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  1. On a slightly side note, anyone else think the new R1 branding looks a bit... pants?
  2. Now that comes across as odd as Greg has mentioned somewhere that there aren't any sung jingles... Hmm?
  3. I agree with this totally! Where It Begins has been dropped from all TOHs, "The One FOR SUMMER" is on the festival trails, Annie Mac has a "Advert" on the telly at the moment which ends with "The One for new music", The official chart changes it up slightly with "The Only One, That Counts", and by the looks of it Greg has "The One to wake up with" (or something similar anyway)... Can't really just work "The One" into jingles though, needs to be the full thing else it wouldn't work...
  4. forde52

    Greg James Breakfast Show Bingo

    Does that high pitched voice he sometime does (not moaning here by the way, think it's class) Are we supposed to be taking shots when these things happens or what?
  5. It also lines up with Weekend Breakfast!
  6. forde52

    2016 Power Intros

    I Noticed about a week ago and @Ant L has confirmed my thoughts that a few Idents have dropped the "Where It Begins" tag line. I've managed to grab a few and drop them together here in case any of you have missed them... Radio 1 2018 Idents - Without Where It Begins_mixdown.mp3?dl=0 Could this mean we're due a new tagline soon? Where it begins has been since January 2015 so it is coming up to the usual 3.5 - 4 year tag line refresh!
  7. forde52

    Scott's Chart Show - Updated Imaging

    I was just about to say Ben put at demo up this morning! I've updated mine as I realised I uploaded the wrong montage...
  8. forde52

    Scott's Chart Show - Updated Imaging

    Just mocked this up... Enjoy! Radio 1 - The Official Chart with Scott Mills 2018 Imaging Mashup.mp3?dl=0
  9. forde52

    Radio 1 Bed

    How long ago was it since he used it alot? I have a rough idea where it came from but need some timeframe to work with!
  10. forde52

    Scott's Chart Show - Updated Imaging

    Delicious Digital have done the refresh, I’m sure they’ll have something up soon! I wasn’t sure at first but after listening a few times It has grown on me. Would be nice to hear some clean cuts though!
  11. forde52

    Schedule Changes

    I hope so! It’s about time!
  12. Congrats to both Greg and Grimmy on this one, I have enjoyed Grimmy’s interpretation of the breakfast show but I do feel it was time for a change! One good thing that no one has mentioned yet, if Chris Smith does move with Greg, there should be more freedom for them to chat and for Chris to get involved with the show again as the news isn’t simulcasted on 1xtra! Like Ben i’m interested in what the imaging will be like (still waiting for Scotts new chart package as well)!
  13. forde52

    Schedule Changes

    Bit late to this bandwagon, I remember when Scott used to cover for JK and Joel on the chart, he used to have Chappers with him and they sounded great on the chart together, so maybe there is space for Chris?
  14. forde52

    New Newsbeat Imaging - 2017

    Some one asked Ben Stones on twitter about it and he tagged Dan in seeing if he'd do something, but nothing as of yet...
  15. forde52

    Friday is now the weekend