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  1. Ryan Pannell

    How Long Have You Been Listening?

    I started listening sometime from Monday 18th July 2011. Amy Winehouse died on Saturday 23rd and when this news broke I had only been listening a few days. The way I switched was random - I was listening to Magic 105.4 for months and one evening whilst driving home I got bored and hit a random preset on the radio which happened to be R1. I thought “let’s listen to R1 for a few days” and soon realised I had been missing out on great chart music, new music and fantastic club anthems. Intending to change to another random station soon, I realised I couldn’t because I was hooked. And since then my radio has stayed tuned to R1. I can even remember a song I was listening to within an hour of changing - Barbara Streisand by Duck Sauce.
  2. Ryan Pannell

    Nick Grimshaw's new show

    This week is the only week I’ve properly listened to Grimmy’s new show. Within an hour I was bored of him. Same old Grimmy, same voice, without any other people in the studio. Greg has triumphed. Grimmy has flopped. It’s the truth. Grimmy is only in this slot because the producers are keeping an eye on his performance. I give it 2 years, and that’s being lucky.
  3. Ryan Pannell

    New Newsbeat Imaging - 2017

    2 mess ups today on Newsbeat... 8:30 this morning on R1 Breakfast with the headline bed 3 times. 2:30 this afternoon on Scott’s show when Steve Holden wasn’t ready...Scott and Chris were trying to get to the bottom of what happened and I’m not actually sure what went wrong here. After the mess up on 25th August and today’s errors, it got me thinking. Since Chris Smith left last month, has there been some changes behind the scenes as to who does what in Newsbeat? Things have gone from smooth to bumpy since then.
  4. Ryan Pannell

    Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James - First Thoughts

    I’ll try not to waffle on here and repeat what everyone else has said, but it is without doubt yesterday’s first show was the greatest breakfast show done in years. Clean, fresh, sharp, fun, listener-focused and above all, a fantastic presenter behind that mic. Greg smashed it, this is a bloke who couldn’t! My opinion of him has rocketed in the last few years. Back in 2011 when I started listening to a Radio 1 he was on the 1 to 4 slot and I wasn’t overall keen. On today’s second show my enjoyment continued, and I’m sure it will everyday he’s on the air. Unfortunately I didn’t get to listen to the live start yesterday at 6:33, but thank goodness for iPlayer. I’m glad to see they’ve moved away from the zoo format. Greg doesn’t suit this and keeping him on his own is s good idea. A sidekick every so often is a good one, and yesterday Joe Lycett was actually good, even though I can’t stand him. Roisin Hastie is a good choice for Newsbeat, she’s clear and easy to understand. I love the branding so much. Clean, fresh, imaginative. Yes, the ambient background music used when he’s selecting a song after the countdown is quite cool too. Grimmy had a fine run on the show but it turned sour some 3 years into his 6 year reign. Ben Cooper gave him a big task at his start, he achieved that but Radio 1 has slightly changed in 6 years. Out of Moyles, a Grimmy and Greg’s starts to their shows, they’re all different. Greg has just pissed all over Grimmy’s fire and bought back a huge chunk of listeners who deserted Grimmy in his first year. Greg is a talented bloke going places - it’s been proven on Sounds Like Friday Night on BBC1. Loving it all.
  5. Ryan Pannell

    New Newsbeat Imaging - 2017

    Scott’s chart show, 20th July into 5:45 Newsbeat has a decent quality recording with good listening volumes to it. I’m currently trying to find a iPlayer to mp3 ripper so if anyone knows of a decent one please let me know, it’s this show I want to rip and only has until Saturday before it disappears off iPlayer!
  6. Ryan Pannell

    How to clip audio from Radio 1

    Please can someone recommend a good iPlayer to mp3 ripper? The show I want to rip and cut down only has until Saturday on iPlayer.
  7. Ryan Pannell

    Shortest Breakfast show EVER

    He needs to get Deborah Meaden on. Long overdue!
  8. From yesterday’s Evening Standard: There’s a new jingle in the works too: “The first cut was too laddy, we’ve come up with a more mischievous melody.” Anything has got to to be better than the crap jingles that replaced the original Grimmy ones when he started in 2012. Greg is bound to have some input on his own theme, he’s a nerd! Its becoming more evident that Grimmy was pushed out due to falling listening figures. Something had to give. I don’t usually listen to media hype but this is one they’ve got spot on. He will be rubbish at drive time and won’t last long, I’m certain of that.
  9. The “Show” has been dropped and so Greg’s new show is just Radio 1 Breakfast With Greg James. Crap.
  10. Ryan Pannell

    Is Chris Smith leaving Newsbeat?

