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  1. Woo hoo! You wouldn't even need a costume.:hahaha:
  2. Sorry to hear this Steph, we get stressed out when ours don't come in at night. dc has a point though. Please keep us posted. Viv: WTF?
  3. Make up your mind. I was actually wondering what the poor students at UEA had done to deserve this.
  4. What a fantastic list. I've read most of these. The majority I enjoyed, but some stand out as being particularly good, and others I'd advise you to avoid. There are also quite a few plays on this list as well as novels. You need to think about whether it would make a difference to you to answer questions on a script as opposed to text. It's interesting that many of the themes involve stories about loss of innocence, racial issues and war. First of all my favourite book is The Catcher in the Rye. It is about a disturbed young man and I feel that although it was written some time ago it still remains pretty relevant. It is an easy read, but it ought to make you think. The Life of Pi is a fabulous book, which contains many different levels. It is beautifully written. Don't read up too much about it online beforehand (spoilers), because you need to make up your own mind about the end. The ending is a sort of twist. Obviously I'd recommend anything by Oscar Wilde, my signature is a quote. These are plays though. If you want comedy The Importance of being Earnest is great, or Lady Windemere's Fan. The Picture of Dorian Gray is a wonderful, pretty creepy novel. They are all written in Wilde's amazingly witty style. Breakfast at Tiffany's is a really good book. Like The Catcher in the Rye about the loss of innocence. It is very stylishly written. Funnily enough its writer Truman Capote was the inspiration for the protagonist Dill in To Kill a Mocking Bird, as he was friendly with Harper Lee as a child. TKAMB is another excellent, interesting read. It deals with racial inequality in the States in the past. BAT gives you the excuse to watch the wonderful film with Audrey Hepburn in too. Hemmingway, Ishiguro and Joyce are a bit heavy going. McEwan is a top writer, but his topics are generally rather depressing. Equus would totally freak you out. There are other good 'uns on the list, but you only asked for 4, and I think I've given you more, Hope this helps. Enjoy reading.
  5. Hope your interview is going\went well. I mentioned The Fast Show last night on the Shoutbox. Give it a read back. It's fantastic news, apart from the lack of Mark Williams. Have a good holiday.
  6. Many happy returns Jono, Hope you have a lovely day.
  7. Ooops. This thread may be removed. Repy to the other thread folks.
  8. Many happy returns. Hope you have a lovely day.
  9. Doesn't give me goosebumps so much as make me feel nauseous. Slightly off topic, but another thing on R1 that makes me seriously cringe is Fearne Cotton screeching 'Moooornin' at the Moyles team every single flipping day. Have to switch over as soon as Roy Walker has done his business to avoid it.
  10. Hah. Just don't get into a debate with dc on smileys.
  11. Shooting Stars has been on telly on and off for over 15 years I reckon. I would have thought that by now people had realised that the whole point of it is Vic and Bob's pretty juvenile\surreal sense of humour. Love it or hate it. I personally thought last night's episode was hilarious. Just a shame they cut out the Serafinovitz\Butterfield calling Scott, 'School Meals' part. Even Scott seemed disappointed about this on Twitter.
  12. Yawn. Unimpressive dirge. I do however Iike both FIorence and Madonna.
  13. Quit talking about her drug/alcohol abuse problems and concentrate on her talent. Personally I'm saddened by Amy's death. She had a unique voice, and was far too young to go. I would agree though that the situation in Norway distresses me more.
  14. My 98 year old grandmother is from Norway, and as such I have many family and friends there. This shouldn't make this horrific occurence any closer to my heart than all of the other atrocities that are ocurring around the world, but I'm afraid it has. I suppose it's because I know Norway, and its people. It is such a beautiful (albeit bley cold) place. It is a calm, peaceful land, with people that seriously reflect this. I'm still finding it hard to believe that this could have happened in such a country. I spoke to a friend there yesterday just to check up, when the death toll was only at around 20. She said the whole nation was shellshocked. I could not believe the news I woke up to this morning to hear of the remainder of the killings. Still need to speak to more people. Read a blog today which highlighted dc's comments above, re. Oslo bombing being a smokescreen, whilst the poor teenagers on the island were being picked off one by one. This blogger believed, that as all the youngsters on the summer camp were potential leaders of a Norwegian socialist party, no matter how far reaching the result would be, it might just be time to try to waste them all during their teens. Sorry I can't locate blog now. I certainly don't want to watch any videos of the event! I'm afraid I don't agree with the death penalty, although that would probably change if I did have a child that was killed. So all is relative. They don't have the death penalty in Norway anyway. This man will, and certainly should spend the rest of his life behind bars. Very sorry to inform you though that Scandinavian prisons are renowned for being the cushiest in Europe. Let's send him to one in the far east or Africa? Tragic day for Norway. My thoughts are very much with the survivors, the families of the dead and the people of Norway. Sender du elsker. xx
  15. They also failed to mention Scotland having the highest quantity of deaths from heart disease in the UK, despite the 'bravery' of their hearts. Might have put a bit of a downer on the thing I suppose. Mind you, at least I got loads of mentions over the weekend.
  16. (Bl**dy) Hippy Birthday to you dc. Have a good one. xx
  17. I refuse to believe that this email isn't a hoax of some sort. If this posh bint is as well trained in etiquette as she purports to be, she wouldn't stoop to the level of actually sending this crap to someone.
  18. I agree, but reckon Dom's task should remedy this situation. I've always thought I might like to do a skydive, but I would certainly need more than half a day to make up my mind as to whether I could do it or not. Poor Dom's had this thrust upon him at the last minute in the middle of the show, with the added extra of emotional blackmail - so he can take his children to see Pepa Pig etc. He understandably both looks and sounds very nervous indeed. Good luck Dom.
  19. What on earth was she thinking? Using the tune from 'Oh my darling Clementine'? It's on a par with Jay Z's horrendous 'It's a hard knock life' sample from Annie. No. Just no. *shudders*
  20. Many congratulations to both Bumbly and Ems. What lovely news.
  21. Many happy returns to the lovely Timsk. So glad you have the day off today. Sausage butty on its way shortly. xxx
  22. I don't mind the soundtrack, but the 'LISTEN, WATCH, SHARE' or whatever business sounds pretty lame, and in some way patronising.
  23. Because it is contained in cables and is carrying an electrical current. Snipping through these whilst they are live = electrocution. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1057760/Thief-electrocuted-trying-steal-copper-cable-carrying-11-000-volts.html
  24. Superb Wonder years this evening. Almost every song a winner. I'd also like to say how much Timsk and I enjoyed the Snoop Dogg interview this week. I don't know why, perhaps it's because of the gangsta persona he adopts, but I didn't expect him to come across as such a pleasant, personable, intelligent man. 11/10. He was very good on Graham Norton's show last Friday too.
  25. Happy Birthday Steph. Sorry, bit late. Hope you had a lovely day.
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