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  1. Schedule Changes

    And Chris won't be involved in the chart. There's no mention of him at all in the press release and it's very clearly Scott's gig. The chart wouldn't work with Chris as a sidekick anyway in my opinion
  2. Schedule Changes

    They wouldn't be missing their show to do that, though. Not that unusual for Scott to have an odd day off - he's probably just taking a long weekend
  3. Friday is now the weekend

    Strange the Scott, Chris and Maya thing has been dropped so quickly but I reckon it was just a way to get the Friday audience used to her. Dev, Alice and Matt are all regular cover presenters on weekdays already.
  4. Friday is now the weekend

    I was honestly in shock reading the press release, it's just such a radical and unexpected move! Some more considered thoughts: - Ditching Grimmy and Greg on Fridays is such a bold statement. Interesting in Ben Cooper's Medium article that he basically suggests Grimmy asked to stop doing Fridays ("this time, I said yes"). I doubt there's another radio station in the world that gives its breakfast presenter Fridays off. Dev and Alice could be good, Alice thoroughly deserves a weekday slot - hopefully they get the dynamic right where Dev is the straight man and Alice is the funny one. - Not overly bothered about Clara not being on Fridays. Rarely hear her show but it's pretty bland. Maya's good and has a great on-air personality to build the technical radio skills on top of. Think she wouldn't be a bad choice to do that slot full-time, just annoyed R1 are shoe horning yet MORE Greatest Hits into the schedule. Total over-kill. - Matt and Mollie - great partnership but they're going into the Scott and Chris Friday slot, big shoes to fill. If it was Matt alone, I'd be more worried about the success of the decision. They work well together tbf. - Scott on the chart - Delighted he's back on 4-7 on a Friday but a shame the features, game and entertainment side of his 1-4 show will probably be gone. Scott thoroughly deserves to be a permanent chart host - he's covered it so much over the years and has always sounded so at home and done it brilliantly so great he'll have a chance to do it full-time. You could almost say it's a promotion: more high-profile slot and the only daytime presenter who's being kept on Fridays. So disappointed the chart's going back to 3 hours though. I love Dance Anthems - great transition into Annie Mac and a great way to get the weekend vibe going on R1. The chart's become so boring and repetitive to me. Songs that are on their way off the playlist and we've all heard a thousand times and the fake tension of finding out if Drake or Ed Sheeran will be No.1 for the 25th week running....
  5. New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    I know there are a lot of Dev fans here but reality is he's never going to get a daytime show (apart from early breakfast obviously, which he's done). A very solid weekend presenter - yes. But not entertaining enough with that Scott Mills or Greg James-like star quality. He's had a brilliant run at R1 but there are people such as Alice and Jordan ahead of him in the queue for a daytime show IMO. Cel Spellman doesn't seem to have made much from his time at R1. After him and Katie did some cover for Scott and Chris before Christmas, I thought things might progress but no. Katie outshines him in my opinion and is clearly the better presenter.
  6. Schedule Changes

    Delighted to see Jordan covering Greg. Long over-due. Him and Alice are just a million times more entertaining than Dev.
  7. New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    Was watching a conference speech by former BBC Radio boss Helen Boaden over the weekend and she mentioned a chat with Ben Cooper about what Radio 1 have changed. The new imaging and shorter song edits were mentioned, as were the Greatest Hits. She said Ben wants to create shows in the schedule which are "family listening" - songs that the 40 year old mother and 10 year old child can both sing along to and make it more of a family thing to bring in a new young generation of listeners. Clever in a way I suppose. So the Greatest Hits shows are here to stay. Bit disappointed Scott's Friday Mix has been dropped in favour of 30 mins of greatest hits. It's less dance-orientated now so it doesn't have that weekend vibe it used to.
  8. New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    Mixed feelings. Matt Edmondson's the big winner I think- no longer restricted by the Greatest Hits format and gets to reinvent his show at a new time. Dev and Alice Levine must be seriously annoyed, Dev more so as it's never a good sign when the bosses think you need a co-host after doing it for so long. Alice has a lot of other stuff on so it may suit her to not be so tied down to Radio 1 but think it's a real shame she's being lost from the weekend afternoons. Great presenter and hilarious, suited that slot perfectly. They'll probably work well together though. Delighted for Jordan North- yes, we can say it could;ve been 2 days but to get a permanent show is brilliant and well deserved for him. Maya Jama- lets wait and see. Don't know why people are so quick to criticise after hearing one show. Scott, Greg, Grimmy, Annie etc all started somewhere and I doubt their first ever R1 show was anything special. Hate the idea of her co-hosting with Scott and Chris on Fridays but it may work, let's see. Wish they ditched the Greatest Hits 3-hour show and made it more of a "we'll play a few Greatest Hits an hour across the weekend shows" thing to let Maya and Jordan;s personalities come through more.
  9. 2018 Predictions

