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  3. Crikey, you've really analysed that well. When you say it's "exactly right to the minute", I agree with every daytime presenter except Grimmy. A countless number of times, he is late for the news at about 7:32, 8:03 and so on! He has a tendancy to start a track at 7:29! WHY?!
  4. Source? Googling this up returns no recently dated results. It's inevitable that Scott will be there forever - one day he will go. Chris Stark is a legend and a credit to the show, although he was referred to "Scott's mate" in the early days, there's no way that he was let in when Scott went in for his show, BBC security is top notch and they wouldn't have just let him follow Scott through the building without a check of some sort. Chris has actually broadcasted on his own, it was unplanned and for half an hour when Scott was ill, and Huw Stephens was on his way on the tube but was getting held up. I remember the start of the show Chris was like "erm" and lost for words, but he handled it really well. I'm not sure what'll happen to him radio-wise if Scott ever left. I can't seeing him do his own shows, he is better at the documentaries he does for BBC Three and other general BBC fun stuff (like Mastermind).
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  6. Gotta say I was really impressed. For a first show, it was way better than I was expecting. Good personality, bit awkward getting out of links and into songs but hit the vocals on the songs I heard him intro, his news intros were almost Scott-level good. Overall, a good choice by R1 to give a trial show and if I was them, he'd definitely be invited back.
  7. I loved Luke, his voice is amazing, so unique, love it!
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  9. I think he will last a few more years, but we may see things like him covering on R2 hopefully not too soon because I love his R1 show, although on R2 I reckon we would hear more from him, as in he would get to do more talking and entertaining
  10. And from a geeky perspective his news intros are spot on - right up to the vocal.
  11. He does sound like he'd maybe fit better on Capital or Heart rather than Radio 1, but then it was his first show and I guess it takes a bit of time to adapt style. Surprised he was given such a prominent slot for his first appearance but hey ho - he does sound very slick and there's definitely potential there. Saying that it's good to hear some new voices on Radio 1 daytime and not just someone that's transitioned over from 1Xtra.
  12. What the...! He really sounds like a bad impression. Hope he will practice before the next time. Sent from my D6503 using the mobile app
  13. I hope that Scott Mills lasts a a few more years at BBC R1 but I feel that Chris Stark works well with Scott Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  14. I would personally have Greg and Huw on breakfast. Annie Mac week days 10-12:45 Scott Mills 1-4. Matt on drive time. Mistajam on week days 7-9 10-1 in the night Phil and Alice Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  15. God he has an irritating voice. Sounds so forced and unnatural. Reminds me of when Chris Moyles does his wacky deejay impression.
  16. If anyone wants to hear some early Chris Stark appearances, the first I could find was the 8th June 2010 podcast when he thought Scott was going to be called up to play for England in the World Cup, and a very funny one on 29th June 2010 where he was talking about spending an entire month's wages on World Cup merchandise.
  17. Im only started listen to scott since oct 2015 but i would be so sad to see him go. Im currenrly listen to the old podcasts from the beginning Sent from my SM-G930F using the mobile app
  18. He's basically being paid for being himself on the radio. Perfect job [emoji7] Sent from my D6503 using the mobile app
  19. You'll find the podcasts in the UM archives.
  20. Hey all Anyone know if the breakfast shows for the week between Moyles and Grimmy are anywhere, would love to hear how the transition was managed by Scott and team
  21. I wonder if they would do to Greg what they did to Scott a few years ago, when Scott goes move him on to the 1 to 4 again and put one of the guys like Alice or Matt on drive with Chris? I however love Alice and Chris on the 1-4 when she has covered Scott - provided Scott didn't take the big show at R2 I would continue to listen to R1 with those two. I would have to keep swapping my shifts for lates if Scott got a morning show on R2 - I also wonder if a commercial station will snap him up - Radio X could do the "go to work with Moyles and home with Mills" tag line from the early noughties R1 used to use
  22. I think he's right. Not only that, most tracks sound similar to everything else now which makes it difficult for Radio 1. Back in say 2005 Radio 1 could say play 3 songs in a row, Foo Fighters, Pendulum & Girls Aloud. Each song completely different to the other. You couldn't imagine that now, rock music doesn't seem to be doing very well. Dance is in a better state than the 2010 EDM Swedish House Mafia phase, but still is way off it's millenium peak. And pop is just dominated by Ed Sheeran. Look at how the likes of Maroon 5 & Linkin Park have changed to try and fit in with the current sound. Even Paramore's new track sounds nothing like a Paramore song.
  23. As unlikely as that is, I would absolutely LOVE that.
  24. perhaps an hour long show every week at 9pm that sees the return of Tap End?
  25. Not to worry! Not been on in a while. I have the main EPM/Koink theme and the 30 second beds, but the show open and out jingles/IDs would be great. Am also missing the IDs from 2012 Music4 (only have the main bed and the show open)
  26. The good thing about Chris is he can literally slot into any show and still seem a good fit - whether that's with Greg James, Alice Levine, Matt Edmondson, etc.
  27. HRH= His Royal Highness. They're referring to the Assistant Producer Tom Whiter because they think he looks a bit royal.
  28. Hey Know this has probably been asked before, can anyone help How do the Studio allocations work on R1 - Know they share with xtra and AN and the breakfast show comes out of 82A But, what happens, does Scott for instance always use the same Studio - have an idea they have to use the Live Lounge for Innuendo bingo because of the no water in studio rule, so would make sense he and Clara hot seat wap during news beat Does Scott use 82A for the breakfast show Hope someone can help us (several discussing on WhatsApp group)
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