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  2. Live Lounge Covers

    There's an NME article about it as well, although it doesn't contain any additional information.
  3. Live Lounge Covers

    I wonder if there is some sort of sliding scale in play as well with better-known artists having more freedom with their cover choice? I'm sure the Radio 1 folks think that a well-known track or cover of one would have more YouTube views.
  4. Interesting that on the show today, Scott and Chris were discussing what would happen if Scott was to resign or was sacked (this came off the back of a discussion point that mentioned a guy writing a 'Sorry for your loss' card to his bosses, announcing he quit). Scott said that when the time comes, he would personally like to make the decision himself as opposed to being forced out. He said that if he was forced out, he would exit in style with hidden secrets potentially being revealed.
  5. Live Lounge Covers

    I'm sure I read somewhere a long time ago that, under normal Live Lounge appearances, acts are given a list of 'current hits' and they choose the one they like the look of best. I'm not sure how it works under different strands, but it would seem it follows the same lines in that it has to be well known songs by the artists Loyle Carner wanted to cover.
  6. Live Lounge Covers

    Interesting tweet here from Loyle Carner (whooo?). Clara was getting all of the nominees for the Best British Breakthrough Act in the Live Lounge this week, but it appears Loyle Carner's appearance was cancelled because they couldn't agree on a cover. Which got me wondering - how are covers chosen? Does Radio 1 present a list to the artist of songs they're allowed to cover? Does the artist pick any song they fancy, but Radio 1 has the final veto, as implied there? I wonder who pulled the plug here - Radio 1 telling him he couldn't appear, or Loyle Carner having a strop that he wasn't allowed to cover the songs he wanted to? Either way, looks like there's some bad blood.
  7. Radio 1 Playlist

    Thanks for this link; it's a really interesting article.
  8. Schedule Changes

    Strange... seems to have been cancelled last minute, doesn't look like they will be on next Wednesday either. R1 Residency instead and no podcast released.
  9. If you thought yesterday's 36 minutes was respectable, you'll enjoy today's 43 minutes - very rare for the 1pm-4pm slot. I haven't listened to it yet, but I suspect that they've used really long jingles in the podcast like they did yesterday.
  10. I figured that instead of passing comment in the chatbox all the time it would make sense to start a thread about the Scott Mills show for observations that don't warrant their own thread. Stuff you liked, stuff you didn't like, stuff you've noticed - anything goes really. So I'll start by saying the same stuff I said in the chatbox about today's show. Thought it was really good. Really funny chats and just particularly enjoyable. Also the podcast was a respectable 36 minutes - although that may be down to really long jingles between each segment and leaving long bits of the songs in. I like how Scott's involving the team more these days - it's definitely shifted to more of a zoo format in recent weeks, hasn't been like this since the Beccy and Chappers days. Also, Brick By Boring Brick has been on Bangers at least twice before - I always notice because I hear Scott saying "Barry the Castle" in my head. That said, still a robbery.
  11. Radio 1 Playlist

    I am sure many of you out there know this already, but Radio 1 tweeted out this article that explains the playlist, how it is compiled and about the music team too. The thing that most caught my attention is the part about audience testing that helps decide which songs stick around longer than others. The audience must love James Arthur singing about being naked, as it feels like I've been hearing it for months!
  12. Schedule Changes

    While also covering Greg's show during the same week. That's dedication right there!
  13. Biggest Weekend 2018

    Scott keeps referring to it as Big Weekend instead of Biggest - probably by accident but maybe the R1 lot aren't that fussed about the rest of the Biggest Weekend stuff across the rest of the country.
  14. Schedule Changes

    Interesting choice - was it planned? I remember Dev once filled in for Huw Stephens on late nights for a couple of days.
  15. Schedule Changes

    Well this is interesting. Dev is in for Charlie Sloth tonight..
  16. Schedule Changes

    Wed 14th Feb: 3:00 - 4:00 Radio 1 Comedy: Ed and Lauren get on 4:00 - 6:30 Jordan in for Adele Sat 17th Feb 1:00 - 4:00 Jordan in for Alice Sun 18th Feb 1:00 - 4:00 Alice’s last solo show Thu 22th Feb 3:00 - 4:00 Radio 1 Comedy: Nikki and Sammy’s Peachy Podcast Sat 24th Feb New schedule begins - 10:00 - 1:00 Greatest Hits with Maya Jama 1:00 - 4:00 The Matt Edmundson show (with Mollie King) Sun 25th Feb 10:00 - 1:00 Greatest Hits with Jordan North
  17. Schedule Changes

    Thanks! The chances of me being awake to hear them live are very slim, so it'll be good to download them and listen back.
  18. Schedule Changes

    They will be on i-tunes and for download on the website (like Scott Mills Daily etc) as well as on the iPlayer Radio App and will be broadcast on R1 3-4am on Weds and Thurs and eventually Friday too.
  19. Schedule Changes

    I'm intrigued by this. Will they be available as podcasts like Scott's and Greg's are, or just available through the BBC Radio iPlayer app?
  20. Schedule Changes

    Radio 1 Comedy starts this Wednesday 3am - 4am and then from 22/02 it will also be on a Thursday.
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  22. Gregathlon 2018: Pedal to the Peaks Challenge

    Ah thanks very much!
  23. No problem - its on a site called digiguide, had it for a while now, goes up to around 21 days I think!
  24. Gregathlon 2018: Pedal to the Peaks Challenge

    Thanks very much. Just a quick question, how do you get this scheduling information so early before it’s on? I use the radio times website and uk TV guide but they only go 2 weeks in advance
  25. Scott's doing the chart from 3-4! Did think the same thing at Maya Jama, doubt it'll be a joint co-host for the chart though.
  26. Gregathlon 2018: Pedal to the Peaks Challenge

    Really looking forward to this and I also think the mic thing is a very clever idea. I wonder how the chart will work on that Friday? Last time they did it on Scotts show but it’s supposed to be Scotts first show with Maya Jama so I’m not sure how that will work?
  27. He is excited to hear how this plays out on air with the whole mic thing, good luck Greg!
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