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    michaelb got a reaction from R1Fan1 in Radio 1 Out Out   
    From R1 article:
    The free tickets (note: standard booking fees apply) will be distributed to young people across the UK, with the help of The Prince’s Trust, UK Youth and Youth Music.
    A special selection of tickets will also be available to listeners via on-air competitions. Keep listening to Radio 1 to find out how to join the party.
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    michaelb got a reaction from TMD_24 in Schedule Changes   
    Sam & Danni now doing Life Hacks.
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    michaelb got a reaction from BBCAaron in Fix ONE thing   
    Probably Katie or one of the Christmas presenters.
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    michaelb got a reaction from JacobRadioFan in When will nick grimshaw be replaced?   
    Suggested something like this in the chatbox for sometime soon. Slots not on there stay the same.
    10:30-1 Vick Hope
    3:30-6 Jordan North
    6-8 Clara Amfo
    8-10 Nick Grimshaw & Annie Mac
    Rickie & Melvin replace Adele Roberts
     Katie Thistleton replaces Jordan North
    Annie Mac & Danny Howard swap slots
    Adele Roberts moves to the Sunday 4-7 slot (Surgery type show with Dr Rhada). First Look remains 6-7
    *At first, Clara moves to The One Show to cover Alex Jones with Vick Hope taking the mid-morning slot and Katie solo on Sundays. When Clara returns, the rest of the changes take place.
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    michaelb got a reaction from anothernerd in Unpopular Radio 1 Opinions   
    100% agree. Alice was much better than Dev.
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