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  3. Radio 1 Christmas Schedule Predictions

    I was going to say Jordan looks like hes on from 7pm NYE to 10am NYD
  4. Radio 1 Christmas Schedule Predictions

    Christmas Schedule 2017: Key points: Maya Jama in for Alice on 23rd/24th R1 Superstar Playlist returns Christmas Day 10am-4pm Boxing Day 1pm-4pm TBA so perhaps that's Dev? 27th is Live Lounge rewind day until 4pm 28th Is Nixtape day until 7pm 29th is Chart of 2017 day until 7pm Luke Franks in for Alice on the 30th/31st, he's also on NYD 10am-1pm Cel & Katie doing a NYE Dance Classics show 4pm-7pm, also on 1pm-4pm on the 2nd-5th Jordan North hosts the NYE into NYD show from 7pm (Looks like a pre-recorded show) and then is on Breakfast on NYD and on the 10am-1pm slot from the 2nd-5th Katie Thistleton is on 1pm-4pm NYD Scott & Chris on Breakfast 2nd-5th Dev on Drivetime 2nd-4th, MistaJam on the chart on the 5th
  5. The Future of Radio 1

    There is absolutely no chance of this happening.
  6. The Future of Radio 1

    I hope not as well I hope he gets a chance of one of the bigger shows before he leaves like Breakfast or Drive again
  7. Radio 1 Christmas Schedule Predictions

    Yay! I'm so glad Scott and Chris are doing Christmas breakfast and are having another bangers day!
  8. Radio 1 Christmas Schedule Predictions

    Jordan live from 4-7 on Christmas day! The poor lad. He'll have been depping on R1 for three years come Christmas, and yet all he has to show for it is a live show slap bang in the middle of Christmas afternoon, meaning that he'll probably be down in London instead of with his family in Preston. That sucks. Although Adele will have been on earlies for three years come April/May (I'm never sure exactly when, because towards the end of her Early Breakfast stint, Gemma just stopped showing up meaning Adele was on most of the time anyway!), so maybe a reshuffle is imminent.
  9. Radio 1 Christmas Schedule Predictions
  10. The Future of Radio 1

    Don't know why it's still suggested Mills will eventually move to weekends and do some weekday cover. I would put a large amount of money on that not happening. He'll go out at the top on weekdays 1-4. Why would one of Radio 1's most legendary presenters who's been on weekdays for nearly 15 years agree to be demoted to weekends and the subs bench. Never gonna happen in my opinion.
  11. The Future of Radio 1

    I am going to go out on a limb here... I think Greg will go before the others I think his TV career will kick off within the next 18 months and drive will go to someone like Matt, Alice or one of the newer ones (Matt or Alice drive, Scott weekends on greatest hits and cover in the week for all shows and Jordan or Cel Weekend afternoons) As regards Mills - it will be the way I've always said, he will start to cover shows on R2, as soon as someone on R2 leaves Coxy will get a daytime slot, be that breakfast, 930-12, or 2-5 or drive (cant see Vine going anywhere soon or Mayo) at that point Scott will become their first choice for cover I would say covering all their shows like Coxy did and also covering slots at 1 like drive, and Breakfast before moving into the next permanent slot on R2 as well as doing Sounds of the 80s although that could be made part of Coxys gig and Scott do a new sounds of the 00s show As for Grimmy Well hes in the five year club now between Mayo and Read in place and I think if he continues as he is, he will just break the CM record to make a point then leave, to be replaced by someone like Cel Spellman or Alice Levine I think this there are two reasons for this Grimmy wants to beat the Great Moyles and Cooper needs to prove himself What has surprised me is Mistajam being given more exposure and bigger shows as he is an older hand on the station being there the same time as Greg and co
  12. Schedule Changes

    I retract my statement. Ouch! In the words of Mills, 'what a salad!'.
  13. Schedule Changes

    Ah, he's made offensive comments and got roasted by Twin B on Twitter.
  14. Schedule Changes

    I don't think it was a sacking. Radio 1 have just retweeted the Press Office tweet and I wouldn't have thought they would have wanted publicity of a sacking in such a way.
  15. Schedule Changes

    This is weird - on 30th October, Logan Sama of the Radio 1 Residency was announced as the new Friday night host on 1Xtra. Now today, the Radio 1 press office have announced he's no longer a part of either. I wonder what he did to get fired after a week?
  16. Radio 1 Christmas Schedule Predictions

