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  3. The 10 Minute Takeover got an update a couple of weeks ago too. Dance Anthems next maybe? The imaging sticks out like a sore thumb on a Saturday teatime.
  4. Dev was unavailable to cover as he was in Majorica (I think!). Yasser covered his weekend show. Mistajam was much better than Cel Spellman!
  5. Mistajam was covering Greg last Thursday and Friday because Greg and Chris Smith were doing signings of their newly released children's book 'Kid Normal' - not because of summer mix advert filming. Scott and Greg appeared to film their pieces in the morning and Grimmy and Clara in the afternoon.
  6. On The Sly are producing the imaging again this year.
  7. He was really good, wonder if they are testing the likes of Adele and him for more weekday daytime cover
  8. I really enjoyed MistaJam covering for Greg particularly on The Official Chart Show. He sounded so slick and it really came across that he was hugely honoured to be hosting the Historic show. Also enjoyed the fact he did his own feature on Thursday between 6-7 replacing the Ten Minute Takeover. It was a way more enjoyable experience than Dev. Perhaps Dev's days are numbered at R1? Or he was just in a can't be arsed to cover again mood (I wouldn't blame him) Sent from my SM-A520F using the mobile app
  9. That he had been asked to appear on celebrity first dates, but is contemplating it because he is seeing someone !
  10. What was Scott's reveal? Sent from my SM-A520F using the mobile app
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  12. They were all talking about filming the ad yesterday, seemend to be done in the afternoon with all 4 daytime DJs Scott posted a pic of him and Greg Makes sense why Jam covering drive now to release Greg to be with the other 3 to do the filming Also did anyone hear Scotts reveal today about 35 mins into the show
  13. Scott Mills played a new bed on his show today around 1:13pm. Would like to see new updates and the original lot are brilliant as it is. EDIT: Now he's played one of the new PURE Jingles bed's at 3:23pm.
  14. Scott Mills mentioned today that the Summer Mixes are coming back again this year and that they have filmed a TV trailer for it. I wonder what they will be like this year,? I hope they don't end up doing 3 mixes per day like they did when they got to the Christmas Mixes and they literally made a mess of the repeats. EDIT: Radio advert confirms it starts 17th July from 9:45am.
  15. Maybe he will become the new weekday DJ if someone moved on? or looking to get him on R1 and someone like Jordan or Cel on 1xtra Hes been on R1 xtra for some years, maybe they are trying him for a new breakfast or drive host Maybe just that Dev is busy?
  16. It looks like MistaJam is covering Greg's show on Thursday and Friday this week. Interesting to see him doing more weekday cover.
  17. According to Genome, his first show was Monday 12th October 1998. He means Dan and Phil the YouTube duo who were on Radio 1 for a while and were, putting it nicely, crap.
  18. I preferred the theme they used in the 2010-2015 period sounded more news like Miss Dom reading the news on breakfast - although on X of course
  19. Has Dan P carter and Phil Taggart gone? Scotts WIKI says 1998 not a month though Charlie Sloth may move to R1? he appears on RONR sometimes and helped with big weekend and how about A Dot but she seems too specialist, I can see Clara going to Annie Macs slot one day making way for a new live lounge host - Adele or Alice Cant see Grimmy going anywhere at the moment, he seems to have settled from the days when he wouldn't appear for work and big nights out I think Greg is in the zone Scott was about 8 years ago, next logical choice for breakfast but the resident host in place not showing any sign of going and by the time they do too late Would they give Scott one last swansong as permanent Breakfast host if Grimmy was moved off do we think? maybe for a couple years? Here is a thought of what may happen in say 5 years; If Scott eventually gave his show up and started the transition to R2 (I think if Ken Bruce or Steve Wright were to semi retire to weekends or something the gap would appear then) assuming they would need a cover DJ if Sara Cox got a permanent show (assuming she would replace KB or SW) maybe Scott would do what she does, sounds of the 80s/90s and cover the main R2 shows (probably half a years work through the year) apart from Vine's show although he could make a blinding job of that as well as he does have a serious side, and also cover shows on R1 still being the primary breakfast cover for Grimy and maybe cover his "old" show and maybe some other bits and then fill a permanent slot on R2 (drive time or Breakfast or the big show) I am sure Cox did a few years covering shows on R1 and 2 ? If this were to happen would she still be the primary holiday cover for Chris Evans and Scott cover her show (as what happens now on R1 where Scott covers Grimmy and someone else covers Scott)
  20. Does anyone know the date of Scott's anniversary? Its true the station does have a problem. I've enjoyed Adele sitting in for Clara these last 2 weeks, a lot more chirpy and professional. Clara taking over from Fearne was an odd decision, despite what Ben Cooper says about giving upcoming 1Xtra presenters a chance. I've always thought Alice Levine has progressed quick, she is well overdue a regular weekday slot if she wants it. Grimmy's show has been going 5 years in September and I can't see it going much further. His time has been up for a while now, but his replacement is a tough one. As for Dan and Phil - idiots. Glad they're gone. A partial waste of my BBC Licence fee.
