
    I have to say I agree. I think Mollie's naturally funny and the show works well. She also hits the vocal on the news intro better than Matt - we all love a bit of slickness on here.
    Maybe they could just keep her...
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    welovemoyles reacted to Lee E in New Weekend Schedule February 2018   
    Wild card here, just a thought... Maybe Aled is trying to get a zoo format back to breakfast, and Maya could be the new "Becky" with Scott and Chris, making a breakfast team in readiness for the departure of Grimmy, put this team on breakfast for a couple years until Ken Bruce or Steve Wright or Simon Mayo retire, opening a door for Scott to R2 and then bring a new breakfast Jock in (Greg) to team up with Maya and Chris for breakfast circa 2021 or something?
    It's not been unknown for an older R1 presenter to take over breakfast after a younger one in the past and Aled is a radio geek like Scott and Greg and Moyles so maybe he is changing things back a little
    I've certainly noticed that Scott and Grimmys shows have more talking specially Scotts breakfast show
    On Scott and Breakfast, when they covered over Christmas and NY if it was Scotts team why did they do Grimmys shit bangers rip off and not their own bangers ?
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    welovemoyles reacted to Jordan12 in New Weekend Schedule February 2018   
    Jameela Jamil? Don't WHOOOOOoooooOOOOOooo all at once, guys!
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    welovemoyles got a reaction from OohErr in New Weekend Schedule February 2018   
    Really bizarre changes.
    The biggest positive is Jordan finally gets a permanent show FINALLY.
    Maya reminds me of the Jameela Jamil experiment and we all know how that ended.
    I enjoy The Greatest Hits Show but I wish they would use more tracks other than the late 90s/00s. But hey ho.
    Alice teaming with Dev is a kick in the balls to Dev after all this time on his own. Still at least it means they both have a few more years with the station so it would seem.
    Matt getting 1-4 should be good old format. Not sure about the Co host ideas though.
    Only time will tell.

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    welovemoyles reacted to Ant L in New Weekend Schedule February 2018   
    Maya's show from Christmas is still up on iPlayer, if you can handle the Christmas music:
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    welovemoyles reacted to JWB_ in New Weekend Schedule February 2018   
    Really happy that Jordan has got his well deserved permanent slot but can't figure out why he doesn't have the mid morning on both days. Correct me if I'm wrong but hasn't Maya literally covered one show over Christmas, compared to Jordan who literally covered everyday over Christmas (including 2 6 hour shows!) She may deserve to join the cover lineup but not the main lineup yet!
    Might start listening to weekend breakfast again now Alice is on it, but alas I've already moved my weekend breakfast listening to Moyles on a Saturday and Jason Manford on absolute on a Sunday.
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    welovemoyles reacted to Lee E in 2018 Predictions   
    I think Grimmy has at least another year if not more
    He is now 3rd longest and only has another 138 days left to be 2nd to Moyles
    I'm still convinved he will go for Moyle's record
    Also of note, does WIKI calculate the number of days by show or days he has been in position i.e. including weekends
    Alot of people are saying Scott will be the likely deputy for Sara Cox's new show on Radio 2
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    welovemoyles reacted to OohErr in 2018 Predictions   
    I mentioned this in another thread, but thought I'd start one specifically for the subject. 
    I feel like Grimmy's gotta go this year, hasn't he? Surely he can't go on for another year. I'm fairly confident Tina Daheley will go though - I rarely listen to the Radio 1 Breakfast show these days, but almost every tine I do, she isn't there. 
    Jordan North has now been covering shows since 2014 - I'm fairly sure he'll get a permanent show this year. Maybe Alice Levine will leave - she's good but she's never seemed particularly invested in radio, what with all the time off AND not doing any work over Christmas (or even this weekend). Then again I think she'd be a good addition to daytimes, if she could ever commit to it, potentially as a replacement for Greg if he gets breakfast. 
    Dev will have been on weekends for four years in April - I really love him, so I hope they don't let him go but he certainly won't make it to daytime now. And in January Matt will have been on for FIVE years (which is a long time in radio). I can't decide whether I think he'll get a call up when Scott eventually leaves - he might be a bit old, and his show at the moment certainly isn't target. That said, I don't think Mills will leave in 2018. Fingers crossed. 
    Adele's only been on early breakfast for two years and she's a solid if not cutting edge jock, but she probably doesn't have a future on daytimes purely due to her age. I could potentially see her being sent to weekends if any of the above leave and Jordan getting her slot. Alternatively, he might get one of their weekend slots, or if he's really lucky (unlikely), promoted straight to daytime.
    I doubt any of these will come true, but you never know. There hasn't been a daytime schedule shakeup since 2015 - 2018 could either bring the most radical shakeup there's been in years, or more of the same. 
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    welovemoyles got a reaction from thebeuter in The 8th with Charlie Sloth   
    It is the first time I've ever listened to him. I like the fact the ZOO format has returned to Night times. I will listen now and again but the music genre is not my cup of tea. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOÒ?

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    welovemoyles reacted to TMD_24 in Schedule Changes   
    So MistaJam announced this evening that he is not the only change to the Saturday Dance Anthems show. He revealed there will be a different theme each hour. Hour 1 will be classics, hour 2 will be current songs and hour 3 will be future and upcoming hits. 
    I would swap the classics and current songs around but that sounds like a really interesting new era for the show. MistaJam will make it work!
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    welovemoyles reacted to Jono in Bad news for Grimmy but good news for Clara, Scott and Greg   
    A good blog here from @Matt D on the RAJARs.
    Grimmy's slumped to the smallest audience for Radio 1 breakfast, but there's good news for Clara, Greg, Annie Mac, and Scott who have seen growing audiences. This somewhat contradicts that Radio 1's audience are shunning radio - although I guess they have more appeal with older audiences.
    Moyles and Radio X are also on the up which is pleasing to see.
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    welovemoyles reacted to Lee E in Bangers Mix   
    Brilliant Bangers mix by Scott at 1545 today
    Banging tunes for a Friday - like the old "floor fillers" days from drivetime 
    He was saying as it went down so well may well make a feature 
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    welovemoyles reacted to forde52 in Schedule Changes   
    Charlie's show is only Monday to Thursday 9-11, Pete will be back in his old slot of 9-11 on Fridays!
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    welovemoyles reacted to murste in Schedule Changes   
    Really like these changes.
    Promoting Charlie makes perfect sense- he's great and I think a show with him could bring some much-needed life to nights, in the style of Nick Grimshaw's old 10pm show. Annie, Charlie and Huw is a really strong post-7pm schedule. Shame to see Huw bumped to 11pm but always thought 3 hours was too long. I'd ditch the Residency and have him on Monday-Thursdays 11pm-1am so you have a consistent line-up. 3 very distinct shows which will be great.
    The 9pm shows had become stale and time-fillers : R1 Stories repeats, Residencies that made no impact on the station etc. Even Phil's specialist chart seemed unnecessary. 
    Great to see Danny promoted to Friday nights- didn't realise it has been 6 years on Dance Anthems! Annie Mac, Pete Tong, Danny Howard, B Traits- wow, that's impressive. Mistajam the perfect replacement for Danny too, he'll be great. Putting Katie and Cel together is a smart move- a bit more direction & purpose for the slot and I think Cel was still struggling to hold down a 3 hour show by himself.
    Great to see the 2 hour shows back and an exciting, diverse nighttime line-up.
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