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  2. Hi everyone! Can anyone identify the song that's used for the bed at the start of this episode of the BBC R1 Breakfast show?? Thanks!
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  4. Actually got the chance to listen to Friday's Dance Anthems last night live. The new imaging sounded fantastic during the mixes. Wonder why the intro still has the 2014 voiceovers?
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  6. The one Adele played at 4am today was actually played by Scott too last week after Bangers. He's played some of the Where it Begins idents after Bangers which I really like
  7. Oooh Adele played a new ID at the start of the show today with the Where It Begins stuff in it again. I really am loving the work Wish Buddah, IMGR, Pure Jingles and Contraband Media are doing to the imaging with regular updates to the beds's and ID's. It's fresh and not too repetitive as well which makes it great to listen to. I think this is the best Imaging Radio 1 has had for years!
  8. What's going on with the forums, Jono? I know you don't get paid for running the site but the forums have been down for weeks. Only way in is by clicking on forum topics through the homepage. Any idea when it'll be fixed? Thanks
  9. Hi all Looks like Greg is the star guest on BBC 1 Saturday Kitchen this morning at 10 Scott was on it last week wonder if they are going through the DJs or its coincidence
  10. That was a nice jingle!
  11. Yeah unfortunately just rips (but good ones none the less), a bit gutted Dan hasn't posted a demo yet, there's still time though!
  12. Grimmy has actually got a good show now it's with FeFe and Tina almost the team style of Moyles Sent from my SM-G925F using the mobile app
  13. Down to 49/51 splut
  14. Vote for Scott Mills here:
  15. Vote for Scott Mills here:
  16. I would hate to see Scott move to Radio 2... He wouldn't be able to do any of the features that he does at the moment and would be forced to play old music! We would have gems like 'Moustache' (Eurovision Entry) replaced with the likes of Toast by Streetband. *Throws up* Seriously though, he's far too much of a pop lover to move to a station where the only new music he's allowed to play is Ed Sheeran, Adele & Liam Gallagher. IMO Grimmy has really settled into the breakfast role and despite not really liking him to begin with, especially the wake up song and call or delete making me switch off, he is very entertaining now despite his obsession with One Direction!
  17. The 10 Minute Takeover got an update a couple of weeks ago too. Dance Anthems next maybe? The imaging sticks out like a sore thumb on a Saturday teatime.
  18. Dev was unavailable to cover as he was in Majorica (I think!). Yasser covered his weekend show. Mistajam was much better than Cel Spellman!
  19. Mistajam was covering Greg last Thursday and Friday because Greg and Chris Smith were doing signings of their newly released children's book 'Kid Normal' - not because of summer mix advert filming. Scott and Greg appeared to film their pieces in the morning and Grimmy and Clara in the afternoon.
  20. On The Sly are producing the imaging again this year.
  21. He was really good, wonder if they are testing the likes of Adele and him for more weekday daytime cover
  22. I really enjoyed MistaJam covering for Greg particularly on The Official Chart Show. He sounded so slick and it really came across that he was hugely honoured to be hosting the Historic show. Also enjoyed the fact he did his own feature on Thursday between 6-7 replacing the Ten Minute Takeover. It was a way more enjoyable experience than Dev. Perhaps Dev's days are numbered at R1? Or he was just in a can't be arsed to cover again mood (I wouldn't blame him) Sent from my SM-A520F using the mobile app
  23. That he had been asked to appear on celebrity first dates, but is contemplating it because he is seeing someone !
  24. What was Scott's reveal? Sent from my SM-A520F using the mobile app
  25. They were all talking about filming the ad yesterday, seemend to be done in the afternoon with all 4 daytime DJs Scott posted a pic of him and Greg Makes sense why Jam covering drive now to release Greg to be with the other 3 to do the filming Also did anyone hear Scotts reveal today about 35 mins into the show
  26. Scott Mills played a new bed on his show today around 1:13pm. Would like to see new updates and the original lot are brilliant as it is. EDIT: Now he's played one of the new PURE Jingles bed's at 3:23pm.
  27. Scott Mills mentioned today that the Summer Mixes are coming back again this year and that they have filmed a TV trailer for it. I wonder what they will be like this year,? I hope they don't end up doing 3 mixes per day like they did when they got to the Christmas Mixes and they literally made a mess of the repeats. EDIT: Radio advert confirms it starts 17th July from 9:45am.
  28. Maybe he will become the new weekday DJ if someone moved on? or looking to get him on R1 and someone like Jordan or Cel on 1xtra Hes been on R1 xtra for some years, maybe they are trying him for a new breakfast or drive host Maybe just that Dev is busy?
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