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  1. HRH= His Royal Highness. They're referring to the Assistant Producer Tom Whiter because they think he looks a bit royal.
  2. Loved the Radio 1 snap election idea! Definitely Scott and Chris on breakfast. With the Capital Breakfast announcement, it's an expected gig for Roman Kemp. He suits Capital perfectly and his evening show is actually a good listen. Never heard Vick Hope so can't comment. Radio 1 don't make schedule decisions based on what Global are doing, though. The point on women is interesting. LBC only has one woman on the weekday schedule, same for Capital, Radio X has zero. They definitely need to do more in promoting women and getting them on-air but it's not just Global, radio as a whole is very male-dominated. For a while, Radio 1 only had one woman in Fearne Cotton on the daytime schedule- it's improved now with Adele, Clara and Annie. Stations have gotten slightly better I think but the industry as a whole, not just Global, needs to do more in promoting women.
  3. The problem is that he came to Radio 1 as Scott's mate so when Scott goes, what happens with him? My guess is he'll focus mainly on the BBC Three documentaries he's been doing and also some Radio 1 Stories documentaries. They'll probably give him a weekly show on the Radio 1 iPlayer rounding up the week's viral videos and big online things. Radio-wise, he might not even want to be a solo presenter and R1 may not see him as one. He could get trained up as an Assistant Producer on one of the shows who contributes on-air from time to time. He could just hang around in the background contributing to some features across the schedule when needed- pops up to play Initial Reaction with Matt, does Rage with Greg sometimes, goes out and does stunts/ interviews/ funny things for the breakfast show? Or they could decide to make him a co-host with Matt or Alice. One of them will probably be taking over afternoons when Scott leaves so they could just leave Chris on the show as the audience is used to him and it would help Matt or Alice settle in as weekday presenters (there are times I think Matt could really do with a co-host).
  4. Sorry but none of this would ever be likely. A general rule is that the main daytime presenters never cover weekends. Scott, Greg or Clara wouldn't even be in the picture to cover Matt's weekend show- Jordan North, Yasser, Nick Bright or Adele are the main weekend covers. It was different with Scott and the chart on Sunday because that was a big flagship show for the station. Fearne Cotton and Sara Cox left Radio 1 so 100% no. The extending of hours would disrupt the whole schedule and doubt Dev or Alice would agree to it unless it was an emergency. You're right that Moyles did the breakfast show one day and then came back to cover Greg James at 1pm. One of my all-time favourite R1 moments- hilarious and such a surprise. It was a complete one-off and very last minute iirc but loved it- maybe someone has it and can attach a link here or it's on the archive somewhere? This would be completely irrelevant to the decision I'd imagine. They worked together for a few months on ITV on the TV- still can't get my head around the decision to get Rylan to cover. So many other options, not a very "Radio 1 name" and he won't know the basics of radio presenting. Chris Cook and the AP are probably in for a nightmare 3 hours!
  5. It must be a bit annoying that the breakfast team's holidays are sort of defined by when Grimmy wants to take his. With Greg or Scott, it's less of a big deal because one member of the team being off doesn't disrupt the on-air "team" sound of the show. If Greg is off, Ian is often still producing Dev and likewise if Ian is off, Travis or someone else just steps in as Producer.
  6. Haha he's everywhere on TV in the UK- does Big Brother's Bit on the Side, did Xtra Factor last year, does showbiz slots on This Morning, has his own chat show on Channel 5. Don't think he's ever done radio before though- very strange booking.
  7. They're better than Grimmy but I don't listen to Radio 1 in the morning so if they're not on afternoons, I listen back to the show on iPlayer rather than Matt and it's just not as good as them being on in the afternoon. They have to tone down some of their normal humour and the in-jokes because it's Grimmy's audience and is "the breakfast show". Also no proper Real or no Real, no Bamboleo, no Innuendo Bingo, no funny, weird, long stories from listeners. They still do a great job on breakfast but it's not as good as their normal show. That's not a whooo haha
  8. Is it not a mess every year though? There are only ever two or three bits worth catching up on. It's a great cause and everything and people should still donate if they can but I don't watch it anymore because the majority of the "comedy" on the night is more cringe than funny.
  9. Well you can't compare it to 5Live because the whole point of 5Live is that it does breaking news and can switch to full live coverage of a big event straightaway. Radio 1 is obviously music and personality-driven with a bit of news. I do agree that there should've been a simulcast update on Radio 1 and 1Xtra as the story was breaking and then an additional 4pm and longer 5pm bulletin too. They probably should've done a short 6:30pm update too. The actual coverage was some of the best I heard- Chris Smith was brilliant, told the story in a very calm way and explained things clearly and in the order in which they happened. Good clips which conveyed the seriousness of it too. The 5:45 Newsbeat was also great but I do think there should've been more coverage for such a significant story.
  10. Today was a big incident but if there were bombs/ major attacks on public transport or reports that a large number of people had possibly been killed (like Paris or Nice), I'd say the R1 response might be different. As for the Queen, R1 will be unrecognisable. No games/features, sad music throughout the day, normal playlist abandoned. I'm sure it's difficult to judge what warrants increased Newsbeat coverage on the station but today, they obviously felt the normal schedule of bulletins was appropriate. Personally, I think there should've been more today. This is a fascinating piece on what will happen when the Queen dies and there's some quotes from Chris Price, Radio 1's Head of Music, about a song you'll only ever hear on Radio 1 when the Queen dies:
  11. It's not Scott's decision- they obviously saw the news but the producer/ editor would've specifically told them to carry on as normal. People could tune to 5Live/ TV News/ social media to find out what's going on. However, I do agree a simulcast 3pm and 4pm bulletin would've been useful and convey the seriousness of the story. The only thing I can really imagine normal R1 output being suspended for would be the Queen's death or something similar to 7/7 or 9/11.
  12. It was weird listening to today's normal show and last night's R2 show and hearing the difference in style. He seemed more chilled and mature (aware he was broadcasting to an older audience) and was clearly enjoying some of the 80s music. Back on R1 today, you can tell some of the more youthful aspects to his personality are emphasised, which is what's kept him relevant and still going strong on afternoons!
  13. You forget, though, that Scott has changed his act and modernised to stay on R1 into his 40s. Also, his "kind of music" probably isn't the R1 playlist- I'd say he has a very broad taste in music and would adapt to the R2 playlist. And he obviously wouldn't be bringing Innuendo Bingo or Bangers across to R2- he'd be on a different station doing a different show and would come up with new features and games to suit the R2 audience.
  14. Phil's show is one of my favourites on the station- amazing chilled music, so perfect for a Sunday night. Was so disappointed when Annie left that show but pleased that it's continued in the same style. Hope he stays there. Can't agree with you there- Annie has taken to the weekday show like a natural, one of my favourite presenters on the station, great personality and knowledge. Has a broader musical knowledge than MistaJam from my point of view. Looking forward to her being back.
  15. She said on Twitter she'll be back in "a few months" so I'd say May is more likely, possibly just before Big Weekend. Looking forward to her being back, I wonder where Mistajam will go- the original press release didn't indicate he'd be going back to his 1Xtra show so R1 would then have to find a slot for him. Really hope it doesn't mean Phil Taggart being dropped. Maybe Thursday 9pm replacing the Artist Takeover and Sunday 7pm with the Rock Show moving to Thursday 10pm?