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  1. Well you can't compare it to 5Live because the whole point of 5Live is that it does breaking news and can switch to full live coverage of a big event straightaway. Radio 1 is obviously music and personality-driven with a bit of news. I do agree that there should've been a simulcast update on Radio 1 and 1Xtra as the story was breaking and then an additional 4pm and longer 5pm bulletin too. They probably should've done a short 6:30pm update too. The actual coverage was some of the best I heard- Chris Smith was brilliant, told the story in a very calm way and explained things clearly and in the order in which they happened. Good clips which conveyed the seriousness of it too. The 5:45 Newsbeat was also great but I do think there should've been more coverage for such a significant story.
  2. Today was a big incident but if there were bombs/ major attacks on public transport or reports that a large number of people had possibly been killed (like Paris or Nice), I'd say the R1 response might be different. As for the Queen, R1 will be unrecognisable. No games/features, sad music throughout the day, normal playlist abandoned. I'm sure it's difficult to judge what warrants increased Newsbeat coverage on the station but today, they obviously felt the normal schedule of bulletins was appropriate. Personally, I think there should've been more today. This is a fascinating piece on what will happen when the Queen dies and there's some quotes from Chris Price, Radio 1's Head of Music, about a song you'll only ever hear on Radio 1 when the Queen dies:
  3. It's not Scott's decision- they obviously saw the news but the producer/ editor would've specifically told them to carry on as normal. People could tune to 5Live/ TV News/ social media to find out what's going on. However, I do agree a simulcast 3pm and 4pm bulletin would've been useful and convey the seriousness of the story. The only thing I can really imagine normal R1 output being suspended for would be the Queen's death or something similar to 7/7 or 9/11.
  4. It was weird listening to today's normal show and last night's R2 show and hearing the difference in style. He seemed more chilled and mature (aware he was broadcasting to an older audience) and was clearly enjoying some of the 80s music. Back on R1 today, you can tell some of the more youthful aspects to his personality are emphasised, which is what's kept him relevant and still going strong on afternoons!
  5. You forget, though, that Scott has changed his act and modernised to stay on R1 into his 40s. Also, his "kind of music" probably isn't the R1 playlist- I'd say he has a very broad taste in music and would adapt to the R2 playlist. And he obviously wouldn't be bringing Innuendo Bingo or Bangers across to R2- he'd be on a different station doing a different show and would come up with new features and games to suit the R2 audience.
  6. Phil's show is one of my favourites on the station- amazing chilled music, so perfect for a Sunday night. Was so disappointed when Annie left that show but pleased that it's continued in the same style. Hope he stays there. Can't agree with you there- Annie has taken to the weekday show like a natural, one of my favourite presenters on the station, great personality and knowledge. Has a broader musical knowledge than MistaJam from my point of view. Looking forward to her being back.
  7. She said on Twitter she'll be back in "a few months" so I'd say May is more likely, possibly just before Big Weekend. Looking forward to her being back, I wonder where Mistajam will go- the original press release didn't indicate he'd be going back to his 1Xtra show so R1 would then have to find a slot for him. Really hope it doesn't mean Phil Taggart being dropped. Maybe Thursday 9pm replacing the Artist Takeover and Sunday 7pm with the Rock Show moving to Thursday 10pm?
  8. I think 275k is pretty amazing for 24 hours! The Gregathlon got a million but that was over a week so 5 days, it was all in daytime, got heavy promotion & regular updates on all the daytime main shows and was more of an "achievement" thing. Scott & Chris only had 6 and a half hours of primetime R1 really (Drive on Tuesday when it was only starting so the hype wasn't there yet and it hadn't hit its stride plus breakfast on Wednesday). A lot of it was evening, overnight, mid-morning, afternoon- hardly peak time. What an amazing 24 hours of radio though- the Non-Innuendo Bingo was possibly one of my favourite ever Mills moments (so hilarious), the Chris Stark roast, Sex Hour, Charlie Sloth Fat Jokes all brilliant and it really got going with Matt Edmondson, Alice Levine, Nick Grimshaw and Greg James there from about 10pm-4am. That was just the Lolathon and Radio 1 at its best and the jokes got much filthier! Only criticisms: they could've booked slightly better/bigger celebrities to come in- they got Ricky Gervais, Russell Brand etc but there could've been more big names maybe? Also- the music got really boring after a while. They must've played Lorde and Kings of Leon about 10 times each. Best bits were Ten Minute Takeover, Grimmy's picks (like Kaytranada, Florence & The XX etc- sounded amazing on late night radio and were great throwbacks to his time doing that show), Mistajam had some good ones, Workout Wednesday on Adele's slot: there should've been more of that and more variety- maybe some older tracks and ones Radio 1 hasn't played in a while. The playlist just got quite repetitive. Brilliant show, great job by Scott & Chris, hilarious, fantastic cause and loads of money raised! *hand clap emoji*
  9. First total just there: 28,000. Absolutely loving nighttime Mills. These sort of 24 hour events are just R1 at its absolute best- real event radio, relaxed, edgy, all the DJs chipping in. Really coming into its own now at nighttime with more free reign on jokes- some hilarious ones in the last hour or two & getting dirtier lol. Matt Edmondson & Grimmy have been brilliant on this.
  10. Apparently Alice Levine and her "My Dad Wrote A Porno" podcast co-stars will be on after 10pm with "swearing allowed" according to Scott on the breakfast show this morning. Anyone who's heard that podcast will know how hilarious it is: can't wait for 4pm for the whole thing to start, think it's gonna be brilliant!
  11. Haven't heard that much of her but from the bits I have heard, she's very good. Been impressed by Sophie Little who's done some cover for Huw too. Shame that Phil Taggart isn't doing it though- his Sunday show is fantastic and is always good in that 10pm slot. I still miss the extra specialist output (more diversity in terms of the 9pm shows and the 12-2 slots were always good)- I used to love Jen Long and Ally McCrae's BBC Introducing show on Sunday nights at 12-2, unfortunately it was axed and both Jen and Ally were let go despite being great specialist presenters- the likes of Abbie and Sophie could've done that now but there aren't many opportunities.
  12. Still disagree. Lets not forget that Chris isn't a presenter and has absolutely no experience of presenting apart from his student radio days- he was literally just Scott's mate who was brought onto the show because Scott thought he'd be good on-air. It's a whole new ballpark to present a daytime show on a national radio station and Chris has no experience even at local or regional commercial level. And cmon Clara is still an excellent presenter and far better than many out there- if Chris did do a solo show, I think you'd realise just how easy someone like Clara makes it sound.
  13. Ehhh no. Chris isn't a presenter, he's a sidekick. Scott was running late one day and Chris did the first half an hour and was decent but I definitely don't have much desire to hear him do a show himself. Being a good sidekick to Scott is a whole different world away from presenting a show. Haha no, every user on the site gets a DJ name as a "status".
  14. Alice is in for Scott this Thursday and Friday.
  15. Very little fuss will be made apart from some special features, giveaways and maybe some throwback Live Lounges (Radio 1 launched on the 30th of September so maybe a special Live Lounge for the end of Live Lounge Month). In truth, though, most listeners won't care that the station is 50 years old- of course it'd be great to get Moyles, Cox, Whiley etc back on to reminisce and play old tunes but it's not what the majority of the audience would be that bothered about IMO, sure it'd be great if it happened but personally can't see it. I would love a day of ditching the playlist and playing just the biggest songs Radio 1 have played over the years- I love when they do those days of counting down special lists (Top 150 songs of the decade one of them was I think). It's good fun, allows songs which are brilliant but don't get played often to be on and the presenters usually love those sort of shows.