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  1. Graeme

    Schedule Changes

    Who’s covering chart next week with Scott being off - do we know yet??
  2. Graeme

    Schedule Changes

    Still calling it weekend breakfast on air this morning. Although they had a ‘friday’ sting too which I don’t remember hearing before
  3. DO we not think this might be the end of Scott on breakfast??
  4. He has to have a final ‘chris smith with the news and that was the news’ surely
  5. Graeme

    Schedule Changes

    Where’s this will best from?
  6. Don’t you think they’re just resting Chris Smith so it’s a bit fresher with him back with Greg for the all new show?
  7. Graeme

    Age Range of R1 DJs VS Listeners

    I’m 30 so I’m bad for radio 1!! but I can’t stomach radio 2 - at all!
  8. Graeme

    Scott's Chart Show - Updated Imaging

    Can anyone get the homepage to the forums fixed?
  9. Graeme

    Yet more new presenters!

    Is Huw on 6music yet?
  10. Graeme

    Yet more new presenters!

    I think it was always odd giving such a heavy rock show 7-10 anyways - I know my other half always turned off when the screaming started!!
  11. Graeme

    Schedule Changes

  12. Graeme

    Schedule Changes

    Any links?
  13. Graeme

    Schedule Changes

    Grimmy would be good cover for this show once he’s off breakfast
  14. Maybe Greg will bring back Show quizness from grimmy phase 1 - please god no
  15. Anyone got a list of Greg’s current/recent features so we can see what we think will move with him? rage whats my age again ally pumb? 10minute take over pun pong mayor of where star caller? ask the nation? nerd alerts?