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  2. 50th Birthday Celebrations

    I've finally done it. Just finished listening to all 50 hours of R1 Vintage. I loved every minute of it. Even when I heard tracks and genres that usually I would switch off. I have sacrificed not licensing to any any live Radio or music and made it through. Thank you BBC for reminding just how much Radio 1has meant to me over the years. I shall be keeping with Vintage themes and be writing Mr Cooper a letter. What was everyone's personal highlights? Sent from my SM-A520F using the mobile app
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  4. Bangers Mix

    I'm never a fan of "here's 15 minutes/half an hour/an hour of massive tunes" features - it's just a lazy way of filling time without being creative. Okay if it's just once a week, with genuinely good songs, but they're overdone on Radio 1 at the moment imo. What Scott's show needs for the 3:30 half hour is a new quiz, in the tradition of Oh! What's Occurring and Real or No Real occupying that time since he started on the 1-4 show. I echo this - it's clear that Radio 1 made a spontaneous decision without really thinking it through, when they saw how popular the Greatest Hits shows were. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed them - but six hours a week of them in place of Matt's regular show? Nah. Just make it the last hour of Saturday or Sunday's show and let Matt have his show back. I can't see it lasting too long as it is. Perhaps to the end of the year at the most, but I'm fairly sure that come January it'll be back to normal. Besides, the novelty of songs from the 60s, 70s and 80s has already gone because the recent shows have skewed towards newer songs anyway. Oh, and one more thing - I HATE the Parents vs Kids Quiz. Such a naff feature, and very out of target.
  5. Bangers Mix

    Loved it but I Hope it’s not a gear up for bigger things like a full ‘bangers show’ or a swap with Matt who already seems to now control such a show. matt edmondsons last podcast before he went away in September he talked about the podcast returning and stories in October but so far he’s been stuck still doing the ‘Greatest Hits Show’ and the one feature remaining that fits in parents vs kids quiz. Don’t know how long this will carry on for or even if he anticipated it
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  8. BBC Radio 1 OFCOM Changes

    I think it's a shame the documentaries are on in the absolute graveyard slot. Wish they were a bit more bold and made 30 minute ones to air between 6 and 7 during Cel and Katie's new show. I'd make 4-6 for them fun- games, celebs etc, then gear change after 6- bring in Dr Radha, air a 20 minute or 30 minute documentary between 6 and 6:30 and then have a Surgery-style discussion based around that topic until 7. Radio 1 does those documentaries and discussions really well and they can have a positive and huge impact on a young audience. The 45% British acts rule is stupid- if its' good enough, it'll get played. The great thing about R1 daytime is the mix of music- hit songs, new stuff, British and American and other, R1 should decide the playlist and no one else. I absolutely love Greg's show the moment. Going through another golden era (similar to when Pippa and Travis were on)- you can tell Chris Sawyer and Greg are much better friends than Ian and Greg were. There's some brilliant stuff with the whole team (Greg, Chris Smith, Chris Sawyer and Greg) who are all brilliant on air after 6pm. It would make a fantastic breakfast show.
  9. Bangers Mix

    I think it would be a good extension or even a replacement of bangers. Maybe listeners could send in some songs they would like to be on the mix. Sent from my SM-G930F using the mobile app
  10. BBC Radio 1 OFCOM Changes

    I quite liked the days when presenters could be late for the news - it added to the feeling of spontaneity, and that there was something happening that was so good that it would be wrong to cut it short for the news. I think that's one thing Radio 1's lacking a bit at the moment - its become so focussed on creating "Content" that every link is determined in advance. Greg's still quite good at it but sadly Scott plays so much music and has so many features that there's not really much time for the same sort of spontaneous banter you used to get between Scott and Chappers.
  11. Bangers Mix

    Brilliant Bangers mix by Scott at 1545 today Banging tunes for a Friday - like the old "floor fillers" days from drivetime He was saying as it went down so well may well make a feature
  12. BBC Radio 1 OFCOM Changes

    Have noticed that as well In Grimmys show Tina does the news in 82A and is part of the team - she is becoming more so recently same as the CM days Clara is slap dash sometimes as well but our man Scott and also Greg are bang on usually
  13. BBC Radio 1 OFCOM Changes

