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  1. On 7/12/2022 at 6:12 PM, Chippy said:

    I stopped listening to Scott back around 2012 after being an avid podcast listener for years and years.

    This could be a good opportunity to rediscover him again and make the transition to become a grown-up who listens to Radio 2...

    Im similar, although I never fully stopped listening. Just not as avid as I was around 2006. If I was in the car for a long trip or near a radio he would be on. It was really the post 2010 Radio 1 playlist that pushed me away more than anything else. And I was 22 years old around that point too. Scott's content has always been great, although Chappers and Laura in my era helped make it what it was. 

  2. 9 minutes ago, Jono said:

    Also I wonder if there's potential to get the old band back together with Laura now a boss at Radio 2 😂

    That I would love to hear. Chopper seems confertable at MOTD though, although if Man Utd keep being comical like recent times he may want a distraction!

  3. Amazing run, to say he joined back in 1998 and has been a consitant daytime fixture since then. Congratulations to him. For a long time he's been pretty much the only daytime Radio 1 DJ I still listen to, as I've outgrown the station quite a long time ago. But that alone is down to simply how good he is. Those years from 2004 to around 2007, with Chappers and Laura where I hardly never missed a show are unforgettable.


    He'll excell on Radio 2, now it's turning into the Radio 1 I used to listen to 20 years back. 

  4. Even after 10 years it still seems raw how it ended. Shame really as they used to spend a lot of time together, even outside of the show. I was listening to an old Chris Moyles afternoon show from 2001 on mixcloud recently, they were chatting about a few years previous when they first met on early breakfast in 1997. Talking about how they literally spent any other time outside of Radio 1 in this particular pub nearby. Even on Saturday morning sjows they spent the previous Friday nights out together somewhere a lot of the time. 

  5. On 3/27/2022 at 1:43 PM, Jono said:

    Used to love Nemone on early breakfast! 

    I did get up stupidly early on the morning of her final early breakfast show to record it. Which is above. I'm sure the late Vicky Marsden used to cover that same time slot or near enough, a few years before. And Clive Warren before her. 

  6. 31 minutes ago, Graeme said:

    I wonder if they would

    eg would they use Jam or Danny dance anthems shows?

    Dave Pearce too when he did it on Sunday nights. But I imagine it's pointless using run of the mill shows all the time, they may as well dig out live broadcasts.

    Classic Essential mixes too could be one to use. I know you can more or less get every single one online. But some from the 90's are poor quality, Radio 1 Dance could get the original dat tapes and play them out digitised. The BBC has never made good, proper use of it's archive with a lot of things, it's a chance to do that.

  7. I feel the same about the bits I hear from Radio 1 now. It feels more and more like a carbon copy of 1xtra, years ago you could easily separate the two. Just the way the music scene is, rock and indie with young people seems less relevant compared to the 90s and 00s youth. Coupled with the fact that we don't have the big indie/rock bands we had way back. There was a time where through the 00's you had Foo Fighters/Linkin Park/Blink 182/White Stripes/My Chemical Romance/Friendly Fires/Kings Of Leon/Arctic Monkeys... being hammered for weeks on the A list. Foo Fighters have just released a new tune last week, if it gets any higher than Radio 1's B list for more than 2 weeks I'll be surprised. I hear 1xtra playing house music now, when launched in 2002 that was unthinkable. It was garage, hip hop, early grime and r&b back then.

    As far as indie and bands during mainstream(ish) hours, has Zane Lowe been truly replaced? Felt like he almost single-handedly pushed the Arctic Monkey's into the big time in late 2005 with no only the support he gave them, but the influence he had on getting them onto heavy rotation on the Radio 1 playlist.

    Radio 1 dance feels like it has good intentions with room to grow, Radio 1 have been at it with dance since the very early 90's. It's a chance for them to run some old archive Jules/Rampling/Pete Tong/Carl Cox Fabio & Grooverider shows from the 90's and 2000's overnight, and keep it more modern in the day.

  8. I used to get mixed up and think Dev was on this. Aren't G6 a security firm company?

    He's got to have had a good 10 years at it hasn't he? Not bad really, can't say I heard much of him but he must have been decent to hold a place for that long.



  9. It feels a seemingly impossible job to hold now. When I got inspired to want to take a job in broadcasting it was 2000 and radio didn't have competition like it has today. The young target audience the most has choices everywhere to rival it, but let's face it. It's even easy for grandad to find his favourite songs on youtube or spotify nowdays. So even Smooth and Radio 2 have it difficult.

    There's been 10 tonne of cuts within the BBC recently which has harmed it's local radio output, commercial radio is totally gone too imo. There were 4 commercial radio stations broadcasting from Wolverhampton in 2010, now we just have multiple bands of greatest hits my way.

    Community Radio has some shoddy reputation out there, and with some output from some stations the past 15 or so years it's deserved in some ways. But there are some really good ones out there now, basically sounding like local commercial radio did 20 years ago. Part the fact that like the one I'm involved with, is it's chaired and headed by people who ran successful commercial stations like Beacon and BRMB. So they have the experience to make them professional, coupled with the fact that your now getting experienced ex commercial and BBC jocks fronting the breakfast and drive shows it makes it sound that much more polished compared to 10 years ago. The only wall is ofcom restrictions on transmission power and funding, but they are slowly and surely subsiding compared to before.

    I'd say that's the best way in, it's even possible to make a small living in community radio now too. It's "community" in licence name, but if your joining a well run station your joining a commercial radio station by everything else but. Anything you try to do on the internet like podcasts or youtube etc, your always going to be drowned out by so many others who can get online with simple setups. Not everyone can do radio, and that's where it still holds a big upper hands.

  10. Looks like Charlie is going to take over dance anthems. I still prefer it on Sunday nights like when Dave Pearce did it. But glad to see they are keeping it going. Mistajam had been at Radio 1 since 2005 apparently. I gotta be honest I don't remember him being there that far back and I always had R1 on from late 90's to late 00's. I always thought he was more there in the 10's.

  11. Hard to pick one. Lard's Classic Cuts (Mark and Lard) has to be up there for me, just something you couldn't do on radio these days.

    Chris Moyles' 'Stanta' has to be another. Then a lot of his parody songs were brilliant.

    Scott has quite a few. The angry pizza guy was great, Laura's Diary was addictive listening too. 

  12. https://www.standard.co.uk/showbiz/celebrity-news/mark-chapman-wife-sara-died-tributes-twitter-a4462246.html


    Some very sad news regarding Chappers' wife who's sadly passed away.


    Chappers was a huge part of Radio 1 from the late 90's until 2009 when he left, and was more or less Scott's sidekick on the old afternoon show alongside Laura, when it ran 4-7 from about 2004 to 2009. I doubt he would see this, but I wish him all the best through an awful time.

  13. To be honest, with greatest respect she's been and gone without me taking any notice. Maybe I don't listen to R1 as much as I did 10 to 15 years back, but she's hardly gonna be on the throwback shows for the 60th anniversary in a few years really. 

  14. It started with Mark & Lard's afternoon show on Radio 1, who were on that slot from 1998 - 2004. For me they were genius but you have to have to that sense of humor to get them. Basically they used to do a multitude of 'spoof' quizzes, where Lard (Marc Riley) would go into the other studio and pretend to be some wayward maniac caller into the show to play the quiz.

    The 'whooooo' came from one called 'It's a Mystery'. Where there would be weird clues to guess who the celeb was, Lard on the other end of the phone would never get the answer. And when revealed (someone usually well known) there would be a few seconds silence followed by a loud 'WHHOOOOOOOOOO!!!' You can hear a clip here.



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