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  1. Schedule Changes

    As well as the chart and dance anthems on Friday, Jordan's also covering dance anthems on Saturday: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09xpd51
  2. Schedule Changes

    Loved all the extra Jordan over the last week... hopefully we'll be hearing him more on weekdays and less Dev/Cel/Mistajam.
  3. And so the challenge has begun... Snowdon ✅ Now he's on his bike to do the show with Adele from Denbigh, North Wales. (in a BBC truck in Myddleton College (?) car park, photos on Adele's instagram story). Unrelated but Adele's using a variation of that bed that Matt used for all nearly all his links at the weekend.
  4. The 8th with Charlie Sloth

    I enjoy it occasionally but the music isn't quite my thing. The late night games and shenanigans have been missing from R1 since The Matt Edmonsdon Show finished it's Wednesday night run. I wonder if Matt would work well as a cover host - he suits a format of silly games and comedy.
  5. New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    Hey all, been following these forums for a while, thought I'd join the fun at last! Caught a few bits of Matt and Molly today - they worked well together and were both funny at times. I agree with @OohErr, Molly's back announcing didn't sound too natural but I'm sure it will get better. It was also good to hear Matt back in this format with the chance to do proper links rather than just announcing the next "greatest hit". I've been listening to Jordan since he was on Rock FM - he sounded great when he covered Alice the other weekend (that particular show reminded me of his old Home Run show actually). Also looking forward to catching him tomorrow.