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  1. forde52

    Scott's Chart Show - Updated Imaging

    Delicious Digital have done the refresh, I’m sure they’ll have something up soon! I wasn’t sure at first but after listening a few times It has grown on me. Would be nice to hear some clean cuts though!
  2. forde52

    Schedule Changes

    I hope so! It’s about time!
  3. Congrats to both Greg and Grimmy on this one, I have enjoyed Grimmy’s interpretation of the breakfast show but I do feel it was time for a change! One good thing that no one has mentioned yet, if Chris Smith does move with Greg, there should be more freedom for them to chat and for Chris to get involved with the show again as the news isn’t simulcasted on 1xtra! Like Ben i’m interested in what the imaging will be like (still waiting for Scotts new chart package as well)!