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  1. Darren m

    The Official Chart with Scott Mills

    I agree not a fan on dev and Alice still though don't think they are good enough for fri,breakfast but il give them a few weeks mouths before I give up
  2. Darren m

    Yet more new presenters!

    Find it strange though to have a chill out show then have the rock show show after it
  3. Darren m

    Yet more new presenters!

    I have to say jack Saunders is a very good presenter his mid morning show on radio x was good
  4. Darren m

    Schedule Changes

    That's a bit rubbish for dev on till 11 then on air at 6 the next morning lol
  5. Wonder whether grimmys new drive show will be more adult led in stead of trying to appeal to teenagers.
  6. I Agree with all these comments grimmy didn't feel right for breakfast gutted Scott and Chris didn't get breakfast would have been good if Scott went out in breakfast
  7. Darren m

    Grimmy beats blackburn

    Yea it's an insult to Chris moyles when you think of the figures he had aswell
  8. Darren m

    Schedule Changes

    That's what the press release said but maybe that's changed though
  9. Darren m

    Schedule Changes

    Thanks that's interesting breakfast starts At 6
  10. Darren m

    Schedule Changes

    I still can't ge updated schedule has it been updated yet
  11. Darren m

    Schedule Changes

    Anyone know yet the schedule for 15th June I can't access the full diggi guide as not a member