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  1. http://soundcloud.com/deanwood/domy-ray-slapson-dont-call-me
  2. It's too early to say yet, as the RAJAR data hasn't been collected, but Radio 1 should know which is the most popular show by May 16th
  3. 13:00–16:00 Scott Mills 02/04/2012 Scott moves to his new home, Beccy raps and Oh! What's Occuring returns!
  4. Grimmy's in for Greg tomorrow, and Scott's doing the Chart Update at 3.30pm
  5. If they do replace Chris with Greg, Scott should get his drive show back and Moyles in the afternoons, be well good
  6. Cut the Go On Pigs from the podcast Here it is http://www.mediafire.com/?w4m0eeeh2arjkpa
  7. 1 - Scott Mills 2 - Chris Moyles 3 - Sara Cox 4 - Huw Stephens 5 - Greg James 6 - Vernon Kay 7 - Fearne Cotton 8 - Dev 9 - Reggie Yates 10 - Edith Bowman
  8. Might be just me but does anyone else think Radio 1 have messed up massively putting Dev on breakfast instead of Moyles, Adam's show was A to Mazing this morning! http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/console/b01064pz
  9. Adam used to host The Rock FM Breakfast Show in preston. Just to warn you he has a very strong Blackburn accent.
  10. heres the cuts from the highlights. 1.mp3 2.mp3
  11. Chris Moyles is set to end his record-breaking stint on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show with commercial giant Global Radio favourite to sign the DJ. Beehive understands that Moyles is ready to leave Radio 1 when his contract expires next July. Industry sources suggest he could be the star attraction on Global’s new Capital FM national network, which launches next year and would rival Radio 1 with an audience of 6 million listeners. Moyles, who complained about a lack of “respect” when the BBC paid his wages two months late, is a friend and former flatmate of Ashley Tabor, Global Radio’s chief execu
  12. That "Mystery Women" looks an awful lot like the sports presenter off of Chris Moyles Show. Tina Daheley
  13. You can make loads more jingles with the workparts off Pure Tonic.. I've added a few examples here.. Radio 1 MIXDOWN.mp3
  14. They do the breakfast show on 96.3 Radio Aire http://www.radioaire.co.uk/Article.asp?id=1815361



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