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  1. Ahem. I love you :) xxxxxx

  2. Happy Birthday. Hope you're having a great day.:)

  3. hi,

    Haven't heard from you in ages, how are things?

  4. he is an absolute Loser.. and im pretttttty sure no UM Geek is like him!! seriously offended by Chappers after actually seein his 'caterpillar and braces'! lol.
  5. it's genius!! way better than Teletubbies!! Iggle Piggle = Legend!
  6. im getting over my hangover, with Sky... Ford Super Sunday me up..
  7. ahhh haha it actually makes me laugh everytime!
  8. heyyy im all good. still in bed LOL. i have a reason though! how are you?
  9. I'm Ok, cheers for following me omn Twitter by the way

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