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  1. Think it’s case yes Roman Kemp, Amanda Holden, Marvin Humes slightly less name recognition Sonny Jay, Dev and Jamie Thiekston would have name recognition but given how short the links are on Heart and Capital it’s more rigid. Think this is one of the marmite moments for Radio 1
  2. I got to say what is as say Ant & Dec ITV thing is probably going to get listeners switching over or switching off flicked over and it’s well cringe. Scott and Chris don’t need to be interfered with
  3. Interms of the latest commission of music specialist programming yet to come into place the answer to the rap saturation has been answered and probably what will be played in the new rock and alternative programming may drip down to Clara’s show in her summaries and playing of the songs that are being played across specialist that get picked up for the main programme that fits a more mainstream curation. Think in terms of what Radio 1’s specialist programming on covering beyond daytime on scocial media. As made clear before needs bit of reflecting and fixing as think ‘Future Fan Club’ is one idea from Jack Saunders to solve the matter. I think Radio 1 got Jack Saunders, Katie Thistleton, Chris Stark etc attune with social media and maybe that the presenters should have more control over the social media and doing varying interactive features. I think if it was to be more of on-air wise reading out comments reviewing and reflecting on the songs playing and how they excited by the new track playing and if seen artist live any questions for the artists
  4. Good broadcaster. I do have general theory that 50% of most national radio presenters walked through the doors of Radio 1 so shouldn’t be too surprised.
  5. Didn’t know that assuming referring to Nemone who then moved on to 6Music did radio 1 (maybe something back of my memory reading on something but slipped my mind) I like programming that Clara Amfo, Benji B does come December wrapping up a year in music feel when Mollie King has last show of the first run of Future Pop there maybe a wrap up of breakthrough pop acts. Odd to have it featured on Christmas Day but sure remember a time when Fearne Cotton did live lounges special on Christmas Day. the national grid comment bit of harmless fun. Maybe getting into early twenties feel like it’s nice to have a respite from all the big crimbo songs that churned out through Christmas period. But given probably how Mariah and Wham managed to get to number one and Ed and Elton in recent years with big Christmas songs and top 40 littered with them maybe they feel best of whacking them all on
  6. Yes think one reservation do find that Jack Saunders should be on as the first presenter of the evening when future sounds programming kicks in the right energy that would work when people are getting home from work or making tea to. Sort of energy that would build up rest of evenings programming.
  7. I know that 5Live in Salford have had to suspend their overnight programme and opt out to broadcast whats on the World Service overnight for the forceable over shortage of production staff. Hopefully cases don’t rise more further as it would be terrible to see yet again some of the stations events being affected by the pandemic yet again.
  8. I get the understanding of the frustration with the phrase ‘locked in’ as phrase whereby used over decades by presenters like Lowe and Westwood but even then was online listening when they were on the station and with the BBC Sounds locked in isn’t something that quite works. I remember when Lowe started on Apple Music with Beats 1 he initially on his new music and music artist interview show had a shout your town feature highlighting could be listening in New Zealand, Wales, Los Angeles but now has been quietly rested over time I feel its no bad thing to shout our listeners who are tuning in on an evening show but as the show has been on air in that time slot for sometime maybe to evolve that text and tweets would be read out in terms of thoughts related to tracks and artists being played. Noticed he does a NFT listener star feature which kind of feels out of place do feel good energy but agree that tone of introducing tracks needs changing as some evolution in show presentation
  9. I think maybe the last week of July or sometime inAugust it would work having the 1o hour takeover then as a more of when people break off from, the summer. But given that Radio 1’s audience is youth audience it definately would work well on weekend as soundtrack to people studying revision or to those who are working over whatever as i feel Radio 1’s Relax also is soundtracking study sessions
  10. Agreed think I’d rather Katie to have it presented solo but like Katie but find sometimes Jordan can present solo when Vick Hope is absent. Think with 10 Hour take overs are a bit repetitive sometimes it does need resting. Think when stations like Absolute, Radio X do big anthems days on bank holiday monday for Easter radio 1 relax specials works in distinction with the mood of indirect rivals. It definately works well sometimes. Maybe at most once a year
  11. Must’ve gone for another Radio 1 Relax bank holiday it’s a nice vibe one bank holiday would like them doing future sounds day with some of the overnight presenters presenting. Hearing voices daytime listeners might not hear gaining internet new listeners for those shows. I think I may tune in for that day. I really wish that Jamie & Spencer weren’t used as cover again
  12. I mean we all find some bug bares with phrases or ways some things are said by broadcasters even some of our favourite. I do find sometimes empathising the fact that there’s fusion of genres and over ramping E some ways of the fresh exciting new music there isn’t a bad thing too much. I mean given how much rap is being released and popular is understanding how that gets played a lot think some of the new shows may fix the off set of genres. Think difficult to balance out. Sometimes I find Clara still lacks the confidence and the natural fit of that time slot. Think for the new music flagship time slot needs the authority to present new music and interview things in a way that lacks something that Zane Lowe and Annie Macmanus had. Think Jack Saunders would’ve fit that timeslot. Think Clara Amfo didn’t have the background of presenting a new music show. I find sometimes she’s a broadcaster looking for words than having them to deliver still feels like a cover show. Think having Charlie Hedges and Vick and Katie doing a hottest record feels too much like track of the day than what it was about premiering exclusive content
  13. Yep think overall it could’ve been something that is on the pre-programmed schedule. Think sometimes they end up amending things closer to the date. After all BBC is the only one that shares broadcast schedules of radio with public beyond seven days ahead and seven days before. Like with commercial radio stations. There can be some stuff appears on schedules closer to the date. I do wonder if BBC Newsbeat social media profiles will get new profile images as all radio stations have had that and it is more akin to the Radio 1 family. Though do feel the programme imaging seen across its thumbnail on Sounds since broadcasted across Radio 1, 1Xtra and Asian Network should really look for something distinct from either stations brand styles and think should be designed to look more alligned with BBC News’s main image and merging the social media and digital channels with Newsround and BBC Three’s the catch up. Think new sound packaging is needed for Newsbeat
  14. Odd title of a memoir for nick but will work wonder if Annie Macmanus would write one. Has Annie Nightingale ever done a memoir. Over 50 years at Radio 1 think she’d have some good stories. Think I’d enjoy the audiobook to Nick Grimshaw’s book. Must’ve taken it on as he left the station. I mean Ive seen small bit of Annies article but always knew it was for personal reasons as she didn’t have new work project immediately following on afterwards. Think she’s wanted time to do other projects like writing and podcasting and being with her children and having more family time.
