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  1. I never really listen to Radio 1 anymore, I listen to 6Music more now instead.
  2. Ah yes. That was stupid. I can see Messages in the dock, so I suppose that was a bit obvious.
  3. I didn't know they had a Soundcloud account. They seem to have a lot of other clips on there as well.
  4. Didn't it come with Lion?
  5. Well, my local library has a copy but it's not due back until 1 December
  6. All of Radio 1's heritage and history leading up to this. Not sure this is going to go down as a key BBC milestone.
  7. Probably brightly coloured chinos, which is why they were described as being 'painted on'.
  8. It probably becomes more of a habit over time.
  9. Yes, I feel they are alienating the rest of their audience. Personally except Scott I haven't listened to Radio 1 at all since the last Chris Moyles Show.
  10. Well what do you expect? I'd do the same if I owned a book shop.
  11. The Today Programme. You seem to like Jeremy Vine, discussion and current affairs things, and since that is all about news and whatnot I'd think you'd like it.
  12. Quite a few DJs do that, such as when talking over songs. I remember once on the Chris Moyles show when they were doing the whole Toby Lerone thing the second time around there was this clip of a woman from a foreign radio station who kept adjusting the fader so much it made the clip difficult to listen to.
  13. I don't mind the guy but I'm not getting involved.
  14. I could see Scott going to commercial radio more than Radio 2.
  15. The old YouTube app was pretty outdated anyway, Google couldn't update it either because it was Apple's. Google have released their own. Also, I imagine they'll be a Google Maps app for iOS6 at some point. If I were Google I wouldn't rush releasing it though...!
  16. My bike needs a whole load of repairs and replacement before I can start riding again. New tyres, chain, cassette, and pedals. Looking to get some road bike-esque slicks for the road (it's an MTB).
  17. I'm not sure what I would do, but what a great idea for a thread.
  18. That has been the case for a long time, and at one time it was the case with PCs. Innovation in that sector has now mostly slowed compared to then so that now if you buy a new PC it'll be good for a long while yet. That innovation has moved onto phones now meaning new ones are coming out at a really fast pace. Compared to other manufacturers the iPhone is on a fairly slow release cycle, once every year. Other manufacturers may release 20 or 30 different models in a year.
  19. That's a shame, but no doubt he'll find plenty of work elsewhere.
  20. Yes from what I've read at first Peel didn't like him a whole lot but later they made up.
  21. Yes, you can also download the Thursday and Friday red button footage to keep.
  22. Looks like that was a few years ago, judging by the design of the site. Actually probably only last year at the most.
  23. I think they really missed the boat in terms of the lightning connector. The name means many people may just assume it's faster even though it is still using USB 2.0 when many new PCs and even Apple's own Macs are moving towards USB 3.0/Thunderbolt ports. I suppose it was more to try and make the phone thinner, but I'd rather have the new(er) USB 3.0 connection, especially since the current iPhone is not exactly cumbersome...
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