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  3. Today was a big incident but if there were bombs/ major attacks on public transport or reports that a large number of people had possibly been killed (like Paris or Nice), I'd say the R1 response might be different. As for the Queen, R1 will be unrecognisable. No games/features, sad music throughout the day, normal playlist abandoned. I'm sure it's difficult to judge what warrants increased Newsbeat coverage on the station but today, they obviously felt the normal schedule of bulletins was appropriate. Personally, I think there should've been more today. This is a fascinating piece on what will happen when the Queen dies and there's some quotes from Chris Price, Radio 1's Head of Music, about a song you'll only ever hear on Radio 1 when the Queen dies:
  4. Surprised there weren't any additional Newsbeat updates today, but besides election/referendum results I can't think of a point in recent time when they've done more than the usual number of bulletins (in the case of elections they tend to start earlier). Saying that, I have a vague recollection of a Newsbeat update before Annie Mac's show at some point in history, but may have made this up!
  5. One of my favourite things about this is that on Heart's afternoon show in 1996, Chris Smith was reading the news for Scott. And 21 years later, on Radio 1's afternoon show, Chris Smith is reading the news for Scott.
  6. 1. I know. 2. But isn't it as serious? Sent from my D6503 using the mobile app
  7. It's not Scott's decision- they obviously saw the news but the producer/ editor would've specifically told them to carry on as normal. People could tune to 5Live/ TV News/ social media to find out what's going on. However, I do agree a simulcast 3pm and 4pm bulletin would've been useful and convey the seriousness of the story. The only thing I can really imagine normal R1 output being suspended for would be the Queen's death or something similar to 7/7 or 9/11.
  8. I am a bit disappointed that it took nearly an hour from the attack to the first time they mentioned anything on air. And after that Scott and Chris just continued as normal, talking about Innuendo Bingo and such stuff, playing all the normal nusic. I've read an article about Radio production on the R1 website where they said heavy news stories have to be reacted to by the presenters, but what could be heavier than the capital under attack? I really would have thought especially Scott would have reacted way better. At least they didn't play Real or no real. Sent from my D6503 using the mobile app
  9. When Chris Tarrant gives you a cheque then takes it back saying But we don't wanna give you that. And rips it up in front of you. Sent from my SM-A520F using the mobile app
  10. Here's an overview of how Radio 1 responded to today's terror attacks. Today's content on Radio 1 has been slightly different due to the developing story on the London terror attack which saw one confirmed dead, a police officer stabbed and Parliament suspended, with Theresa May being rushed from the House of Commons. Radio 1 elected to choose sombre pop to come out of all bulletins since the first reporting, which was announced in Scott's show by an audibly shaken Chris Smith. Since then, bulletins have been provided with myriad of reporting by journalists both on the ground and in the studio. Tonight's bulletin was described as a "Newsbeat Special" and ended without the Ten Minute Takeover. Nothing regarding the attacks was published on Newsbeat's website, which is soon to be retired. You can hear tonight's Newspeat Special here:
  11. I'll have a bit of different perspective as a U.S. based listener. In no particular order... BBC Radio 1 - Mostly Mills and Greg James with Adele Roberts if I'm up past 11p. I do like Alice when she's in for Scott but rarely catch her show on the weekends. The Game 730 AM - mix of local and national sports talk and game broadcasts (particularly Mad Dog in the Afternoon & Ferrall on the Bench) 97.5 NOW - local Top-40 station, but not for more than an hour when songs start to loop 90.5 WKAR - local NPR/Public radio, but only for Morning Edition and All Things Considered since I can't put up with classical music for too long 870 AM - mostly BBC World Service (particularly Newshour and World Have Your Say) with some NPR and local stuff. I try to tune in for Al Martin's "Current Sports" if I'm off school and also their Spanish-language music/news program on weekend mornings. If nothing suits my fancy on regular radio I'll get on Pandora or Spotify or pop a CD in. There also an assortment of podcasts I listen to - the obvious ones (see Mills and James) plus these: ESPN Fantasy Focus (football and baseball) [3-5 weekly in-season, 2x per month off-season] Chips with everything ("digital culture" podcast from The Guardian) [1x weekly] Serial [1x during a season - 2nd season didn't capture my interest as much as the 1st] My Dad Wrote A Porno [1x weekly + 1x weekly "footnotes" during a season] FiveThirtyEight politics podcast [1x weekly, but was every weekday in the buildup to the U.S. election] Arsecast (Arsenal podcast) [2x weekly] Effectively Wild (baseball podcast) [3-4x weekly]