    Chris leaving is sad news. I’m in mourning. He can’t go! He IS Newsbeat. I can understand Tina going after all the online stuff that’s been floating around recently, but a Chris to?! Noooooooo! 2 of the best presenters gone. No offence to the others but if they haven’t got annoying accents they can’t fade in the jingle with their intro headline properly. Grinds my gears that latter one...
  11. On Monday 13th August, Scott is taking the ropes, probably until Greg takes over. On the schedule it says “Scott and Chrus sit in for Grimmy.” But by then, Grimmy is gone.
  12. I think it’s all being blown out of proportion about Tina leaving. “We’ve only” could mean “we” the current Breakfast team. Doesn’t mean to say she’s going.
  13. There’s a lot of speculation here as to whether Grimmy has been asked to leave or whether it was his own decision. But nobody has raised the point about the amount of sickies he has pulled in his time as host. Quite a number! I don’t think I’ve ever known a presenter of any radio station to ever pull as many as he did. I sometimes question whether some were genuine, and maybe Cooper got fed up with it and decided to take him off breakfast. As for Tina staying on breakfast, I’d like that. I can’t see Chris leaping over from his current slot. Tina staying on in 2012 was great and she is doing more and more TV work with the Beeb, however sleep the news as it is!
  14. Today's announcement of Nick Grimshaw's departure from the breakfast show is one that has been a long time coming. Some may say it's overdue. Grimmy has had a good run in the last 6 years and considering Moyles was at the helm for 8 years, a change in host to the breakfast show was definitely on it's way, even if it happened in 2019 or 2020. Like many others I was never completely happy when Grimmy took over but within the first year I started to enjoy it more. And it's only been in the last couple of years that I feel his show has been going downhill. So for me, today's news of his departure is not only an overdue expectation, but also welcoming. Over the years my opinion of Greg James has steadily improved. After taking on the chart duties and then moving to some TV work for Sounds Like Friday Night, it seems he is really going places, and by moving to the breakfast show he could be at the top of his game. Only recently on the forum did I mention about how well Greg is doing. Ben Cooper has made a good decision by selecting him for the breakfast show. And anyone Radio 1 fan with station knowledge should know it has been known for years that Scott Mills never wanted the slot. I'm unsure about Grimmy moving to the 4-7pm slot. It's something that could work but would also sound so weird. Just imagine if it flopped - who'd fill that gap? So, The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Greg James - sounds odd but it could work. Then again it could be completely changed. With a few months to go until Greg starts, no doubt some media production company will be busy making some jingles, beds, stings etc. Let's wait and see. However, I certainly won't miss the current theme that's played, totally awful. Good luck to the both of them in their new positions, and congratulations to Greg on securing such an important and legendary slot at Radio 1. It’s definitely one of the stations better moves and I’m excited for this.
  15. Ryan Pannell

    Friday is now the weekend

    Ben Cooper needs to have his head checked. These changes must be the most ridiculous I’ve ever heard of in nearly 7 years as a station listener. Greg James was so happy to get the chart duties in 2015, but less than 3 years later it’s being swept from underneath his feet. Recently, his absence on Friday’s are mainly due to his commitment to Sounds Like Friday Night and his possible movement to TV work. Is there a back door open? I’m just speculating here, but on the other hand MistaJam must be pissed about not getting chart duties anymore! He tore it up and did well. Scott taking over the chart is an OK move, and there’s no one else I’d like to see get the job. After all, he is experienced here. The breakfast show change is madness. Whilst there has been speculation for years about Grimmy’s departure, it cannot be denied that Dev is possibly the worst breakfast presenter since Edith Bowman. More-so, he is the worst presenter the station has. He’s been there a long time, does old jokes and boring features, and is so not funny. How does Alice cope with him?! She must be tearing her fiery locks out! It’s time Dev was given the boot, and long overdue that she was given a permanent morning fixture at weekends or weekdays. Weekend mornings have become awful with Dev - I simply cannot listen. Are listening figures for weekends low? Cooper’s way of fixing this is wrong. There is proof here that weekend schedules haven’t been as good as they should be, and it’s not getting better with this 3 day weekend. His medium mentions “Listen, Watch, Share” -clearly he’s forgotten that went out of the window 3 years ago. New Music Fridays aren’t being pushed like they were before. And the Greatest Hits feature is fantastic. The ones at the moment should become a more permanent thing twice a day. Ditching Dance Anthems on a Friday night is a brave move, but not the biggest loss. God help this station at weekends. Cooper needs firing.