  21. Not overly keen on this new theme. What was wrong with the 2015 one? Nothing, apart from the fact it had old voices on it. A clean cut version is on Soundcloud and must be floating around elsewhere, a simple edit to that with new voices would've worked fine. This one sounds very gameshow type of theme. I thought the 2015 one did at first. The "One" thing is very on trend and not what I'd opt for. However, it does leave a nice echo and music after that for s few seconds. Unfortunately I'm constantly reminded of Grenfell Tower by this theme, as that tragedy happened only 2 days after this launched.
  22. He could indeed beat the record. Probably Ben Cooper will keep him there for a week or two longer just to piss off Moyles. Sent from my SM-A520F using the mobile app
  23. Sounds like it's just clips that have been taken from on-air - I haven't seen the originals knocking about online anywhere yet.
  24. Nice one for this - do you have the originals that you are willing to share?
  25. Indeed very true. Think its pretty established. What he doesn't say of course, is that if a DJ chooses to leave, which could happen, if they feel they want to move on/better bigger job comes along (not saying we want this but always possible). I would love to see Mills at R1 for 20 years, specially in the lead entertainment show on the station - he never fails to impress with new content absolute star, IMO he and Chris should defo be on breakfast full time. On that note - I actually think Grimmy will WILL beat Moyles's record, he's over half way there now.
  26. Interesting article. I don't believe it's that difficult to find them though. Commercial Radio is filled with loads of young talent. Give them a chance. Also what was interesting about this article was the fact he said he's not considering a schedule shakeup anytime soon then. That shuts us all up then haha. Also means Mills should Mark his 20th Anniversary with the station whilst still being in a prime daytime slot. Sent from my SM-A520F using the mobile app
  27. Interesting article. It's a fair point about syndication and cuts to local commercial radio and that the likes of T4, MTV live shows etc aren't around anymore and they often had young talent to choose from. However, there are still plenty of young, talented, passionate presenters out there to choose from. They took a risk with Greg James- got him to cover Sara Cox the day after he graduated! There's got to be some brilliant talent from student radio they should nurture and develop. Same with commercial radio- recruit young talent from local or regional stations who have potential. Only if they're good enough of course. He's brought in Clara Amfo, Jordan North and Adele Roberts (from 1Xtra) in recent years but it seems like way more could be done. Getting Rylan to cover seemed like desperation, as did Cel Spellman getting a show (he's not awful and yes, he's a big CBBC name but will never be weekday material IMO and a 20 year old from student radio who has natural radio talent should be given a chance instead). One name I'd keep an eye out for- Riyadh Khalaf. He's been doing BBC3 documentaries, has a huge YouTube following and presented on a radio station in Dublin as well as being an entertainment reporter. Wouldn't be surprised to see him doing some weekend cover in the coming months.
  28. It sounds really good. I'm so pleased they have chosen to celebrate it. Also murste that sounds a great idea having the top 50 on Sent from my SM-A520F using the mobile app
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