    Saturday 23rd & Xmas Ever Normal weekend line-up Xmas Day 6-10am Scott and Chris at Breakfast. 10-7pm Radio 1's Greatest Hits Show non-stop Anthems. Boxing Day & Weds 27th 04:00-06:30 Jordan North 06:30-10:00 The Radio 1 Breakfast show with Scott Mills and Chris Stark. 10:00-13:00 The Best of the Live Lounge with Clara Amfo 13:00-16:00 Katie Thisleton and Cel Spellman. 16:00-19:00 The Best of the Big Weekend with Matt Edmondson Thurs 28th Same as before hand only one difference 16:00-19:00 2017/2018 Movies with Ali Plum Fri 29th 16:00-19:00 The Official Chart of the Year with Matt Edmondson. Sat 30th 06:00-10:00 Dev 10:00-13:00 Radio 1's Greatest Hits Show with Yasser 13:00-16:00 Alice Levine 16:00-19:00 Dance Anthems with Mista Jam New Year's Eve 06:00-10:00 Dev 10:00-13:00 Radio 1's Greatest Hits Show with Yasser 13:00-16:00 Alice Levine 16:00-19:00 New Year's Eve Bangers with Scott and Chris 19:00-06:00 New Year's Eve Stuff? New Year's Day 06:00-10:00 Dev 10:00-19:00 Radio 1's Greatest Hits Show Sent from my SM-A520F using the mobile app
  17. Radio 1 Christmas Schedule Predictions

    Here we go again. What would everyone like to see happen this year? Sent from my SM-A520F using the mobile app
  18. The Future of Radio 1

    So what do people think will be happening with our glorious station by the time it reaches it's 60th Birthday? I feel it will undergo some of the most amazing changes it has ever been through. With technology evolving all the time. Veterans like Mills,Greg and Grimshaw will have moved on by then. Big prediction if Grimshaws ratings don't drop too much in the near future then he will beat the Breakfast show record to then be replaced by someone along the lines of Charlie Sloth. Sent from my SM-A520F using the mobile app
  19. The 8th with Charlie Sloth

    I like the zoo format, the randomness and the sense of not knowing what'll happen next. Seems like a really good idea for a show but the music is putting me off a bit. The show is meant to be R1 AND 1Xtra, I know rap and grime is huge right now but I think the music needs to be more of a hybrid between the two stations. He's playing a lot of stuff that would be on the 1Xtra daytime playlist- it's a nighttime show so I wouldn't mind more specialist nighttime music (a mix of what Annie, Toddla T, Mistajam, Benji B are playing etc).
  20. The 8th with Charlie Sloth

    It is the first time I've ever listened to him. I like the fact the ZOO format has returned to Night times. I will listen now and again but the music genre is not my cup of tea. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOƒ? Sent from my SM-A520F using the mobile app
  21. The 8th with Charlie Sloth

    So what are we all making of it so far? There's a load of voices we haven't been introduced to, the music is very much more 1Xtra than Radio 1 (it's Charlie Sloth, I don't know what I was expecting - Taylor Swift?). So far it seems a bit naff and contrived. EDIT 21:42: a lot naff and contrived. And all the music sounds the same.
  22. Schedule Changes

    Looks like most played is here to stay on a Sunday at 6
  23. Schedule Changes

    I'm actually really looking forward to the new Dance Anthems show the show needed a revamp. I've really enjoyed Mista Jam doing the Chart. What slot is Danny Howard doing on Friday night's? Sent from my SM-A520F using the mobile app
  24. Schedule Changes

    No Dance Anthems on a Friday?
  25. Schedule Changes

    Final Schedule:
  26. Schedule Changes

    So MistaJam announced this evening that he is not the only change to the Saturday Dance Anthems show. He revealed there will be a different theme each hour. Hour 1 will be classics, hour 2 will be current songs and hour 3 will be future and upcoming hits. I would swap the classics and current songs around but that sounds like a really interesting new era for the show. MistaJam will make it work!
  27. Schedule Changes

    Does anyone else find it a tad odd that Radio 1 have made the name of Charlie Sloth's new show a fairly explicit drug reference? I thought that when I first heard it, and a quick Urban Dictionary search confirms I was right. They've also just released an advert on Instagram to that effect. It doesn't particularly bother me, it just doesn't seem very BBC to openly reference illegal drugs. I can see the Mail picking up on this before long.
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