  12. It was really weird hearing Scott on Radio 2 but he sounded fine (even with some of the dodgy callers )
  13. Sorry. Just ignore this. My question had been answered before
  15. Last week
  16. Do you know where one can get the clip
  17. Do you know where that clip is?
  18. It was weird listening to today's normal show and last night's R2 show and hearing the difference in style. He seemed more chilled and mature (aware he was broadcasting to an older audience) and was clearly enjoying some of the 80s music. Back on R1 today, you can tell some of the more youthful aspects to his personality are emphasised, which is what's kept him relevant and still going strong on afternoons!
  19. I'm listening back to a bit of it - it reminds me of that clip knocking about of Scott on Heart in 1996 where he's doing the All Requests Lunchbreak - he definitely went a bit more posh than usual. Not bad from what I've heard, but a bit weird hearing him not on R1.
  20. Really enjoyed Sounds of the 80s with Mills and Coxy. I think he could become Sara's cover when she's off. He said Radio 1 instead of 2 twice in a 4 hour show. Not bad going. Sara also joked the door was still open for her to join R2 when Jo Whiley jumped across. Nice to see they left it open for you also Scott. In which Mills replied with only temporary though LOL Sent from my SM-A520F using the mobile app
  21. "Listen from 4, watch from 6!" WhoOOOoOOoOoOOOOOoooooOOOoOoOoOOOOoooOooOooOooOooO!!! [emoji23] Sent from my D6503 using the mobile app
  22. Done. Sent from my D6503 using the mobile app
  23. Lots of big names from the industry are there. Including Christian O Connell. I'm now waiting for someone to say Whooooo? Sent from my SM-A520F using the mobile app
  24. I must admit I do enjoy Jo's Evening Show. Did everyone listen to Scott's show. I will listen on iPlayer Sent from my SM-A520F using the mobile app
  25. Catching up on last Thursday's podcast now so "That's going straight in my basket!"... ... ... WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  26. Hear'Say... Whoooooooooooooooooo!?
  27. It wouldn't be the first time the Radio 1 bosses have done such a thing with their best presenter(s). Losing Scott would be a huge loss though, simply down to the fact that he's head & shoulders above anyone else there imo. As regards with Scott moving to Radio 2 in the near future, it can happen and I think will work even if he has to adapt a little. But by the time/if he goes R2, it'll have a different sound to now. I think pre 1980 music will feature a lot less, if at all during daytime hours. Look at it this way, Radio 2 is a changing station even more so than Radio 1. How many presenters during Scott's Radio 1 years (or slightly before) work on Radio 2 now? Chris Evans, Simon Mayo, Sara Cox, Dave Pearce, Mark Radcliffe, Jo Whiley etc. Plus one off shows. Not only that but I think some long standing presenters will be moving on from there over the next 5 years to make room. Radio 2 took a big controversial decision with cutting "Sounds of the 60's", wrong or right they are moving to a different age themselves. They are aiming to pull in people like me, from their late 20's who've long outgrown Radio 1 to people approaching 50 now. I gotta admit they are winning me over as well.
  28. Just taking over at R2 now, and looks like were in for a good show as hes promised some "friends" he and Sara know, question is will Mr Moyles show? maybe Greg? maybe some other R1 faces
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