  15. think that’s fair comment on the safeness of the homegrown choices but its the case I imagine given the volatility of the covid rules and still in a global pandemic think the music and events teams want to have fair share of acts that if a new variant was to happen and saw travel restrictions Think its credit of the talent on the UK music scene that we have a festival with such commitment to strong music talent and with the coronavirus pandemic it maybe some of the acts first festivals. I’m pleased of how the music and events team got the lineup without many crossovers with Glasto
  16. She lives mostly in America Adele but no longer an import could it be an artist like Dua Lipa. I mean Adele would be big act that still gets a lot of radio 1 play and has a mass appeal beyond the station and may seek interest of making it a BBC One special for her performance. If it wasn’t for Glastonbury the dead obvious one would be Billie Eilish. Contenders may include Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga a while since they performed. The Weeknd think the station would like him returning considering he’s put out few projects since last time. BTS less likely but a lot of social media interest when comes to radio play on radio 1 of the act and given a BBC One special. Think when future pop lands it would be case that on Mollie Kings show may play some K-Pop and some non-western pop acts
  17. I mean I know Scarlett started at local capital fm at one point but get your point @Dan18F1 I know she’s been doing bits and bobs along the way for short bit at the station as she was Radio 1’s foot on the ground at Windsor castle for Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding. I like Scarlett but feels its a gimmick but is it Easter Weekend as I think if its for certain idea over Easter weekend it maybe good. How ever id gone for Radio 1 Anthems/ Dance/ Future Sounds and Relax days. Anthems day - for change more of Nixtape and Takeover day blend throwbacks and requests Dance - maybe Arrielle Free, Charlie Hedges Future Sounds - promoting the evening Future Sounds programming Soul/Artists …
  18. Radio 2 and 6 Music also have new social icons and so does asian network have new playlist artwork
  19. Think now and then for them to take a day off at the same time does help some times as sometimes having solo daytime does help give respite in schedule dominated for duos. I think Katie is at a point where she’d present solo cover of daytime shows well
  20. I mean i think at the time those two acts may have had radio play with new single. I mean Dave does have good chance popular on Radio 1 and there tends to be an act 1 Xtra would play out one performance of
  21. It would be odd to have The Killers on as don’t think any of their latest singles or new music has featured on the playlist for 5 years
  22. Even if with the case of no covid regulations whether it will be bit more open air in the tent and less covered. Do think Foals would’ve worked better on the Main stage I’d argue they are at headlining main stage point in career
  23. The new branding is really so much different colour tones used for station different podcasts and playlist and show imaging. It’s been sometime since there’s been a memorable slogan. I know BBC One yet to change so much of their idents. Given it’s 100 years of BBC think the marketing and promotion will be around organisation as whole but new jingles maybe suit with it.
  24. I used to like it when they played musical mashups of bits of all the songs from performing artists as part of the announcements. Wasn’t expecting Lorre as the headliner but excellent choice
  25. I mean most stations probably least has Co-host at Chris’s level or producers or presenter were need toilet/smoke/water break or any emergency related thing for someone to control what comes next for moments. I remember time when Scott was late from interviewing I think one direction few years back when Chris jokingly read out the first few numbers of Scott’s phone number. I think the odd link read out and maybe introducing the Co-host of who he is joined by when Scott is off ill or on holiday may have been been reasonable. About Moyles within the comparison Moyles breakfast show had a full team of Dave the ‘comedy guy’ there for banter and worked on show ideas and think writing bits had sports presenter news presenter and producers who throughout the history of the show always was there with Chris Moyles and even Chris Evans today and then when did their breakfast show tone of it is very different to lunchtime shows less relaxed and desire to inform and entertain. Dave was less dominant as Moyles anchored and held court so to say he had grip and control of the ‘The Chris Moyles’ show so much so he could as able to take figures like Dom and format over with him to X I think. There's the case that there’s a more subtle and less noticeable hierarchy between Scott and Chris I think that’s attributed to their long careers together and why think they’d always work together in some capacity and will still continue to present together beyond Radio 1 unlike Chris M and Dave V. Think it wouldn’t have made such sense for Dave V to present a whole show by himself in the stations biggest time slot where he didn’t play a bigger role than News and Sports presenters on the show
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