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  1. CLIP 2 - 1.05.03.mp3 You're welcome! CLIP 1 - 00.00.10.mp3
  2. ha ha i still love how you made your own thread just for your birthday... hope you enjoyed it though
  3. i know... such a shame!! if music 4 are reading this, please update your site! You promised the CM World Cup stuff would also go on the website, on your twitter. So could you put those on? We'd really appreciate it! It looks like they're going out of business by the lack of site updates....
  4. Unfortunately I dont think anyone does?! I might be able to get the Out Of News from Music 4 soon though
  5. Just thought i'd say i've found Scott's opening bed that he uses now (heard it today), so PM me to do a little swap if you want it
  6. You'd be surprised actually! Chris actually plays the music and the jingles, with the Cartwall. The music is also played there, however Chris has the faders for the people on the desk, but the people in the truck do most of the mic fading.
  7. Have to agree with you there 'Ranger' he's some producer or trainee that's proud of his work, and is putting up some samples online.
  8. There is something like that... Access all areas to newsbeat is on weds or thurs
  9. I reckon there might be a bit of a refresh in December:. New Newsbeat jingles to be introduced then and maybe we will be seeing more from these Branded Intros? I think they'll replace the old 1tros, as IDs before songs have only been temporary. I hope they bring them in though. They refreshed some stuff in December before, and it might be perfect time for newsbeat and branded intros from 1 Imaging
  10. Example - Won't Go Quietly Taio Cruz - Dynamite Count and Synden - After Dark
  11. Friday Next Week: After a week of seeing how we do it, on Friday it's your turn to run the radio station. Pick the music all day, and help us pick the guests. Keep listening for more details. more at http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/accessallareas/about/ all running next week - no idea of whether you'll be able to watch the webcams though?? your thoughts?
  12. Its changing next week, and here's what going to happen: Radio 1's Access All Areas is back for 2010, and this year it's bigger and better than ever. From Monday to Friday, The Chris Moyles Show will be going around the UK on tour, doing the show in front of a live theatre audience every day, which you can watch from home online or on the Red Button of your TV. And that's just the start of it. Each day, we'll be giving you access to a different area of Radio 1. Monday - Access All Areas to the DJs Have you always want to find out what makes our DJs tick? Now's your chance. We've organised a whole day of live video web chats with loads of our DJs - get your questions ready, then join us on the day Tuesday - Access All Areas to Newsbeat How does a story become a newsbeat story? What do they actually do up in the newsroom? Who presses all the news buttons? All these questions and more answered on the Tuesday of Access All Areas. Wednesday - Access All Areas to The Music Last year Aled Tweeted throughout the Radio 1 Playlist meeting... this year, Greg is actually being allowed in. Join him on-air and online to find out how the big music decisions are made. Also, find out what happens behind the scenes at our BBC's Maida Vale studios when there's a Live Lounge. Thursday - Access All Areas of the People of Radio 1 There's an amazing team of people behind the scenes at Radio 1 that keep things on-air. Throughout the day, different members of staff will be nipping in and out of our 'diary room' so they can answer your questions. Friday - U Ctrl Radio 1 After a week of seeing how we do it, on Friday it's your turn to run the radio station. Pick the music all day, and help us pick the guests. Keep listening for more details. Saturday - Vernon will tell you soon Saturday is going to be fun. Trust us on that. Vernon Kay will announce all the details in his show on 30th October - listen from 10am to find out first. Sunday - Access All Areas to the Chart We end the week with a look at how we make the Official UK Top 40, and Reggie Yates will be in the video chat room answering your questions.
  13. they won't update their portfolio i think, it's not a priority for them to update cuts on their portfolio though, i think...
  14. It's still going - they bring in some new Idents and Sonic Triggers monthly I think
  15. Update on what has happened today: iPhoto 11 is brand new - with a load of new features They've released iMovie for the mac New software for Mac 'Lion' with new features to look like iPad apps and more And 2 brand new MacBook airs, one larger screen and 1 smaller screen. Its got more processing power, more battery etc. And FaceTime is coming to Mac, which now means that it will be on iPhone 4, iPod touch and Macs now.
  16. I agree with Moyles here... I understand it was a bit of a stupid rant but he still deserves to be paid to do his job making the morning worthwhile for 9million people. As for the cake, £125 for being the longest serving host isn't a problem in my eyes... I know it's so much more but if there are 10 million licence fee payers, than that works out at £0.0000125 per person. So there isn't really that much of a problem i think...
  17. sounds great though - and its good that AAA is back
  18. I have also never smoked, and proud of it.
  19. Agree, Chris was right but it does irritate me a bit. Quite amusing radio though
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