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  2. Schedule Changes

    Not exactly as he's off to Eurovision that week.
  3. I actually like Dev He's one of the DJs from the Moyles era left and I think he deserves a weekday slot - never understood why he didn't stick early breakfast out
  4. Schedule Changes

    Might be Scott's first holiday of the summer season It's about time Scott and Chris did a couple weeks on breakfast (maybe June for this) I'm wondering if Scott will now start the transition to R2, doing cover shows there like Sara Cox did at first
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  6. Schedule Changes

    Yeah, I wonder that too especially as up until a couple of days ago, she was meant to be on the radio this weekend. It seems like she’s in Italy now though. Also, Matt is in for Scott all week from the 7th to the 11th of May. That may explain why Scott isn’t doing breakfast on Friday 11th with Dev and Alice doing it instead.
  7. I do like the way that Dev is very self deprecating a lot of the time. As much as he’s not the best presenter in my opinion, there aren’t many presenters that take the mickey out of themselves like that.
  8. I think Dev sells himself short a lot of the time. Examples include his 'ropey style of presenting', but if you listen closely enough, there is a method to his madness; he claimed he wasn't a good cook then reached the semi-finals of Celebrity MasterChef, and now completing the London Marathon in a fantastic time!
  9. Scott getting jealous over Chris bonding with Mike Skinner off of The Streets at last night's gig on Annie Mac's show was hilarious today! Chris: 'Music speaks to me. I know that's a weird thing to say.' Scott: 'I speak to you for 3 hours a day, hun!' Later on... Chris: 'I'm finding more and more that major moments in my life happen when you're around, Annie.' Scott: 'Has she allowed you to play Innuendo Bingo with Lauren Pope? No! HAHAHAHA! I love these two!
  10. Schedule Changes

    Some distasteful tweets of Maya’s from 2012 resurfaced the other day. I do wonder whether that’s anything to do with why she’s not on air this weekend...
  11. Well, sometimes it's a matter of a mental barrier. And the first long distance race is really gruelling (although I think he did a couple of halfs in the past). Also, some minor injuries (shin splints being the most common) will influence your training as well and then you're too scared to keep going, simply because you're not really keen on pain. Training plan takes a lot of time too and if you're new to running, you'll hate it at first. A bit of a running nerd talk here, sorry for that. Having said that - I think it's a shame that Scott didn't run, but it might be (and probably is) something more than just laziness. Hope he'll do it one day though as he said he'd like to (in the video I've posted before). Side note - Adele obviously smashed her race, but Dev is a real wonder to me. Running only as far as 10k before and doing a marathon in a pretty decent time. He's a natural apparently!
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  13. Schedule Changes

    In some ways, she isn't even good enough to host greatest hits!
  14. Schedule Changes

    I can only think and I'm not being rude but I don't think she is good enough to host anything but greatest hits I Wodnt be suprised if next Feb when her contract is up she leaves radio 1
  15. Schedule Changes

    Adele in for Maya on Saturday as already said. Matt is also in for Scott on Friday which is slightly confusing as I don’t know why Maya can’t host by herself. On the 4th May, Danny is in for Annie. Not sure yet who’s in for him. On the 5th and 6th, Katie Thistleton is in for Maya and Jordan, doing both the Greatest Hits Shows with Jordan in for Matt all weekend. At the moment, Katie is also doing Life Hacks but I’m sure that will change. And finally, Jordan is in for Greg on the 7th May. Does anyone know why Maya doesn’t cover for anyone else but Jordan covers loads? Not that I’m complaining, I much prefer Jordan but I find it slightly strange how she’s not covering at all and yet she’s getting the extra show?
  16. Schedule Changes

    Dev and Alice are in for grimmmy may 11th I don't know weather that's the following week or just a one off
  17. Schedule Changes

    Wonder why Jordan isn't covering would have made sense to have him cover both shows
  18. Schedule Changes

    Adele Roberts is in for Maya Jama on Saturday.
  19. Why does he always skip races? Bad injury? I bet he would do an ok time if he started.
  20. Along with no mention across Scott's social media, the results page shows that Scott didn't run the Marathon. Adele Roberts finished in 3:30:38 , Dev in 4:30:56 , and Danny Howard in 5:41:16 .
  21. I didn't know where to put this message but doesn't anyone know where I can't find their second alternative commentary they did for the Euros? I know you have the first episode up but can't seem to find the second.
  22. There's also this I mean, he said he was going to do it in the video. If nothing has changed, then I guess he is going to do it. Although it's really hard to believe him not mentioning it on the show once. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean Scott bragging about it. It's just his first ever marathon and I know how much freaking out it involves. Adele, Dev and Danny Howard have all been mentioning this quite a lot (also - Dev's just said that he's forgotten to book a day off for tomorrow, got to love that man), so it's all pretty confusing. EDIT (after some research): The video is from early February and this picture: is from late March. There's Adele in the back, but no Scott there. So I'd say he isn't doing it this year. Which is very fine, as running a marathon is pure hell.
  23. That's interesting, I'd never heard anything of the sort so would be surprised if he was. Then again, I distinctly remember hearing Adele Roberts and Grimmy discussing the marathon and who else at Radio 1 is doing it and being very surprised at one of the names, but I was half asleep and can't remember who it was. Could've been Mills I guess. EDIT: I was able to work out what date it was and found it on the iPlayer. So according to Adele Roberts, Scott Mills, Danny Howard and Dev are doing it. I guess that explains why Scott's been mentioning being healthy recently. He's quite active in fundraising for MS charities as well, after his mum and Beccy got it. 11th April at about 6:23 if you wanna hear the link.
  24. disclaimer: I didn't really know where to put this post, this thread seemed the most suitable. So, is Scott doing the VLM tomorrow? I've found this here If he is, then he's been rather quiet about it. Then again, this would be a sign of great modesty from him
  25. Schedule Changes

    Scott is off to Eurovision soon so it might have something to do with that.
  26. Schedule Changes

    The same as is happening with Nick, Clara and Greg - a day off!
  27. Schedule Changes

    I wonder what will happen to Chris on a Friday then?
  28. Friday is now the weekend

    None of this makes any sense. Apart from Mills hosting the chart. Bringing prestige back to the legendary show. Sent from my [device_name] using http://the mobile app
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