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  1. The schedule on the BBC website currently says Grimmy is hosting the breakfast show on the Thursday 23rd. Obviously a mistake, but surely someone should have spotted it by now and fixed it
  2. As much as I hate to see anyone get sacked through a Daily Fail stitch up, if it means Jordan gets the three shows a week he deserves I won't complain.
  3. Really happy that Jordan has got his well deserved permanent slot but can't figure out why he doesn't have the mid morning on both days. Correct me if I'm wrong but hasn't Maya literally covered one show over Christmas, compared to Jordan who literally covered everyday over Christmas (including 2 6 hour shows!) She may deserve to join the cover lineup but not the main lineup yet! Might start listening to weekend breakfast again now Alice is on it, but alas I've already moved my weekend breakfast listening to Moyles on a Saturday and Jason Manford on absolute on a Sunday.
  4. Most of the listeners at this point want some change but I doubt it will happen. Ben Cooper seems very reluctant to do anything and only appears to change stuff around when people leave the station. My thoughts for 2018 are as follows. Weekday Breakfast: Grimmy needs to go, there's just something about him which I can't stand. His features are naff, the music he plays is naff and quite frankly, I think he is naff. I currently listen to Moyles on Radio X in the morning and Radio 1 would have to get a very good DJ in the breakfast slot for me to even consider switching my listening habits. I wouldn't mind Greg taking the breakfast show over, as long as he played the same type of music as he does on drivetime and keeps his podcast going. Weekday Mid Morning: Although I don't get to listen to this show often when I do I don't find Clara that entertaining. I Alice would fit into this slot perfectly and is 100 times more entertaining than Clara. Another person who I think would be good in this slot is Annie. She covered for Clara a while back and I really enjoyed when she presented it, but I don't think Annie would want this slot permanently, nor would R1 want to put their Night Time star on Mid Morning. Weekday Afternoon: I think Scott will stay 2018, no change here! If there had to be changed put Jordan North here, I rate him very highly and hope a permanent slot opens for him very soon. Weekday Drivetime: If Greg moved to Breakfast I don't know who I would want to replace him. Maybe move Scott back here and put Jordan on afternoon as mentioned above? Weekday Night Time: Annie is great, Charlie is not to my taste and Huw is great. I wouldn't be upset if this didn't change but swapping round Charlie and Huw's shows would be nice. Other Mentions: Mister Jam's dance anthems have been very good so far. Matt is a good DJ, but I wouldn't be too upset if he left the station, which could easily happen in 2018. I don't like Katie or Cel and I'm neutral on Dev, so any changes in the weekend would not affect me that much. TLDR; Get Jordan a perm slot and get rid of Grimmy!
  5. Jordan is going to go to bigger and better things quickly. Matt seems to be focusing a lot more on TV presenting and producing, so I wouldn't be surprised if Jordan replaced Matt as Scott's cover presenter very soon. Radio 1 has 2 very good northerner presenters in Danny and Jordan and a bit of a rubbish one in Grimmy. All from Lancashire though, wouldn't mind seeing some representation from Yorkshire.
  6. If anyone should go out the door for not working it should be Grimmy. There are 2 main reasons why Matt has quite a few weekends off 1) He's been a father since late last year and possibly has a lot of baby commitements. 2) Grimmy has been off A LOT (3-4 weeks at least this year so far). This means Scott has been covering breakfast a lot, which means Matt has been on weekday afternoons a lot. You cant expect the presenters to do all 7 days! If you actually compare Matt's days off compared to Grimmy's, Matt has probably had around 14 days off while Grimmy has had at least 15-20!
  7. This would be my ideal Weekday Schedule: Breakfast - Greg James Mid Morning - Alice Levine Early Afternoon - Matt Edmondson Drivetime - Scott Mills I know the chances of that happening are very very minimal. Grimmy is just not interesting and neither is Clara, they could probably go on Breakfast and Mid Morning weekend I guess.
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