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  1. Haven't caught everything today, but what I did see was really impressive. Although the Arctic Monkeys aren't necessarily my cup of tea, they certainly are good in concert. Plan B was amazing. Foo Fighters were good, but perhaps a little too heavy for Timsk's poor mum. Mike has somehow managed to wangle a ticket for Sunday! Nice one Mike.
  2. Happy Birthday Danni. Hope you and the little one are doing well.
  3. Haha! You should do stand up. I really hope you go for it with this girl dc. It sounds promising. Have confidence in yourself. There are plenty of us on here who do, and that has been earned.
  4. You could well be on to something there dc. Annoyed. I wrote a lengthy post which was actually on topic and have lost it. Start again and listen to music, or go to bed? Hmmm.
  5. In tribute to John Sullivan, its writer, who died today at only 65? Very sad. He brought so much laughter to the world. I'll probably have the wedding on the telly in the background, but wont be watching it too avidly. Timsk has to go to work. Might follow John's example.
  6. I think they built the song up far too much by going on and on and on and on about it. It was neither funny nor offensive really. Bit of a dull section for me.
  7. Congratulations Neil and Linda. Wishing you both all the very best for your future together.
  8. I completely agree with all of the sentiments in the above post. 63 is certainly not 'old'. Elisabeth Sladen worked into her 60s and was an active, vital, enthusiastic and inspiring person, until the cancer kicked in. Much like my mother (a woman who'd led a very busy, healthy life) but died from cancer at 65. FAR too young imo. My grandmother's a sprightly 98! Find it surprising that one of the 'oldest' members of UM has such an ageist attitude. PS. Much as I miss David, I actually really like Matt and Karen.
  9. Couldn't find a thread for this, so shall comment here. Just listening back to Scott Mills's Last Show on Earth interview with Zane last night. It's on from 8pm, and as mentioned above really is well worth a listen.
  10. Why? I thought watching it on TV was more than adequate for you. I'm really rooting for the people of Cumbria to get the chance to go to OBW. It would indeed be a travesty if Mike, Emma and SebD (if he wants them) don't get tickets!
  11. His show does appear to be highly thought of. Never heard it myself though.: http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2011/mar/30/rolling-stones-ronnie-wood-sony-radio-award
  12. I believe he is off of The Rolling Stones.
  13. Just looked this up on You Tube, as I missed it too (was in Spain). Unfortunately only found Scott's last appearance on Something for the Weekend. Got totally freaked out, (in a good way), as I'd completely forgotten that I'd had a Q read out on the programme. Something about the Hoff's decor...
  14. Yeah, I agree post the list. You have good taste in music. I agree though. I could not possibly give one favourite song. It is indeed totally impossible!
  15. Shouldn't the title read LMFAO? Dunno, I could be wrong. Anyhoo, I think the song is total pants. Edit: It works a hell of a lot better with the video.
  16. Very sad to see James go, I was rather partial to him. Still sad that he didn't get the Film 2011 gig too. It seems the new film reviewer, according to her tweets is http://twitter.com/#!/RhiannaDhillon Trying to look up her past career, but comp not working well at all today.
  17. Much as I like Moyles, I'm pretty glad I'll be in Spain whilst this is going on. Timsk is gonna be tearing his hair out, or will probably be tuning in elsewhere - he's not as much of a fan. As others have mentioned above, I too have already become quite literally weary of this endeavour. I have been yawning and feeling like going back to bed every time they go on and on about it. Clearly this is the point - to make us suffer in the same way that they are going to - Sorry, but I don't need that sort of 'mind trickery' to force me to donate. If I want to, I will. Still, I'd like to send lots of good luck though to Chris and Dave (and the listeners).
  18. Sh*t! I've just realised I'll be back from Spain for this load of... Agreed. With the above. Oh well, shall just have to go somewhere else... Come Dine with Me's on at 5.
  19. I've been to the hairdressers for the first time in ages. I dread going to the hairdresser in a similar way to visiting the dentist. It's soooo f*cking dull. Hate it. Mind you, it went ok today. Had my first EVER highlights. My hair in the Leeds climate doesn't tend to stay even slightly blonde. The highlights are very subtle, so I'd say I'm still technically mouse. What a girly post. Oh! and my hair smells lovely too. This was my Valentine's pressie from the gorgeous Timsk. Oh! and I'm off to Malaga on Thursday for 10 days. Shall be looking after my Pop's apartments, the dog (Wesley, see my pics) and a 10 year old. Despite having taught loads of kids, I'm still a little nervous about the latter. What if I forget to feed her, or take her to school? Sure it'll be fine...
  20. Well done Scott and team. You've made it, and have done a fantastic job.
  21. So women's bits are more important than men's bits, charidee-wise? Hmmm. http://www.unofficialmills.co.uk/communities/showthread.php?15359-Movember!&highlight=movember
  22. I was incredibly impressed and moved by this documentary. It was excruciating watching Scott's pure frustration whilst speaking to some of those bigots. It was also very sad to share in his disappointment when he realised that change is virtually impossible. PS. Also enjoyed the wet chicken bit though.
  23. Oh, Bumble bee. This is so sad. BIG hugs sent to you and the whole family. I'll give you a ring. xxx
  24. Many happy returns John. Hope you're enjoying yourself in a suitable/unsuitable manner.
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