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  1. I reckon it's this weekend, I keep listening hoping for a change!
  2. That's different - but might be good....
  3. I think that it could have been in Beta for a bit longer. I like the 'personal' bit about it but the homepage is really cluttered over with loads of different stuff. it looks better though.
  4. yup working now...still need to find some people to play against on Game Center...
  5. How did you get ios4.1? its not on the apple website...
  6. and i love the new ipod touch, think ill get it in october
  7. Thats great! Ive been waiting for this to return... going to be great! Hopefully they will show more of the production side of things... and maybe do it during a school holiday so that any kids who love Radio 1 can see it?
  8. I do like it though - and the iphone site is great that i can watch tv and radio on it!
  9. I dont think that Music 4 are going to put them on their website as its only a resing of Celebrity Tarzan - so unless someone can clip them I cant find any clean master versions. I've attached a bed from the music 4 site that was used from celebrity tarzan, I think thats pretty much the same on celebrity raspberry. raspberrymusic.mp3
  10. I think it's okay. The only problem I don't like is the radio console - its hard as there isnt much space to get to the right part of the programme when you're listening to it! I think it looks better though
  11. He uses a number of beds - taken from production music. ive been scanning them all over but have only found one... above!
  12. INMWT beds i have (about 30 second clips) I can trade you, but the full beds (1min) I have are private, so I cant send them around
  13. Precisely - seems like there's nothing better to report.
  14. It's actually a good song - I really dont see why people are intrested/annoyed about it. There isnt a problem with it - and if Nick Grimshaw said that there was swearing in the show before the music was played, then why is it ever a problem then?
  15. you're not the only one, it pisses me off with that voice. if the voice wasnt so irritating, id actually like it!
  16. I wish I did - it's a music 4 project like most other Moyles jingles. It isnt online or any mention of it though...
  17. If you want to find out what ping is all about, download it now and see it for yourself!!! http://www.apple.com/uk/itunes its quite good and looks better and the logos changed.
  18. New iPod touch has: 2 cameras HD video recording and a tonne more... and thinner! You can preorder it NOW and its out next week, @annalie
  19. it's been talked about for ages now, and shes covered for DJs on radio 2 before
  20. Bit of match-making for free on UM.... Yeah, Edith's show's good but its nothing special. Maybe he could replace Jo (shes rumoured to be leaving soon for R2)...
  21. Ive already got an iphone 4 which has an ipod built in - but i'd really like the new touch one
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