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  1. Tea20

    Schedule Changes

    Ah, the old Wednesday night Matt Edmondson Show. I miss it too, it was the first radio show that I made sure that I didn't miss each week. Still one of the best things I've ever heard. Dev has been sounding good covering the 8th recently – still entertaining without the I-want-the-whole-universe-to-hear-me shouting. He makes the show much more listenable.
  2. Tea20

    Friday is now the weekend

    After hearing the trails over the last week (the Queen Alice Levine one is particularly good), I caught the end of Dev and Alice’s show then bits of the other shows throughout the day on Friday. First time I’ve heard Dev and Alice together and thought they worked well together however I didn’t hear enough of it to catch any features or compare it to Grimmy’s show. Maya was alright I guess, she wasn’t annoying this time and I didn’t notice any technical problems. She had a few anecdotes to tell and didn’t have any one to interrupt. No worse and no better than a Clara show to be honest. Glad that greatest hits didn’t run for the full 3 hours – hopefully this is the start of it being phased out either completely or at least to an acceptable level. Of course, this show should really have been Jordan’s. Matt and Mollie were as good as ever and Mollie sounds more comfortable on air now. In reply to other’s comments about the jokes in the songs coming up bit – I like this part of the show, it is very Matt Edmondson however it works better with his delivery than it does with Mollie’s. Scott sounded great on the chart – best chart show I’ve heard for a while. All in all good to have something different at breakfast (and to have Alice on an extra day), 10-1 was nether better or worse, Matt was as good as always and it was good to hear Scott doing the chart. I do wonder, however, how relevant is Mollie King these days? Does she have a big following and which age group are they targeting with her?
  3. Tea20

    Yet more new presenters!

    Looking forward to Jack's show - he was always enthusiastic about introducing listeners to to new bands when he was on X.
  4. Tea20

    Schedule Changes

    Last time as "The Matt Edmondson Show"* tomorrow before it becomes "Matt and Mollie" next week. * Not called that on air anymore but nice that they still called it that on the online schedule
  5. Tea20

    Any one got a clue?

    You might also find something similar on The Audio Network, which BBC Local Radio and CBBC seem to use a fair bit.
  6. Great news! Looking forward to hearing Greg do the breakfast show but I will miss him on drive. I would've preferred it if Jordan or Alice were taking over drive but I hopefully Jordan will get a daytime slot soon anyway.