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  1. With any luck, there will be a weekly highlights podcast available so you can listen to R1 live and the comedy bits of the new Moyles show later.
  2. I still need to edit the show but in the meantime here's fearnes last link:
  3. The BBC should do a competition to find the next big radio star. Basically they find people who are doing well on student and local radio and then get them to do one off shows and the public can vote on who like best and the winner gets a regular show on Radio 1 (probably early breakfast although weekends 10-1 might be better)
  4. I have the last month ( will include the last week) of Fearne if anyone wants it. Just PM me your email.
  5. Should I stop at 9:30am or go through to the afternoon?
  6. I'll pop them on archive.org as I can make a collection for them
  7. Now have the 4.30am and 5:30am bulletins
  8. No problem. Should I PM the files or upload them somewhere?
  9. I got something (can't remember what now) played on the 9:30 half of the nickstape
  10. Well Chris Evans was fired to him having Friday's off to prepare for TFI
  11. I've also started to record fearne after it was announced she was going
  12. I think you can get tickets to the newsbeat election specials in the live lounge at the moment
  13. I have about two weeks worth of Scott and Greg from last September. I've already uploaded gregs show from Sept 17th 2014 here https://archive.org/details/GregJames17thSept2014 Devs was filling in at the time. If you want more I'll upload it
  14. Is the 9 hour nixtape on air now, live? I have a feeling they have just recorded a few links and the computer is playing them out.
  15. I wonder where Radio 1 will come from if New Broadcasting House has a power cut.
  16. Welcome, the uploader of the video you mentioned is on here, you could always drop him a PM and get it reuploaded. His name is lukiee95
  17. A DJ could always play a sound byte for a few seconds so that they're off mic and can audibly explain.
  18. Radio 1 visual iplayer is now live, it's after BBC four on the top bar of iplayer. There's an extended edition of last weeks internet show with behind the scenes clips.
  19. If she did 6-10 and then 10-1 she was probably at the point of boredness when I tuned in at 12.
  20. I put on Radio 1 earlier and was expecting to hear Matt, but instead we got one of those hip and trendy types from 1Xtra, I think her name was Clara Amfo. She messed up by giving the 1Xtra text number and she also chipped in over the ends of the tracks. I hope they weren't trialing. her for a full time slot!
  21. He's just been shoved a script and told to read it in a generic style. Later on, of course, at Radio 1, he got creative freedom to create features.
  22. If it is, he might mention it on air on Monday.
  23. Done a bit of digging and found that a lot of the Internet Show Presenters are represented by a PR company called Gleam Futures who presumably handle the bookings for Radio 1.
  24. How do you know? It used to be live on Sundays. The Visual iplayer launches on Monday, I meant to say.
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