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  1. I think it will be more of a moyles type show less gusts etc which will be a good thing
  2. I'm really looking forward to the new show il be able to listen to the whole show so will be able to give a good review, I wonder weather Greg will have more leave than grimmy did
  3. Darren m

    Is Chris Smith leaving Newsbeat?

    This would explain why Chris smith won't be on breakfast then
  4. Also when compare moyles last show it's doesn't even compare there was no emotion what so ever
  5. Did travis and Liam work with Greg on drive I wonder who's producing breakfast then
  6. Darren m

    How Long Have You Been Listening?

    I listened when moyles on in the afternoon and Sara cox on breakfast probs 2000
  7. I heard that too with all the alarm clocks going off
  8. I wonder if Greg will be more like moyles and do his show from USA etc they were some of Chris moyles best shows when they did that
  9. That's rubbish lol just shows how god moyles was
  10. Darren m

    Schedule Changes

    She is also doing early breakfast on the 13th aswell maybe a new signing but don't know where they would put them
  11. Darren m

    Schedule Changes

    I know hopefully he will get a better show soon maybe he will get maya jama show if she deicedes to leave next year
  12. Darren m

    Schedule Changes

    Probs means hopefully we will get 3 weeks of Jordan north on scotts show
  13. Darren m

    Schedule Changes

    It's Chris wedding next week they said earlier Jordan is doing the show mon till thurs Scott back Friday
  14. Darren m

    Schedule Changes

    Yes wits all week with will best the following week
  15. Darren m

    The Official Chart with Scott Mills

    I agree not a fan on dev and Alice still though don't think they are good enough for fri,breakfast but il give them a few weeks mouths before I give up