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  1. Thought i'd start a thread on this as he's covering for 12/15 weeks Listened back to the show this morning sounded good, Scott is really able to adapt to the Radio 2 style and audience it's really good to hear him doing long links and letting his personality come out as opposed to three back to back songs, a 30 sec speed link followed by two more songs which was more how he used to be on drive on Radio 1 Couple of bits I noticed When he interviewed Tom Hardy he paused and said "Edit" may mean it was a pre recorded interview ? or just a saying At the end he said in his seg into the 9pm news "this is a wisebuddah production for radio 2" so is he working for Wisebuddah then?
  2. Yes he seems to be easier to listen to not so blazae and in your face, but still the old Chris in as much as the style of the show and format etc I think because it felt like three of your mates having a few pints and a good chat, they were brilliant as a team and for someone listening to Radio 1 back in the day every other show was pretty music heavy as you'd expect so this show was something different from the "norm" and the epic jingles as well made it a radio geeks heaven (Greg James admits he has them at home and used to play them alot back in the day)
  3. I really agree with these points I think you've nailed it It is what radio is all about it was a brilliant show and I was heartbroken the day Grimmy started because it had been the breakfast show of my 20s into my 30s Although I was kinda heartbroken in a weird way when Grimmy finished but he finished in a very different way in as much as he was moving to another daytime slot not forever And I was mega pleased for Greg because he is the radio nerd and deserved that slot although us die hard Mills fans will say Scott should have had it when Moyles left we always will but then that would have killed Scott off of R1 by now Say he'd took breakfast in 2012, then he would have lasted to 2017/8 probably? maybe moved to weekends after or off completely by swapping to 1-4 with Greg it's been his saviour and lengevity and there is no sign of him leaving yet
  4. Towards the end he was very up his own arse but the audience liked this I think so he played up to it He doesn't seem as much like that now but at the end of the day he was out of touch with the Radio 1 audience and it needed a refresh You have to remember Scott is less than a month younger than Chris Moyles and he's still going strong becuase he is in touch and embraces the changes, like being moved slot, yes afternoons were a demotion from drive but it's given him a new lease of life which has led to him doing the chart - he is the only R1 presenter on all 5 weekdays, get's the most on air time of all (15hrs) that's one hour more a week than Greg is getting and hes now got two more hours on Sunday nights until Christmas on Radio 2 Sara Cox survived at R1 two more years than Moyles as well remember that
  5. I wonder what the CM show would have looked like coming from Studio 82A in NBH and what would have happened to CM had he not been "removed" and who would have replaced him in 2014, maybe Greg would have been put in place then and Grimmy would have never polluted daytime ?? It's clear that the NBH Studios were in the construction stage when CM was finished (opened December 2012) so I assume 82A was made as a bigger studio with all the cameras and all so it could take the whole CM team and have them web streaming
  6. I Miss Coxy actually, I listened to a few CM Breakfast shows from 2010 the other day where she covered, and she was really quite good and had honed her act then, just too late for the breakfast bus She worked well with Comedy Dave and the team I miss Moyles and Dave I loved Greg and Chris Smith - can anyone remember if Scott had as good banter with Chris Smith in the evenings when he was on drive? he used to with Tulip a bit
  7. I think the schedule itself will be the same as in the slots - the people will be different Early breakfast someone totally new Weekday Breakfast Jordan or Jack Saunders 10-1 Arielle 1-4 Matt and Mollie Drive RMC 7-9pm Annie still 9-11 either someone new or Dev and Alice 11-1 Someone new Weekend early breakfast someone new Weekend breakfast someone new Friday/Saturday 10-1 Greg James Sunday 10-1 someone new Weekend 1-4 someone new Friday 4-7 chart and party Katie and Cel Saturday Dance Anthems Mistajam still - he'll be an institution like Dave Pearce was Sunday 4-6 life hacks Adele Roberts and doctor Rada and 6-7 chart first look Mollie King Sunday nights god knows What happens to Scott - radio 2 in the SWITA slot or taken over from Zoe on breakfast, or Sara on drive who has gone to breakfast to take over from Zoe Greg covering bits on radio 2 and 5 live and two weekend shows on R1 still Grimmy - going into TV producing on reality shows Clara - back at a commercial rival Heart Dance or something along those lines Adele still on weekends maybe being used as the odd weekday cover
  8. And on the first year of breakfast - here is Greg's first drive show and the end of Mills first 1-4 show when they swapped, and what song was Mills playing at the end and into Greg's show - you guessed it https://ia801209.us.archive.org/33/items/20120301/20120301.mp3
