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  1. Here's a quick montage containing some of the new Newsbeat June 2017 package! Enjoy! Newsbeat June 2017.mp3?dl=0
  2. The Live Lounge got updated a while ago but when I last listened the intro before the actual live performance still had the old voices on. Dance Anthems with Greg has new voices mainly, it's just Danny's show that doesn't. I'm more bothered about the chart now!
  3. I was waiting for someone too pick up on that haha!
  4. Yep, Dan is behind the refresh, working along side R1s station sound team to produce it!
  5. Nothing has surfaced as of yet, although I am on the hunt as per usual!
  6. I'm not sure on it at the moment, but I agree it sounds like an update. I'm curious to see what the sport bed sounds like (unless they've dropped it, but there hasn't really been any sport news so far today).
  7. One of them is used for "Tune of The Week(end)"... not sure about the others though.
  8. The Going Home Song is recorded during the show that they ask for the callers, for example on Fridays before the chart moved in they would record Mondays GHS then, Tuesdays would be done during Mondays show etc etc. It's usually one of the AP's jobs to do the GHS.
  9. Dance Anthems has had the odd new vocal on there I've notice, but I agree the others need to be updated. Newsbeat especially! Since Greg took over the chart I've never been a fan of the vocals, I don't know what they did to them but they sound bloody awful!
  10. I used to have the "Live" video feed in a html page on my laptop for exactly this reason, although when the cameras aren't on, you do just get the "This is BBC Radio 1, Our Cameras aren't on at the moment blahh blahh..." so bit disappointing. But they can do things with the cameras independent of them being on the live video output (just like they could record a link with a caller during a song and we'd never know).
  11. I seem to remember someone (think it was @OohErr ?) mentioning about the long gap between the "1" and "Where It Begins" in one of the new TOHs... Well Scotts found a use for it!
  12. You beat me too it! NSM (part of the WiseBuddah group funnily enough) is where R1 get a lot of their beds from nowadays!
  13. I'm with you on this! Another thing that is annoying is The Official Chart is still using old voices... They even used old voices for the trail that went out on Friday! (here it is if you missed it Trail 10-02-2017.mp3?dl=0)
  14. Sorry mate I've completely ignored you there! What bits are you missing?
  15. Being a chart man i disliked the way Greg did it before. it doesn't help there's a limited time slot now, But if it were me I'd do it like Wes off of 2003. The top 40 used to be the last 2 hours of the chart show (the first covered last weeks number one, album chart and any competitions that were happening) when he did it and that was done in montage but playing new entries and random tracks in full till he got to the top 10 which was then in full.