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  1. Here's an overview of how Radio 1 responded to today's terror attacks. Today's content on Radio 1 has been slightly different due to the developing story on the London terror attack which saw one confirmed dead, a police officer stabbed and Parliament suspended, with Theresa May being rushed from the House of Commons. Radio 1 elected to choose sombre pop to come out of all bulletins since the first reporting, which was announced in Scott's show by an audibly shaken Chris Smith. Since then, bulletins have been provided with myriad of reporting by journalists both on the ground and in the studio. Tonight's bulletin was described as a "Newsbeat Special" and ended without the Ten Minute Takeover. Nothing regarding the attacks was published on Newsbeat's website, which is soon to be retired. You can hear tonight's Newspeat Special here:
  2. and is there any bloody wonder?!
  3. I know, but it just seems a bit of a social media overload. A live video feed, like on the Chris Moyles Show, added to the exclusivity and fun. I wanna know what's going on as the songs play! I wanna see who's producing! I wanna watch the goings-on and the way they create such great content!
  4. The voice over is really irritating and some guests better than others! Great to hear it though. Doesn't seem to have the gravitas and excitement of Moyles' show - and why didn't they put a live feed up? :(((
  5. Any good recommendations for radio? Excelling student radio stations, shows, presenters to watch, commercial shows? And anything I can listen to at breakfast? I'm seriously struggling, because I like hit music in the morning especially but I like to hear news, weather and interesting presenters. I genuinely cannot find anything on DAB that plays good music, has good chat, and is feelgood. Moyles has lost his spark and is now sounding like a tired and grumpy old man who constantly reminisces about the good old days. Audio branding is poor, and that combined with the adverts just makes for unpleasant listening. (Am I allowed to say that? I hear UnofficialMills has some kind of ongoing feud with them?) post a Chris Moyles Radio 1 show every single day, and I enjoy dipping in and out of those, but that requires internet and thinking. I need something as an alarm. Ideas welcome.
  6. Clara was ideal for the Sunday chart show, I think that the chart shouldn't have moved from Sunday in the first place.
  7. All crap, uninteresting and formulaic. Breakfast certainly needs a change, it would be good probably now in boosting listening figures and getting Radio 1 back on track
  8. I got a pencil with a faded BBC logo, got in touch, and they sent me a BBC pin badge, a pen and a mug. So perhaps do the same.
  9. There are also Radio 1 pin badges, lanyards and pens. Although, when you already have an actual blue Radio 1 lanyard that they used to use, well, you don't need the BBC Shop
  10. Ahh, Capital Yorkshire! Their intro jingles were fantastic, and most of their content was great too. During their show, it seemed as though Capital was on in almost every building and car in Yorkshire and they always had some great ideas (see below!). A real fantastic team spirit - and commercial radio that actually envied the BBC. I listened every morning before being converted to BBC Radio 1 by an old friend (to whom I am eternally grateful). Consistently good radio. A lot of their stuff is on SoundCloud, including full length podcasts. I went to huge lengths to be featured - once texting in at the age of 12 to say "I've just looked over my wife's shoulder and she's texting another man. What do I do?". Lo and behold, moments later it was the discussion of an entire link. A real mastermind at 12, me.
  11. Been dipping in and out over half term. Scott's excellent, every show feels like a show. It shows that they're really at the top of their game - but really, that's how every show on Radio 1 should be - envied by other presenters, unattainable fun with equally unattainable listening figures.
  12. Does seem to have lost its way recently, what with the blame for people not listening on Spotify, yet providing basically the same service but without choice. Spotify is accessible to the vast majority of people with radio access - the only thing that makes radio stand out is the bits inbetween the songs, which now only seem to be plugs for more songs! Scott especially has been mentioning "X to play, X to play and X aswell in the next X minutes" - and so has Greg too. For God's sake Radio 1, don't morph into Capital.
  13. Paul and Chris go way back. He even was on the last show on R1, so I imagine he gets huge discounts and is paid on a timescale rather than per jingle.
  14. Ah, good. Yes. Many good points made here. Nick is doing a good job at doing what he's been asked to do, but unfortunately the show does seem to be lacking that "show" element - it feels like he doesn't put a lot of effort into what he's doing on air. He'll often be at the studios at 6:15, and be gone by half ten. Whereas presenters like Greg and even his Capital competitor Will Manning arrive at more like 1pm and stay until 8pm. Nick doesn't seem to enjoy radio from a radio point of view. I don't know where I'm going with that, but it's a thought nontheless.
  15. Bullshitty Wikipedia vandalism. Move on.