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  1. Does anyone know the date of Scott's anniversary? Its true the station does have a problem. I've enjoyed Adele sitting in for Clara these last 2 weeks, a lot more chirpy and professional. Clara taking over from Fearne was an odd decision, despite what Ben Cooper says about giving upcoming 1Xtra presenters a chance. I've always thought Alice Levine has progressed quick, she is well overdue a regular weekday slot if she wants it. Grimmy's show has been going 5 years in September and I can't see it going much further. His time has been up for a while now, but his replacement is a tough one. As for Dan and Phil - idiots. Glad they're gone. A partial waste of my BBC Licence fee.
  2. New Newsbeat Imaging - 2017

    Not overly keen on this new theme. What was wrong with the 2015 one? Nothing, apart from the fact it had old voices on it. A clean cut version is on Soundcloud and must be floating around elsewhere, a simple edit to that with new voices would've worked fine. This one sounds very gameshow type of theme. I thought the 2015 one did at first. The "One" thing is very on trend and not what I'd opt for. However, it does leave a nice echo and music after that for s few seconds. Unfortunately I'm constantly reminded of Grenfell Tower by this theme, as that tragedy happened only 2 days after this launched.
  3. BBC Radio 1 OFCOM Changes

    Crikey, you've really analysed that well. When you say it's "exactly right to the minute", I agree with every daytime presenter except Grimmy. A countless number of times, he is late for the news at about 7:32, 8:03 and so on! He has a tendancy to start a track at 7:29! WHY?!
  4. Chris Start post-Scott

    Source? Googling this up returns no recently dated results. It's inevitable that Scott will be there forever - one day he will go. Chris Stark is a legend and a credit to the show, although he was referred to "Scott's mate" in the early days, there's no way that he was let in when Scott went in for his show, BBC security is top notch and they wouldn't have just let him follow Scott through the building without a check of some sort. Chris has actually broadcasted on his own, it was unplanned and for half an hour when Scott was ill, and Huw Stephens was on his way on the tube but was getting held up. I remember the start of the show Chris was like "erm" and lost for words, but he handled it really well. I'm not sure what'll happen to him radio-wise if Scott ever left. I can't seeing him do his own shows, he is better at the documentaries he does for BBC Three and other general BBC fun stuff (like Mastermind).
  5. 2016 Power Intros

    The only intros that sound good are the ones with Mike Wooller. The rest of the imaging isn't a clear, simple theme. We have mixes thrown about of all sorts that make it sound like a different station between most songs. The length of time it took to introduce these, and the "creeping in" is just highly unprofessional for a national station, nearly a year! The radio industry might want to go this way with power intros, but they really don't suit the station. They've tried too hard and ballsed it up. The breakfast show idents have been ruined too.
  6. 2016 Power Intros

    If the station imaging sounded confusing before, it sounds more confusing now. This has seriously got to stop. So unprofessional.
  7. The new chart style

    The Official Chart hasn't played the top 40 since it moved to Fridays in July 2015.
  8. BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat and Chart Show Jingles

    I've noticed the last 2 Fridays, the intro into the chart has had the titles changed. The clip of all the singers introducing themselves has gone, we get the "3, 2, 1. This is the Official Chart, with Greg James" and then it leaps to the main bed with Greg talking. The "This is (this is)...where it begins" bit has been dropped. Whether this is a temporary or permanent change I'm unsure but it sounds not right. It was fine as it was before.
  9. 2016 Power Intros

    I know exactly what you mean, sounds like we're on the same wavelength. A mish-mash between old and new is not professional. When the NMF intros with Mike Wooller launched last April, I wasn't a fan of these, but admittedly they have grown on me. These are proper power intros, whereas the rest by Imgur aren't really powerful in the slightest. At first I wasn't sure if bringing Mike back was a wise move, any jingle geek will easily remember he was on the old ones up until September 2014. They sounded great, but these ones with him sound better. Scott's old beds were great, probably some of the best to come out of the 2014 lot. And I love that KDA-Turn the Music Louder power intro. TOTD did change briefly but has reverted back to the old one. I'm sure it'll eventually be replaced. The Newsbeat voiceovers dont need changing yet, especially if the main jingle stays the same, otherwise it'll all sound out of place. The Pure Jingles package will never be completely dead, that is evident at 2:55 in the montage - have a listen. The new Clafa Amfo intro sounds like Dev in it!
  10. 2016 Power Intros

    I wouldn't be too quick to rule out Pure Jingles. Why would they put these up online for people to listen to when a new sound by different company has already been introduced? I've previously said the new package by IMGR is a very unprofessional one and a mixup that sounds completely wrong to the station. Hearing the latest Pure Jingles selection is fresh and more professional, however they now seem something of yesteryear as our ears adjust to the new intros.
  11. Request for 10 minute takeover jingle & bed

    As the 10 minute takeover is related to Greg James, I thought this would be the best place to put it. I am looking for the music which was used during his Gregathlon updates last year? I think they were used a few times throughout the day.
  12. Moyles Marathon Bed

    What year did Chris do this marathon? I only listened to his show from 2011, so if it was before that I wouldn't know what to search for or be able to help. However, www.chrismoyles.net is a good website with loads of audio clips to download. Check it out.
  13. Alice & Phil

    When Alice first went It alone, it seemed strange. But I think she's brilliant, if not better then the Phil and Alice show as she has come out stronger from it. Everyone knows she is the female Scott Mills and I love it!
  14. Clean versions of songs

    YouTube is full of explicit songs, Spotify is no better.
  15. 2016 Power Intros

    Scroll to 1:01:00, Stefan finishes Newsbeat and the first song played is Roar by Katy Perry (as much as I loathe the song). These are the sort of power intros I don't mind. My Way by Calvin Harris is also a good power intro example.