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  1. Interesting article. It's a fair point about syndication and cuts to local commercial radio and that the likes of T4, MTV live shows etc aren't around anymore and they often had young talent to choose from. However, there are still plenty of young, talented, passionate presenters out there to choose from. They took a risk with Greg James- got him to cover Sara Cox the day after he graduated! There's got to be some brilliant talent from student radio they should nurture and develop. Same with commercial radio- recruit young talent from local or regional stations who have potential. Only if they're good enough of course. He's brought in Clara Amfo, Jordan North and Adele Roberts (from 1Xtra) in recent years but it seems like way more could be done. Getting Rylan to cover seemed like desperation, as did Cel Spellman getting a show (he's not awful and yes, he's a big CBBC name but will never be weekday material IMO and a 20 year old from student radio who has natural radio talent should be given a chance instead). One name I'd keep an eye out for- Riyadh Khalaf. He's been doing BBC3 documentaries, has a huge YouTube following and presented on a radio station in Dublin as well as being an entertainment reporter. Wouldn't be surprised to see him doing some weekend cover in the coming months.
  2. Love the montage! Really pleased they're going all out on the 50th celebrations, the digital station is a brilliant idea. Surprised Scott wasn't included but I suppose he's still a current presenter. Would've liked to see Nick Grimshaw & Annie Mac from the Switch days on the line-up and Reggie Yates & Fearne Cotton rather than just Fearne considering Reggie was on both R1 and 1Xtra for so long and they were a great pairing (Fearne's best days were with Reggie). Regarding Moyles, it would've looked ridiculous and petty if they didn't include him (longest serving breakfast presenter and all that)- also, it's nothing to do with Global. Radio 1 own all of The Chris Moyles Show content and it'll all still be on their systems somewhere. Hope Live Lounge Month is a bit different to usual. Would also love Annie Mac to do some shows reflecting on the new acts Radio 1 have broken early on in their careers over the years. A countdown of the best 50 songs Radio 1 has played over the 50 years would be amazing too. Put out a shortlist of 100 and people can vote on the website. Count it down on the last Thursday in September- Scott doing 50-26 from 1-4pm and then Greg doing an Official Chart Special revealing the Number 1 before 5:45.
  3. Good post, JWB. No one here knows what the presenters contracts say or what their holiday entitlements are. People get time off for holidays/ personal reasons/ other work commitments, it's just a lazy way to bash presenters people don't like. Greg had time off to do some of the BT cricket coverage, Scott had a week off for Eurovision etc. It does seem like certain presenters are off a lot (Alice and Matt on weekends in particular) but it's normal enough
  4. It's only two days, Mistajam is a big personality, Glastonbury's on next weekend so it could be quite music-focussed in build-up to that, Greg never covers breakfast and it would make no sense anyway to move him for two days and the go back to his normal slot. Also, Dev isn't a big enough personality or entertaining enough to cover Grimmy- a lot of the audience, including myself I have to say, would just find him boring on such a prominent slot.
  5. I really like it- sounds slick, modern and I agree it has more gravitas to it while also being "bouncy" and a good bed if that makes sense! It also flows better as a bulletin with the removal of the clunkier two beeps between headline and main news and between news and sport where the reader would have to pause for a few seconds- not anymore. The intro has gone from "Digital, FM, Online. This is BBC Radio 1" to "Listen, Watch, Share. This is BBC Radio 1" to "This is BBC Radio 1" to now just "1". I do slightly miss the "This is BBC Radio 1" intro from the last package- it sounded official and it sounded great when the presenter timed the intro perfectly. Still like the new package though. It is a bit funny that the week after Gemma Cairney leaves, they introduce a news jingle which isn't as obvious to crash!
  6. Pretty sure they don't have any live TV coverage anymore since BBC3 closed and it's all on iPlayer/ the website. Greg and Fearne never used to be on the radio over Big Weekends because they were hosting the live BBC3 coverage in the evenings. That would be Greg and Clara now if they still did it so the fact they're both doing a lot of the radio coverage and that live TV coverage isn't really necessary to reach the R1 target audience would suggest there's none
  7. No, they mean Scott. Chris isn't a presenter. Scott's name above the door, as they say. His name on the schedules, the voiceovers etc. Him and Chris aren't joined at the hip but I'd say Chris will pop up as a roving reporter chatting to people across the two days.
  8. By next weekend, she will have only done 1 of the last 6 weekend shows. She probably has other work commitments and might have holidays booked around now. Love how Scott always slags her off about it on Thursdays during Real or no Real. "So, do you still work at Radio 1?", "Are you turning up this weekend then?", "Oh the TWO days?!"
  9. Thanks for that. Have you made those yourself? Listened to the On My Mind and Cold ramps and they're different to the ones being used on air.
  10. Haven't listened to it yet but generally, pretty sure Scott and Grimmy get on well. Grimmy came in for the Lolathon, they were hanging out together with Sara Cox at the Brits, whenever Scott mentions Grimmy on his show it seems to be in a friendly way. No beef there I reckon. Probably more to do with a caller using catchphrases from another show.
  11. So nothing will change basically. The report says two extended bulletins with one in peak (i.e. the 5:45) so no need to make any drastic changes to the current schedule. Just a few corrections to the above timings- there's a 10pm which is 2 minutes and the 3:30 is 3 mins.
  12. Gotta say I was really impressed. For a first show, it was way better than I was expecting. Good personality, bit awkward getting out of links and into songs but hit the vocals on the songs I heard him intro, his news intros were almost Scott-level good. Overall, a good choice by R1 to give a trial show and if I was them, he'd definitely be invited back.
  13. HRH= His Royal Highness. They're referring to the Assistant Producer Tom Whiter because they think he looks a bit royal.
  14. Loved the Radio 1 snap election idea! Definitely Scott and Chris on breakfast. With the Capital Breakfast announcement, it's an expected gig for Roman Kemp. He suits Capital perfectly and his evening show is actually a good listen. Never heard Vick Hope so can't comment. Radio 1 don't make schedule decisions based on what Global are doing, though. The point on women is interesting. LBC only has one woman on the weekday schedule, same for Capital, Radio X has zero. They definitely need to do more in promoting women and getting them on-air but it's not just Global, radio as a whole is very male-dominated. For a while, Radio 1 only had one woman in Fearne Cotton on the daytime schedule- it's improved now with Adele, Clara and Annie. Stations have gotten slightly better I think but the industry as a whole, not just Global, needs to do more in promoting women.
  15. The problem is that he came to Radio 1 as Scott's mate so when Scott goes, what happens with him? My guess is he'll focus mainly on the BBC Three documentaries he's been doing and also some Radio 1 Stories documentaries. They'll probably give him a weekly show on the Radio 1 iPlayer rounding up the week's viral videos and big online things. Radio-wise, he might not even want to be a solo presenter and R1 may not see him as one. He could get trained up as an Assistant Producer on one of the shows who contributes on-air from time to time. He could just hang around in the background contributing to some features across the schedule when needed- pops up to play Initial Reaction with Matt, does Rage with Greg sometimes, goes out and does stunts/ interviews/ funny things for the breakfast show? Or they could decide to make him a co-host with Matt or Alice. One of them will probably be taking over afternoons when Scott leaves so they could just leave Chris on the show as the audience is used to him and it would help Matt or Alice settle in as weekday presenters (there are times I think Matt could really do with a co-host).