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  1. Graeme

    Nick Grimshaw's new show

    Don’t seem to have settled on a permanent figure yet
  2. Graeme

    Nick Grimshaw's new show

    Sounds more like a co-host than ents news host here?
  3. Grimmy has started doing this on breakfast before he finished to be fair also bizare for him to have Alan Carr back on when he was in the last week of brekkie
  4. Actually looking forward to grimmy new show surprisingly
  5. Graeme

    Schedule Changes

    Who’s gonna do one of those lovely little charts showing the whole new schedule timetable then??
  6. Graeme

    Schedule Changes

    Greg said during this mornings show he’s there on Monday, but not a normal show, just lots of mixes
  7. Two small moans.... 1~ I can’t be the only one annoyed that the media team called this the ‘breakfast show’ on the video, despite all the efforts to drop ‘show’ 2- Greg was really vocal about the fact of not having a guest for 15 mins broken up by songs - he wanted them to be part of the whole show. Today’s guest tho was a grimmy style 815 -830 interview - bog standard
  8. Graeme

    Schedule Changes

    Where’s the residency going again?
  9. Graeme

    Schedule Changes

  10. Summer mix straight into 10 minute take over is a bit much
  11. Missed that going altogether!
  12. Did he use the standard jingle for this or a new bespoke one? Wonder if he’ll still look for jingles?
  13. Did he do a tune of the week?
  14. Oh, I like the ‘coming up’
  15. Graeme

    Schedule Changes

    So it now has Greg in with Clara in the Friday