    I would be surprised if Grimmy isn't the breakfast presenter at the end of this year. From Ben Cooper's perspective, he's exactly the type of person they need in that slot. Ratings aren't amazing but those who ARE listening are in the target audience. The show's boring with very little features but he's entertaining and quite witty I have to say (coming from someone who didn't like him initially). Don't think there'll be any change to daytimes this year tbh - maybe Matt or Alice will leave and Jordan will get their slot. I think there's big things ahead for him - possible future drive presenter in my opinion if Greg goes to breakfast eventually.
  10. Radio 1 Christmas Schedule Predictions

    Surprised it's him - thought it would be Yasser or Luke Franks. Nick Bright is covering A.Dot on 1Xtra Breakfast that week and Katie and Cel are doing Scott's show so they're not free either
  11. The Future of Radio 1

    Don't know why it's still suggested Mills will eventually move to weekends and do some weekday cover. I would put a large amount of money on that not happening. He'll go out at the top on weekdays 1-4. Why would one of Radio 1's most legendary presenters who's been on weekdays for nearly 15 years agree to be demoted to weekends and the subs bench. Never gonna happen in my opinion.
  12. The 8th with Charlie Sloth

    I like the zoo format, the randomness and the sense of not knowing what'll happen next. Seems like a really good idea for a show but the music is putting me off a bit. The show is meant to be R1 AND 1Xtra, I know rap and grime is huge right now but I think the music needs to be more of a hybrid between the two stations. He's playing a lot of stuff that would be on the 1Xtra daytime playlist- it's a nighttime show so I wouldn't mind more specialist nighttime music (a mix of what Annie, Toddla T, Mistajam, Benji B are playing etc).
  13. BBC Radio 1 OFCOM Changes

    I think it's a shame the documentaries are on in the absolute graveyard slot. Wish they were a bit more bold and made 30 minute ones to air between 6 and 7 during Cel and Katie's new show. I'd make 4-6 for them fun- games, celebs etc, then gear change after 6- bring in Dr Radha, air a 20 minute or 30 minute documentary between 6 and 6:30 and then have a Surgery-style discussion based around that topic until 7. Radio 1 does those documentaries and discussions really well and they can have a positive and huge impact on a young audience. The 45% British acts rule is stupid- if its' good enough, it'll get played. The great thing about R1 daytime is the mix of music- hit songs, new stuff, British and American and other, R1 should decide the playlist and no one else. I absolutely love Greg's show the moment. Going through another golden era (similar to when Pippa and Travis were on)- you can tell Chris Sawyer and Greg are much better friends than Ian and Greg were. There's some brilliant stuff with the whole team (Greg, Chris Smith, Chris Sawyer and Greg) who are all brilliant on air after 6pm. It would make a fantastic breakfast show.
  14. Schedule Changes

    Really like these changes. Promoting Charlie makes perfect sense- he's great and I think a show with him could bring some much-needed life to nights, in the style of Nick Grimshaw's old 10pm show. Annie, Charlie and Huw is a really strong post-7pm schedule. Shame to see Huw bumped to 11pm but always thought 3 hours was too long. I'd ditch the Residency and have him on Monday-Thursdays 11pm-1am so you have a consistent line-up. 3 very distinct shows which will be great. The 9pm shows had become stale and time-fillers : R1 Stories repeats, Residencies that made no impact on the station etc. Even Phil's specialist chart seemed unnecessary. Great to see Danny promoted to Friday nights- didn't realise it has been 6 years on Dance Anthems! Annie Mac, Pete Tong, Danny Howard, B Traits- wow, that's impressive. Mistajam the perfect replacement for Danny too, he'll be great. Putting Katie and Cel together is a smart move- a bit more direction & purpose for the slot and I think Cel was still struggling to hold down a 3 hour show by himself. Great to see the 2 hour shows back and an exciting, diverse nighttime line-up.
  15. 2016 Power Intros

    The one Adele played at 4am today was actually played by Scott too last week after Bangers. He's played some of the Where it Begins idents after Bangers which I really like