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  1. Here's the photo Sara will be using on her next Valentine's card.
  2. I did Hospital Radio for ages actually. It's a great place to start. After that I worked for free answering phones and doing whatever anyone wanted me to do at my BBC local station. It's really a case of getting a foot in the door and persuading people to give you a chance! You end up doing loads of weird stuff, working 7 days a week, and not earning ANY money but that hopefully sorts out whether you want it bad enough!
  3. The best thing to do is probably email. Scott gets loads but they're easier to go through than the texts where we get thousands as the show is going on and it might get missed. Feel free to come up with loads of amazing ideas and pass them our way!
  4. Timmy Trendy lyrics were by Beccy and me. SMTM was a mixture of me, a rather brilliant guy called Desmond O'Connor, and Paul Christie - one of our listeners (he wrote My Pinot Grigio). I'd love to do more with Joe - he's a top bloke and horribly talented! - maybe the movie is next!
  5. You can't use that short code but you can text +447786 201111 Simples
  6. I would have LOVED a whole ten people when I did Hospital Radio. I was lucky to get 4 or 5! Do they like Jim Reeves and Frank Sinatra in your hospital?
  7. I don't know the number of people who apply for Work Exp - although I know it's a lot! Fingers crossed for you. We don't generally have a loads of Work Experience people around - but the idea is that if you get chosen you'll get some good insight into how it all works rather than just how to make tea like you do at some places!
  8. 1. That could be possible. Not a bad idea at all. 2. Yes - he is a real fidget!
  9. Are you bored of it now? We'll play Bang On Trend instead then.
  10. Not such a fan of the BBQ. Southern Fried rocks though.
  11. No. Although people do keep asking if I want to buy a cow or something. Seriously, virtual farming isn't for me! Neither is being a pirate. Or sending a sexy santa.
  12. I may copy it at this time of year? What are you all doing for Christmas then? Watching Eastenders specials like Beccy?
  13. It's actually not far off! However my hair isn't as Schofield as that!
  14. Due to the unique way the BBC is funded, gratuitous brand mentions are forbidden!
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