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  1. Definitely Real or No Real, especially with Greg and Charlie when they came in for it! Was gutted when they dropped it, they should bring it back one day
  2. I paid circa £60 including fees to see the 1975 and Pale Waves (and others) at Glasgow Summer Sessions, so yeah dead cheap in comparison to seeing the same acts elsewhere
  3. Oh and by the way Scott liked my tweet, feel sooo happy
  4. I think if you can somehow access the 'Watch Live' page, you can watch the feed that is being used to record the Twitter clips. Not sure how you can do that though, I did try earlier on
  5. They are videoing the show, and uploading segments of the lolathon to twitter, e.g.: https:/twitter.com/BBCR1/status/841743548949135360/video/1
  6. I'll grab it all off iPlayer and stick it on archive.org, so it can sit with the 52 hour Moyles show!
  7. Scott's podcast is only around 25-35 minutes a day for a three hour show these days, whereas it was verging on an hour two or three years ago.
  8. As I mentioned in the chatbox, Bauer stations are broadcasting the brits this year, between 7 and 11pm, I believe they may have snagged exclusive radio rights to it for the next few years. As I type this, Alice and Clara from R1 are on ITV2 doing the red carpet show, which I think is just pre recorded interviews and some montages. Update: Tried to listen to the networked Bauer show, gave up after 5 minutes, truly awful, even by Bauer standards
  9. A generic R1 mug wouldn't go amiss, if I ever visit London, thanks for the info!
  10. On a slightly related note, would anyone know where you can obtain a Moyles mug from, either Radio X or Radio 1 branded? I want one to add to my (very) small collection of TV/ Radio Merchandise? If anyone happens to know or possibly have one they wouldn't mind sending , drop me a line.
  11. Ahh okay, I thought Music4 still had an involvement with the Paul Turner V/O. The TOTH's though seem to be new each day/few days though
  12. I was aware of that news story, which I think is why that there's been no new imaging for a while, Moyles mentioned earlier in the week that they do need to get the Out of Ad Break jingles updated, the same ones air every single show pretty much.
  13. I just remembered that I used to go on this site a lot, 2/3 years ago maybe, and since then, Chris Moyles has returned to the radio, on a rebranded version of XFM, Radio X. When the show launched in September 2015, Chris got together with Sandy Beech, the head of Music4, the company that produced his Radio 1 Imaging for many years, to create a new audio imaging package for the show. This has never appeared online in a clean form, would anyone be able to send me this? Here's an example of what I'm on about:
  14. Thanks! How about sticking anything worth uploading on a usb stick or sd card and posting it to one of us (whooooooo!) to upload it for you?
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