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  2. 0777459875-oh fliiirrrt divert!... Whoooooooooooooo!!!?
  3. Whoooo!? Is it Sarah HB?! Sounds just like him!! Is the sunday surgery actually relevant on radio 1 these days?
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  5. This year's live Radio coverage has been poor. So many errors. It's easy to happen. But just as I was enjoying live imagine dragons yesterday off the air they went. Sent from my SM-A520F using the mobile app
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  7. A bit disappointing that neither IMGR or Contraband Media could create any Power Intros for Big Weekend artists other than ones from the headliners, Katy Perry and Kings Of Leon this year. I heard a fair variety last year so it's a shame they didn't make an effort to do as much this year.
  8. She crashed the vocal on her last news intro, just for old time's sake.
  9. All I know is that she's staying with the BBC.
  10. do we know where Gemma is going
  11. Katie Thistleton is presenting the Surgery next Wednesday but I have no idea if she is the permanent replacement.
  12. I'm not a massive fan of Gemma, but have to give her credit for tonight's Surgery so far - a difficult show to go out with and so far she's doing a good job.
  13. Talk about low-key exit! No idea who will replace her but I bet we will know before 10pm.
  14. Hi! Just heard Mistajam say that tonight's Surgery will be Gemma's last show on Radio 1. I had no idea that she was leaving, but she did post it on Instagram. Anyways, I don't know if you all knew this or not! Any ideas who's taking over from her?
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  16. Maybe it will be on the website live to stream? or Iplayer will have a special R1 channel for the days?
  17. Pretty sure they don't have any live TV coverage anymore since BBC3 closed and it's all on iPlayer/ the website. Greg and Fearne never used to be on the radio over Big Weekends because they were hosting the live BBC3 coverage in the evenings. That would be Greg and Clara now if they still did it so the fact they're both doing a lot of the radio coverage and that live TV coverage isn't really necessary to reach the R1 target audience would suggest there's none
  18. Chris has done this in the past done roving reports and on the TV wonder how much will be on the TV live
  19. No, they mean Scott. Chris isn't a presenter. Scott's name above the door, as they say. His name on the schedules, the voiceovers etc. Him and Chris aren't joined at the hip but I'd say Chris will pop up as a roving reporter chatting to people across the two days.
  20. I'd say they mean Scott as in Scott&Chris. Sent from my SM-G930F using the mobile app
  21. By next weekend, she will have only done 1 of the last 6 weekend shows. She probably has other work commitments and might have holidays booked around now. Love how Scott always slags her off about it on Thursdays during Real or no Real. "So, do you still work at Radio 1?", "Are you turning up this weekend then?", "Oh the TWO days?!"
  22. It's not really any of our business to be honest. We don't know her personal and/or contract circumstances, and neither we should. Interesting however that the powers that be don't seem to have settled on permanent cover for the show. I prefer Jordan to Luke - the latter still sounds a bit too commercial for Radio 1.
  23. I feel like Alice has more days off than actually working at the moment. Today Luke Franks sits in, next weekend it will be Jordan North, the last few weekends did not have very much of Alice as well. 1. What does she do when having a day off? 2. How can she take so many days off? Sent from my D6503 using the mobile app
  24. Has Chris just been ignored then?
  25. Ready Steady Cook.... WHOOOOOOoooOOOOOooooOOOOoooOOO!
  26. I hadn't thought of it that way to be honest, thanks for pointing that out. All links now removed.
  27. I don't wish to rain on your parade, but you could potentially get this website and yourself in trouble for distributing full length commercial music tracks online free of charge. Given that there's very little change taking place on the files here, it might be wise to desist.
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