  9. I wonder what will happen to Ben Cooper?
  10. So it's a year since Greg opened with a TMTO what do we all think one year into his tenure on breakfast? I think he's making a good job of it and has turned it round from the stale old show with Grimmy, also he has made it him and you, 1 on 1 not Tina, not Sinade not Fiona, just you and Greg, its a complete contract to what was before I think he is a stayer, and as a geek he will definitely want to beat Moyles' record Very sad that Scott is not Dep anymore though as it was always great Should Greg have taken over from CM in 2012? IMO NO because it was a massive institution to follow and I think biding his time has paid off
  11. Yeah they don't sound right dong them
  12. Yes that was good - wouldn't have been right with him trying to do car park catchphrase and all Liked when he covered for Grimmy when he used to bring Innuendo Bingo and RONR over I used to like the first package Grimmy had with that theme and all, where as the later package was just poppy with Grimmy talking to Rita Ora and all his celeb mates I notice when he has covered for Greg he does do all of his features like Yesterdays Quiz and TMTO etc Also.... did Scott ever do a Moyles show with the Moyles team like Dave and Dom and Tina ? I know he did with Tina under Grimmy's tenure a few times specially when Grimmy went sick at the last minute
  13. I Know when Greg was in the week before he took over breakfast at least one of the days Scott said when he was covering it that they were on one studio doing the breakfast show live Greg was next door doing a pilot show to time and Vanessa was there too doing her show on radio 2 Talking of which - during the week between Grimmy and Greg Scott used his breakfast package with all the Grimmy themes and all where as when he covered between Moyles and Grimmy he didn't is that because his Moyles package was the cheesy song and all which said "The Chris Moyles show with Scott Mills" where as Grimmys era ones were the same jingles and themes but sounded like to the causal listener it was Scott's show
  14. See Radio 2 are using Radio 1 studios while Wogan House has work done May see some inyteresting social media stuff from the DJs - maybe Sara and Scott hvaing a chat I wouldnt think they they will visit each other on air but maybe some social stuff to see
  15. Easily done So how does the hand over process work between presenters when they hand over like Greg to Clara for instance?
  16. Why is 82A always used by Greg, Scott and Annie? and 82D by the others? Is it true that 82A was designed to be bigger to accommodate the Chris Moyles show (because it was designed and being built before he announced he was leaving) and all its interactive features streaming and all? hence why the breakfast show latterly came from there ? I know Scott does use a different studio on a Friday for the chart I got this answered on the Chris Stark podcast but they didn't explain why They also explained that they didn't use 82A when there was a live lounge on, that the studios reversed when there was one They seem to reverse at weekends too?
  17. How does the hand over process happen between two shows? for instance alot of the time at the moment presenters are bing encouraged to talk at the start of the show Some time ago the breakfast show would play it's last song then a Clara Jingle would play and then a song and she would speak after two back to back songs at like 10:06 Now seems Greg talks out of the breakfast show plays his bed at 09:59:20 and talks upto 10 then Clara's anthems jingle plays and she talks at 10:00:10 Greg fades claras studio up as an input as hes talking and plays her intro and hands control over then or during his last song hands control over and Clara just has his studio faded up as an input for him to play his outro and say bye and then as her intro plays fades him down and carries on When does Clara Hand over to Scott? at 1245 when newsbeat is on?
  18. I wonder if Phil will use the Breakfast package Greg uses I assume there must be three/four versions of this knocking about now Same jingles and stabs but different names Greg's of course, Scott's (he did have a package done which said Scott & Chris) M&M and a generic one that says "Radio 1 Breakfast" So assume Phil would use "Radio 1 Breakfast" same as when Mistajam covered for Grimmy in 2017 for a week he used a generic set without his name
  19. He was daytime on Radio X wasn't he? I can see him on one of the weekday daytime slots before long Talking of which Toby Tarrant is in for Moyles this week he's got to be the next for a breakfast show
  20. It's all added a very interesting dynamic to it - Pete Tong playing A list hits - can you see it ? remember when he covered the Chris Moyles show that time that was a laugh he talked all over the cheesy song Wonder why this is - I would expect to see at least one of the weekday presenters in slot as normal And HOW is Grimmy OFF again
  21. We could try to arrange it through his BBC email - unless anyone here has access to him via text or face 2 face? I know he reads these threads (Hello Scott if your reading) Otherwise we could attempt to ask through social media prompt him to read this or ask his agents but him and Chris seem approchable people I know Scott is a busy man but (and not dissing) Chris may be more likely to respond
  22. How about this who would like to arrange a meet for members of the site in London near NBH? like a coffee/lunch scenario and see if Scott and some of the team could come to meet us and chat for an hour or so? I thought a Friday at like 11am to meet and invite Scott Chris maybe his producer? so we could meet our hero and just say hi or is it like weird? and people say you should never meet your idol?
  23. I like Grimmy sometimes - for me he will always be the guy who took breakfast off Moyles - not took but took over - neither made the decision it was Ben Cooper but things were never the same IMO Scott should have had breakfast Anyway I digress - YES loved Alice covering last week she was natural and worked well in the slot, the producer of Grimmys show is Jenny who used to be with Alice on weekends so they work well anyway I cannot see D&A taking the slot either but I feel sorry for Dev he is always short changed of a regular weekday show I could see Alice replacing Clara one day?
  24. I certainly think the new Pop Controller will want her stamp on things - which have been very stagnant under Ben Cooper until Aled has changed a few things lately Ben Cooper the man who made massive change in 2012/13 I think there will be a bannister style operation soon
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