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  1. New Newsbeat Imaging - 2017

    Some one asked Ben Stones on twitter about it and he tagged Dan in seeing if he'd do something, but nothing as of yet...
  2. Friday is now the weekend

  3. What's the name of the Jan Slam Opener song

    Scott had this opener over the christmas period while he was on breakfast. I'm sure it's a remix of Dua Lipa's New Rules but I'm struggling to find the one I thought it was... I'll keep looking.
  4. Does Radio 1 play too much music?

    Except the bloody Chart theme! When will they bring that in line with the rest of the great new imaging (I like the theme itself it's just the voice overs are AWFUL!!!!, If station sound are reading this and they're too busy to update them I'll quite happy swap the voices to the new ones for you), and while we're on Imaging, the branded intro's are great and are on par if not better than the 1tros of yester-year, but they are way overused and of course they've got a great package of Top of Hour Idents from Wisebuddah that only ever get used at 4AM on Adele Roberts show, and occasionally on Scotts show. I'd like to see those used more hand in hand with the branded intros. Anyway that was slightly off topic, I totally agree, there is too much music at the moment, although I haven't heard many of the short edits of songs played recently, I think that was mainly a New Music Friday thing that creeped on to weekends (can we WHOOOO that yet?). For example, before the A list songs used to be roughly every other show on a rotation, now I'm pretty sure every show is playing the same tracks off the A list (I've heard Tiptoe and 17 so many times this week during the day time output - not that I'm dissing those tracks as I do like them but it's a bit much). Greatest Hits, yes they're great (hence the name), but as others have said there is too much of it, which brings me onto my next point, personalities and content. Because of how much time Greatest Hits currently takes up Matt doesn't really get a chance to get his personality out as much any more, be it his random features or just general chat. Also take a look at Scotts podcasts, they're down from around an hour or more to as low as 20 mins sometimes. When Scott is halfway through a feature or game and says "Can you wait there for a few mins we'll be back after this" NO JUST FINISH THE BLOODY FEATURE!! There is just too much music being played at the moment. Jordan is great and he does deserve a permanent slot, be it early breakfast or a weekend slot, before he goes elsewhere like Pete did. I'm also liking Katie at the moment, I think she's settling in to Radio 1 quite well, Cel I'm not sure on, He's been doing this for about 2 and a half years now and his shows still sound like car crashes on some of the links (no offence intended there Cel). The way they're going I'm just waiting for the day Newsbeat starts and they say "From globals news room..."
  5. Does anyone know what is bed is?

    The bed at the start is the instrumental to Mø's Kamikaze! The other beds used are part of the Wisebuddah 2017 package and were custom made for R1 last year. There is a demo on their website but it only lasts around 30 seconds.
  6. Help with a large editing project

    I’m game, Hit me up @OohErr!
  7. Schedule Changes

    Charlie's show is only Monday to Thursday 9-11, Pete will be back in his old slot of 9-11 on Fridays!
  8. 2016 Power Intros

    So seems as an update from WiseBuddah is imminent, I've put together a quick demo of all the current "Where It Begins" IDs. Radio 1 "Where It Begins" - 2017.mp3?dl=0 Enjoy!
  9. New Newsbeat Imaging - 2017

    Yeah unfortunately just rips (but good ones none the less), a bit gutted Dan hasn't posted a demo yet, there's still time though!
  10. 50th Birthday Celebrations

    I do like the sound of this! Interested in seeing what else they do on the main station in ways of celebration.
  11. New Newsbeat Imaging - 2017

    Here's a quick montage containing some of the new Newsbeat June 2017 package! Enjoy! Newsbeat June 2017.mp3?dl=0
  12. 2016 Power Intros

    The Live Lounge got updated a while ago but when I last listened the intro before the actual live performance still had the old voices on. Dance Anthems with Greg has new voices mainly, it's just Danny's show that doesn't. I'm more bothered about the chart now!
  13. New Newsbeat Imaging - 2017

    I was waiting for someone too pick up on that haha!
  14. New Newsbeat Imaging - 2017

    Yep, Dan is behind the refresh, working along side R1s station sound team to produce it!
  15. New Newsbeat Imaging - 2017

    Nothing has surfaced as of yet, although I am on the hunt as per usual!