    Thought there was a 9am one as well
  14. BBC Radio 1 OFCOM Changes

  15. BBC Radio 1 OFCOM Changes

    I feel Radio 1 has the balance about right just now. You have to hook in the audience with well-known tracks (British, American or otherwise) and then throw in a new and unknown track otherwise the audience will just go to Capital. There are times when they play tracks to death however (Shape of You, Human etc) and that's something I hope these alterations may change. I was surprised to see that Greatest Hits is continuing at the weekend. It's a really enjoyable listen but it must impact the new music quota the station has?
  16. BBC Radio 1 OFCOM Changes

    So OFCOM have published their final version of the new operating licence for the BBC which also relates to BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra. Key points: One hour of news and two extended bulletins, one in peak time and regular updates during the weekend. (No change in other words) 40 new documentaries per year. (Presumably all of these during the new 3-4am slot) 45% of the music in daytime should be British acts, also 45% of the music in the daytime should be new music and the majority from British acts. 60 hours of specialist music is required. (I think this is the reason why some of night time scheduling has changed) 175 new sessions, live or pre-recorded within 3 months. The station plays a bigger range of music which takes into the account of the size of the playlist and amount of plays in daytime/nighttime. (Wonder if we could see some big changes to the way the playlist is done in the future?) It does 2 social action campaigns per year. (I quite like this one!) Will post my opinion about this in more detail soon.
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  18. Schedule Changes

    Friction is leaving Radio 1, to be replaced on the drum n bass show by René LaVice from 7th November.
  19. Schedule Changes

    Monday 6th November.
  20. Schedule Changes

    Charlie's show is only Monday to Thursday 9-11, Pete will be back in his old slot of 9-11 on Fridays!
  21. Schedule Changes

    November about second week Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  22. Schedule Changes

    When do these changes come into effect. I imagi5next month? Sent from my SM-A520F using the mobile app
  23. Schedule Changes

    So what's happening with Tongy as Charlie will be on Friday night 9-11 Then Danny 11-1 Sent from my SM-A520F using the mobile app
  24. Did he not mention recently hes just signed up gain anyway? Think your right (I think you are a R1 DJ hiding behind an alias.... and if you are WOW love it that I am talking to you on a forum...) Love his show and it appeals to me so much because it hits my age range (I am 37) as well as a good time as I am a shift worker so can usually catch him Like Greg as well and Grimmy For me (as I kept tweeting at the 50th) Scott and Greg are the Mike Read and Mayo of my generation Would love to see Scott cover another stint on breakfast I think Grimmy isn't going anywhere yet either
  25. Mills to Present Radio 2 Show 10pm-2am

    I think he will go the same way Coxy did I think Coxy will get the next permanent slot on 2, at which point he will come off of his slot to be replaced with someone like Grimmy coming off breakfast to make way for a newbie then Just covering loads of shows, so still full time on both stations, covering R1 breakfast and other slots still as well as R2 Breakfast, Drive and Ken Bruce's slot and maybe taking over Sounds of the xx's
  26. Islanders vs Blue Jackets Live Streaming
  27. Schedule Changes

    Really like these changes. Promoting Charlie makes perfect sense- he's great and I think a show with him could bring some much-needed life to nights, in the style of Nick Grimshaw's old 10pm show. Annie, Charlie and Huw is a really strong post-7pm schedule. Shame to see Huw bumped to 11pm but always thought 3 hours was too long. I'd ditch the Residency and have him on Monday-Thursdays 11pm-1am so you have a consistent line-up. 3 very distinct shows which will be great. The 9pm shows had become stale and time-fillers : R1 Stories repeats, Residencies that made no impact on the station etc. Even Phil's specialist chart seemed unnecessary. Great to see Danny promoted to Friday nights- didn't realise it has been 6 years on Dance Anthems! Annie Mac, Pete Tong, Danny Howard, B Traits- wow, that's impressive. Mistajam the perfect replacement for Danny too, he'll be great. Putting Katie and Cel together is a smart move- a bit more direction & purpose for the slot and I think Cel was still struggling to hold down a 3 hour show by himself. Great to see the 2 hour shows back and an exciting, diverse nighttime line-up.
  28. and the London City 2010

    Patriots vs Buccaneers Live Streaming
  29. the cashier to give you

    Indians vs Yankees Live Streaming
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