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  1. Happy Birthday! Seems people aren't doing B-day threads on UM any longer...:( Hope you have a lovely day. :) How's the reading going?

  2. Like the Joy Division avatar.

  3. Many happy returns to Helen's mum.:)

  4. Just saw a couple of trailers for 'Facejacker' starting 16th April, I think. Exciting news, but I wonder if it'll work? What do you think?

  5. Just saw a couple of trailers for 'Facejacker' starting 16th April, I think. Exciting news, but I wonder if it'll work? What do you think?

  6. Sounds like you had a lovely time. Is the health spa break before or after your run? I think you're mad btw, but have a great deal of respect too. What are you doing? 6 miles? You haven't asked for any sponsorship.

    Do you have a hangover today. I do. hehe.

  7. Happy Birthday Zoe. Hope you are having a lovely day. Long time no speakies. xx

  8. Are you into owls?

  9. Sorry, forgot to mention. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice Tardis cake. You did a great job. How long did it take to make?

  10. Hi Nikki, It has been a while. Twitter has taken over slightly I reckon.

    Not bad. Gotta venture to Seacroft shopping centre shortly - scary fat chav-ridden place. Wish me luck. Hehe.

    How are you and the fam?

    Where is Kirsty too? Where has she gone?:(


  11. We had an excellent time thanks Kirsty.

    My father, brother and I dealt with all the necessary family paperwork. This was a huge relief. The boyf also got on really well with family and friends, which made me very happy indeed.

    Poor T probably spent 2 days in a sweltering office sorting out shizz on my father's computer, had to help to chuck out a huge bin full of rubbish containing maggots and carry a bidet up lots of stairs.

    I think this means he still loves me though.;)

    It was a nice break though all in all. Think we might have eaten a bit too much. Hmmm.

    Now we are decorating the kitchen, as T has another week off.

    Hope all is well with you. Sorry to hear you are feeling so fatigued.

    Take care. xx

  12. Ta Kirsty. I enjoyed myself - lots of delegation really. Just a bummer I couldn't get Joe and Jono on the show for OWO. I hope Sam has sent you a pic of the banner that was up on the day, very nice pic of you in prominent position!

    I'm OK, bit stressed as this trip to Spain ain't gonna be much of a holiday, as I have loads of shizz (paperwork) to sort out. But, I will deffo get myself into the sea, eat lots of fish and see my friends, which will be great. Plus introduce the boyf everyone. Poor him. He should be more stressed than me. Hehe. We're off first thing on Sunday.

  13. Sorry Sam, I haven't said thank you properly yet for doing Jono's B-day banner. It was much appreciated, by everyone. So - thank you. Kizmock's gonna be gutted she missed it. ;) We'll need to send her a copy.

  14. Hi there Emlyn, I have sent an email to Scott Mills at R1 with a suggestion. Hope you see it.

  15. I'm well. Might just try to slip another view of the musical in before the boyf gets home.;) Or I could prepare some dinner and clean out the kittens' litter?. Hmmm.

    Hope you aren't feeling too deflated after your huge coup at the Festival.

    Anyhow. Hope you stick around on UM, and keep us posted about what you're upto. Don't be a stranger.:P

  16. Well done lovely.

    Have you come down yet? :D When are you back on the show again? I shouldn't imagine they'll let you go for a while.

  17. Uhuh, Hmm. Shows how much I hate shopping suppose. Don't know what the tills sound like. Thought you were making spurious accusations against my lovely Damon.

    Sooo looking forward to Fri, but we have to go down and get back in a day. Won't be much fun for the lovely boyf driving.

  18. Whatchoo mean exactly re Damon Albarn on Twitter? Confused smiley.

  19. Hello. Nice to see a meeting of sites. Probably won't last though. Just wanted to say you are one of the most amusing members on the Moyles place though

  20. Hey Jono. This is the website I was talking about yesterday. The woman who interviewed me last week absolutely swore by the coloured overlay thingy. Have a look: http://irlen.com/index.php

    Hope the exam went well.:)

  21. Haha. You've had a 'Nati style blonde/mouse' moment and posted something to yourself! So glad I'm not the only one.:D

  22. Hmmm. You mustn't let your job take over your life you conscientious fool!;)

    Yes. It was a teaching job. Mainly working to help foreigners/refugees with their English skills into getting jobs. It is actually pretty different to anything I have ever done before.

    I'm a little discouraged that I haven't heard anything yet, but we'll see.

  23. You really have been missed Kirsty.

    Yup, I did. It went very well thanks, but haven't heard anything yet unfortunately. Fingers crossed.

    Hope all is well with the Kizmoks.:)

  24. Are you perchance reading any of the replies to your numerous threads? Why not give it a go before posting more?

  25. Hi Bexy. Lovely to see you again. Yup. We're fine. T STILL at work poor thing. How are things with you? Been watching The Apprentice? Who do you want to win?

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