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    Someone made the point in The Guardian that it doesn't have a lid like a laptop or any way of protecting it, making sure the screen doesn't get damaged. It doesn't fit in your pocket. I guess they'll sell a plethora of bags and cases to keep the things dry. I'm not really convinced it's anything that amazing though, just seems to be an iPhone/BlackBerry/HTC smartphone in a slightly bigger size, without the phoning or camera capabilities. And it's pretty expensive. I won't be investing in one, but that's hardly a surprise since I don't own/use any Apple products.
  2. Cereal or porridge at the moment, since I am incapable of getting out of bed before 12:30pm. When I used to have lunch it would be something like houmous and red pepper sandwich. Or sometimes a Boots meal deal at uni. If I'm out and about, a tuna sandwich.
  3. On the other hand, I have people who just post too much information on Facebook: Ross has just deleted his porn collection. All 37gb of it.. Ross's testicles have retracted up into his body He's also posted about his bowel movements before :/
  4. Yeah that annoys me too. When my Facebook feed is full of "Xx loves her honeybumpkin sweetiepie xxxx" and wall posts like "I know you're in bed with me but I want to tell you I luv you lots xxxxxx" etc. (this is particularly about people I knew from school, not anyone here). Generally I don't like it when people use Facebook wall posts to discuss things they should be discussing in private. There's just no need. Danni I'm sorry to hear about this guy, it's cowardly when people can't admit that they're not feeling the same way and pretend and have to resort to texting. I hope you get through this ok, remember what great friends you have to support you. What sucks for me is that I can't get to sleep before 6am and can't get up before 12pm and I have such vivid dreams that I wake up feeling exhausted.
  5. Someone I knew used to ask "What do you think to that?" rather than "what do you think of that?" or "what do you think about that?". It really annoyed me. He also pronounced 'muesli' as "mu-es-lee", three separate syllables phonetically, it sounded hilarious. Oh and he was from London as well.
  6. Northerners pronounce "laugh" as "laff". That's weird to me. But why Doncaster when I say Newcar-sell, Glars-go etc. Chalmers and Daziel?! I wouldn't have a clue how to pronounce either! Like Siobhan and Yvonne, names that don't look anything like they're pronounced. My friend from the north east has a strange mix of northern and southern accent, he went into his local pub in the village he's lived in all his life and got the response "Not from round here, are you?" What about garage? "Garridge" or "Garaaaaaage?"
  7. This was a debated/argued subject all through university. The first time I visited my sister at Durham Uni, I didn't get that the 'Cassle' everyone was referring to was the 'castle'. Being a southerner, I do pronounce the invisible 'r' in words like grass, glass, path. Oddly though, I pronounce Doncaster the northern way.
  8. I'd say go for it. Third year is more work, a lot more, and you'll appreciate being close to campus so you can work on campus on days when you haven't got lectures. One of my 3rd year housemates was in the same situation in first 2 years but then she got a house with us in 3rd year. Living away from home is a good experience, you learn useful life skills. You'll be able to claim more loan. And you'll save money and be less tired and have more time to work/socialise. So I think it's worth it.
  9. If you've managed this far alright then the way people treat you shouldn't change. Lots of people are dyslexic and most aren't held back by it. As Mitchell says, you can get a laptop, voice recorder, notetaker, printer etc. if you have special needs. Extra time in exams could be more useful though. I got to type my exams too which helped me. It was also less stressful doing my exams in a smaller room. It's certainly not the end of the world being diagnosed with a 'learning difficulty' - it's a big club!
  10. Of course I was just being sarcastic. For a start, as Jono said, most people round here don't even know what I look like because I haven't posted any photos lately. Scott needs to bring back Rate Our Listener, so that I can settle this properly
  11. Is it better to not get nominated, or to get nominated and get zero votes? Hmm... Seriously, I don't mind, I get my ego boosts elsewhere.
  12. Another year and no votes for me.... oh well, I don't care really *retreats to the corner to cry*
  13. Awww John that sounds horrible My mum is epileptic following a brain tumour and fits are horrible and scary to watch so they must be even more terrifying to experience. I hope the medication helps you. My mum had to try a few types before she found one that helped her but now she very rarely has fits.
  14. Aww Nik I'm sorry to hear things are that bad. Time off may help you but it may just give you more time to dwell on things. I know what you mean about being so changeable, I keep slipping into thinking nothing will ever be alright and feeling hopeless and useless and guilty and scared. Then other times I know it's just a phase. Do you think a mental health worker might be able to help you? Try to be honest about how things are when you are at your worse. Don't keep things to yourself.
  15. Slightly late but happy birthday!
  16. Lucinda

    Avatar Movie

    I went to see this on Saturday because my friends wanted to. I wasn't sure it would be my kind of movie. The graphics when they were in the avatar world were pretty amazing but a fair bit of the film was just them on the military base where hardly any of it was 3D. It has a very obvious anti-capitalist, anti-colonial, environmental message but it is also a fairly entertaining film.
  17. Today it is 3 months, and he told me he loves me in the early hours of New Years Day. Happy to have something in my life that is going well. Also, I played darts last night and won against my friend who has played a lot more than I ever have. Beginners luck? Maybe. I was quite tipsy though.
  18. It is sad getting older. I remember spending the last few hours of 1999 with a big group of my neighbours and their little kids. Now they've all moved away and I've grown up but it really doesn't seem that long ago. I am realising that what Alan says is very true, time does speed up as you get older. It's sad.
  19. Happy birthday Helen I hope it's a good one.
  20. Yeah, UM Christmases are great - Jono creeps into your bedroom and delivers something special to the end of your bed, just like Santa!* *This may not be true. Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all have a good one!
  21. Aww that's a really sweet message, nice to see Chappers' soft side! We'll miss you Chappers. Best of luck in the future and enjoy playing in the snow with your kids
  22. I remember that too. I believe it was Olly who started that? I might be wrong. I'm starting to feel less panicky and depressed a bit better than I have been these past few weeks. I don't know if it's the medication or the psychological effect of knowing I'm on the medication, but either way, it seems to be progress.
  23. Lucinda


    It snowed here yesterday and a bit today. It's supposed to snow quite a lot overnight I hope it settles cos I've got nothing better to do than play in it.
  24. Actually screw Amazon - they let me pay for the track, so I guess it counts, but they won't let me download the bastard thing. Won't be using their download service again... the internet died while it was downloading, and I can't download it again. Edit: Finally got it sorted, after speaking to a bloke on the phone in Ireland. At least Amazon actually phone the customer, rather than making the customer phone them. I've got the song, finally. Must have cost Amazon more than 29p to sort out though.
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