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  1. has Gregg had any time off except Christmas and his wedding??
  2. He makes fun of them all the time as well
  3. Greatest ‘brits’ at 10 all week with Clara - including booting Maya off friday
  4. Graeme

    RAJAR Q4 2018

    Should really Compare year on year - always going to be seasonal differences just comparing quarter to quarter
  5. Never notice the ‘the blossoms’ thing - but she’s does the ‘so yeah’ thing all the time
  6. Has ‘ask the nation’ ever returned since week 1?
  7. Heard an interview where they said they can slot ‘we are the one’ in to any jingle instead of ‘where it begins’ to reuse old ones
  8. His twitter bio doesn’t mention r1 / newsbeat at all anymore, instead says ‘I am available to read the news on radio if required’
  9. Absolute 80s outwith breakfast a lot of the time!
  10. So dev and Alice picture has never been replaced in the end - surely a bit odd? also why don’t they like using Phil Taggart’s picture? Neither of his shows use him as the show image?
  11. This makes changing ‘shouldn’t be news’ to the ‘fact controller’ even more odd though!!
  12. I see Adele taking over Clara’s Show next shake up
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