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  1. LSR1

    Schedule Changes

    Alice in for Scott on 3rd December! Interesting, could be for the whole week yet but I’m not sure. I don’t think Alice has ever covered for someone for a whole week?
  2. LSR1

    Radio 1's Screen Time

    He’s still on during 6-7 on a Thursday, with Grimmy Haven’t heard Ali’s podcast yet but going to try some of them out when I get the chance!
  3. LSR1

    should Scott join Radio x?

    I’m really into MDWAP podcast (but isn’t everyone lol) and Jordan’s podcast, Help I Sexted My Boss. Both podcasts allow Alice and Jordan to show off their humour more, and allow them to swear which is always weird to hear I don’t know if Scott would work on X, to be honest. Maybe his personality could fit in perfectly and could give him a bit more flexibility, but Radio 1 still gets more listners than X so it would seem quite a step down from R1, and we all know Scott’s a pop queen, I don’t think Radio X is really his style I could see Greg going to X maybe later in his career, just not while he’s got probably the biggest job in radio at the moment lol. Maybe Phil Taggart would join X too if they offered him a good time slot.
  4. LSR1

    Schedule Changes

    Katie is hosting Life Hacks solo for the next two weeks (7th and 14th Oct) while also covering for Jordan on the 7th. Jordan will be covering Grimmy's show on the 18th! Being waiting to find out who the main cover will be, reckon it'll be Jordan if Grimmy takes 1 or 2 days off, and Dev and Alice if he takes a whole week or two off.
  5. LSR1

    Favourite shows

    My ranking atm out of the daytime lot would be: 1) Scott and Chris 2) Nick Grimshaw 3) Dev and Alice 4) Adele Roberts 5) Greg James 6) Jordan North 7) Clara Amfo 8 Cel and Katie 9) Maya Jama 10) Matt and Mollie
  6. LSR1

    Nick Grimshaw's new show

    Almost too similar I feel...
  7. LSR1

    Nick Grimshaw's new show

    I think this is subjective really. I'm really enjoying Grimmy on 4-7 at the moment (even if it seems im the only one :D) Grim suits this time slot nicely I think, and I like the warmth that the show has. Maybe a little too much music, but I love the Annie Mac chats and the Honesty Game. Nick works best when he's on air with another presenter, a bit like Alice Levine does. You could say its an 'Unpopular Opinion' (i'll leave) but I'm not warming to Greg on breakfast yet. I liked the Pass the Pasty and first week stuff but since then its seemed a bit empty, and the features it does have doesn't live up to his drivetime stuff like Rage and What's My Age Again (unpopular opinions is a bit basic and the updated shouldn't be news falls flat with Roisin, Game of Phones is only really interesting for those taking part). Plus, all of the 'this is what's been happening overnight' was literally what Grimmy was doing when he presented the show, just presented in a different way to suit a wider audience, making the show feel less personal. I really want to warm to it, as I was so excited on the first day because it sounded like a jam-packed breakfast show like in the CM days what made it a must-listen, and I really like the imaging, but unlike the Chris Moyles Show or Grimmy's show, I'm not too fussed when I have to turn off at 9 for work If there is literally anyone else who agrees with me let me know lol
  8. My overall review Positives - CONTENT. Although I prefer Scott and Chris’ humour , Greg’s breakfast show now matches the content of their show (and I expect that will continue) which is amazing to have back on the flagship show. Imaging - i love the branding! At times a little commercial, but its nice to have a refresh. I dont think those smoothly mixed ‘coming up’ parts will last though Improvements - Music - not enough new stuff, would prefer less recurrents. They got the balance of songs right, I’m just hoping that it was just Greg’s song choices and it was a one off for today. - Ten Minute Takeover - i can’t believe this has lasted through 3 shows now. Its such a bland, nothingy feature, it NEEDS TO GO! For a first show though it was clear it was well planned and it made me want to keep listening, even through a terrible signal on holiday. Very impressed!!
  9. They really are doing the most to kick off this first show I’m cautious the overall quality of the show will go down a little as the show goes on content-wise (those pre-mixed ‘songs on the way’ surely won’t last)
  10. LSR1

    Radio 1 Playlist

    That’s probably just to reflect what is still doing well in the charts nowadays. 5/6 years ago there was a much faster-moving chart making room for more singles. Now it takes a longer time for songs to make it to the higher end of the top 40, meaning a lot of songs, like Jackie Chan at the moment, stay in the playlist purely because there isn’t a song that’s more popular to replace it.
  11. Agreed. Its a bit too... dark
  12. Apologies OohErr, i think i got a bit excited earlier and wasn’t even considering it a spoiler! It wasnt even a sung theme so maybe I am just jet lagged I’ve posted a better description of the ‘sung theme’ here, so that it isn’t spoiled for those who are waiting until Monday.
  13. For those that missed the original, all I can explain the imaging as is it had a sung theme, which sounded like it could be quite chanty. They had a tagline like 'The one to wake up with' or something
  14. All of this sounds good to me apart from the Ten Minute Takeover - i think that just be binned off tbh
  15. LSR1

    When will Scott's time be up?

    I think that if there are suitable replacements in 2020, thats when Scott might leave the afternoon show. I never believed for one second he would leave in 2015, because his show was and still is the best on the daytime schedule. Its clear they are trying a lot of duos out but they’re not really sticking. This could be the early steps of finding Scott’s replacement, or not at all! I can see Scott keeping the Chart for maybe a a year or two more after he leaves afternoons while he transitions to Radio 2. Just a prediction though - I’d like Scott to stay on Radio 1 for many more....