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    • I’ve really enjoyed Nikita kanda on the weekend afternoons recently anyone else agree   
    • I hope its James cusack and he's certainly on plenty at the moment. Lets be honest does the station need another weekend duo or is it refreshing to have a singular presenter every now and again? I think we can all agree Katie was more than capable of doing the weekend shows by herself and you only have to listen to one show from james to work out he is. Weekends are already duo heavy with Sam and danni followed by Vicky and Nat, plus Lauren and shenqua on Sundays. Does it need to be james and another presenter (??) on top of that. Imo he more than keeps up the quality of shows by himself. Around a year ago wasn't it singular presenter Adele followed by singular presenter Katie so the presenter load has doubled in them 2 shows alone, plus the additional presenter on the noughties show when Nat has actually been fine by herself for a long time. I dont think my theory of him being held up with other work is correct anymore, but I do hope its james. His shows far overtake other covers in terms of entertainment
    • W/C Monday 8th July. OJ Borg in for Sara Cox for a week  Tina Daheley in for Jeremy Vine for two weeks Mark Goodier returns to Radio 2 and takes over Pick Of The Pops on Saturday 6th July. 
    • Wow Sam and Danni are getting much more exposure recently - we LOVE to see it!
    • Sam and Danni presenting with Melvin next Wednesday and Thursday in for Rickie and Charlie.
    • Does that really make it make sense? Just because the new show wasn't going to start over the summer doesn't mean they couldn't have announced who was presenting it. Think about how many months in advance the Matt and Mollie move was announced.
    • God I hope not! He’s shocking! 
    • The press release says that the rotation will return in January 2025 - so it makes the whole thing a bit random? Are they struggling to find talent to do it? This news probably means we won’t see Sam & Danni swapping onto weekend afternoons which I think is a massive shame. They have talent in abundance and could easily do a Matt & Mollie style show, especially if they’re stepping up to do weekday cover.  On that note, I’d like to see RMC, Matt & Mollie or Going Home take a whole week off together at some points during the year… means Sam & Danni could cover and you also break up the whole “double the time the show isn’t normal” situation. 
    • This whole 'Summer Schedule' just seems a bit... pointless. No other station (that I know of) does it. The extra half hour of Radio 1 breakfast to 11am seems a little random, especially as it means the mid morning slot is just 1hr 45 long now, seems even more of a waste having a trio on there. -An extra day of Sam & Danni is always good news. I only managed to catch weekend breakfast if I'm up every so often (or if I chose to listen back) and they're a good listen. They've been excellent on the breakfast show this week, in my opinion. Although... If they're giving that slot over to them from now till January, are they finally winding up the whole 'rotation' system on Friday early breakfast? Might have been worth giving someone the slot full time, whether that's Sam & Danni, Dean going to 5 days, or someone else. -I just assumed that Martha had taken over that Tuesday night slot anyway, so not surprising in the slightest, that just confirms it -I suppose with the weekend afternoon slot being given over to broadcasting from various festival, it makes sense to relaunch in September, although considering how far in advance previous changes have been published, they could've still said who was taking over... So maybe it's still undecided? It'll likely be another duo (although I think there are far too many now).
    • Good shout on Tinea! James and Tinea would work for me. I get your point about Danny but can only hope you're wrong!
    • I think it will be a duo tbh but probably involving James. I think it’s their flagship weekend show now and with a duo coming off it I think it makes sense to put another on.    If I had to make a prediction I would say it will be James and Tinea Taylor.    I think Danny Beard will stick around as cover and to be used for events etc because they do have name recognition, and I think we’ll also hear more from Ore as well over the next few months (probably covering Early Breakfast and Nat and Vicky whenever they’re off)
    • Makes sense now why no weekend afternoon slot announcement yet, with that slot disrupted so much over the summer. I suspect we may hear something later in July about that, maybe a September start date... Still fingers crossed James Cusack is involved though him covering solo some weeks in the meanwhile suggests the only way he'd be getting it is as part of a duo.
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