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  1. Schedule Changes

    I can only think and I'm not being rude but I don't think she is good enough to host anything but greatest hits I Wodnt be suprised if next Feb when her contract is up she leaves radio 1
  2. Schedule Changes

    Dev and Alice are in for grimmmy may 11th I don't know weather that's the following week or just a one off
  3. Schedule Changes

    Wonder why Jordan isn't covering would have made sense to have him cover both shows
  4. Yea lol it's going to be a shame when he doesn't have Chris stark on Friday I also,have a horrible feeling they won't cover breakfast anymore they will just use dev and Alice
  5. Schedule Changes

    All seems sorted now
  6. Schedule Changes

    Just to let people know the front page link is broken again
  7. Schedule Changes

    Yea Jordan north on dance anthems should be good
  8. Schedule Changes

    Also just noticed Alice Levine is off again at the weekend I bet she won't be there for half the Friday shows when they take over
  9. Schedule Changes

    That makes sense just saw jordans in for Clara next thurs and fri, I think he's the new cover guy which is why at the moment he's only got Sunday mornings
  10. Schedule Changes

    This is good news shame Jordan didn't get an extra show in the changes in June, can only think he will do more cover work
  11. Schedule Changes

    I think Jordan may well take breakfast once grimmmy leaves
  12. Schedule Changes

    Me too I'm new to this forum love jordans show on a Sunday