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The Feeling are nervous


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THE Feeling are thrilled and just a little petrified to be supporting their idol Madonna at Radio 1’s Big Weekend tomorrow.

The two-day event in Maidstone, Kent, will feature performances by some incredible acts including Usher, 29, Duffy, 23, Robyn, 28, and The Fratellis.

But Madonna is definitely the big one for The Feeling.

Singer Dan Gillespie Sells, 29, told me: “I’m a massive fan of Madonna. I’ve been a fan of hers for years. She’s a real artist.”

But the scaredy-cat admits he will be tongue-tied if he gets the chance to meet her muscular Madgesty backstage.

He explained: “She scares me. There are some people I’d go talk to and I’d know what to say.

“But with someone like her I wouldn’t really know what to say.”

Despite selling out massive gigs, the bashful frontman admits he is not that confident off-stage.

He said: “It’s nice to mix with other artists, but I normally end up keeping myself to myself. I don’t know why, I just get a bit shy.”

But Dan is far from a wallflower on stage. In fact the singer has become so rowdy when performing he has been told to tone down his performance at the Radio 1 gig for his own safety.

Sells said: “I’m just planning to kind of get through it without killing myself.

“I have a tendency to get carried away with a big crowd and harm myself somehow or another.

“They’ve even started giving me lower amplifiers because I like to climb around and jump off things.”

Poor Dan has not escaped unharmed from these acrobatics and added: “I’ve already done my back in and my shoulder.”

Let us hope he comes back in one piece after the weekend...


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