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  1. Radio 1 Podcasts

    Just noticed, does the airing of these podcasts mean that Radio 1 Stories is off now?
  2. New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    Just Dev in for Greg on 22nd March, so my guess is it'll be either Dev or Alice rather than both.
  3. I’d much rather them do more of the google game or the who game, which they havent done in ages!
  4. New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    A lot more songs too, Maya managed to play 51 (!) songs today, Matt usually played around 40. And the songs were a lot more 'new' aswell
  5. No problem - its on a site called digiguide, had it for a while now, goes up to around 21 days I think!
  6. Scott's doing the chart from 3-4! Did think the same thing at Maya Jama, doubt it'll be a joint co-host for the chart though.
  7. He is excited to hear how this plays out on air with the whole mic thing, good luck Greg!
  8. New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    Unsure how to feel about this. I agree with what OohErr said, weekends were looking better than ever before this, and the only changes I expected were either Alice moving to weekdays or Dev/Matt leaving altogether. I like the pairing of Dev and Alice. Alice always works better with someone to bounce off, however i’ll never be up early enough to hear it live! Alice’s show was always a good listen on a weekend afternoon. I’m not so pleased on greatest hits staying. It takes up far too much space on radio 1’s schedule. Agree that Jordan should just get both days. I can see how Maya Jama is being ‘pushed’ in at this early stage with scott and chris on Friday (although I wish this was Alice instead) as they should hopefully give her more personality and gear her up to be a radio 1 peesenter. Shes very ‘in’ at the moment and i think giving her greatest hits is the best she could bring at this point until they nurture her into something bigger and better. I cant see Matt’s show staying the way its been promoted. Its like when Cel started Sundays and he would have celebrity guests each week, until they essentially realised nobody was arsed about them and the show became stale. Thats what I worry will happen with Matt’s new ‘celebrity-filled’ show, and I still seriously dont understand how Matt and his content is very appealing to radio 1’s target audience, but at least hes off greatest hits now.
  9. Does Radio 1 play too much music?

    Simple answer - yes. Not sure if its to do with their music quota but I think it all went downhill a few years ago when they starting cutting more tracks down and fitting more in, which has now stripped the djs from any personality, which is a shame. I’d say 2012/2013 was when R1 got the amount of music they played just right.
  10. Help with a large editing project

    Thanks! No it doesnt haha.
  11. Help with a large editing project

    Long time lurker of this forum, would love to help out!