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  1. As much as I would love to see that, I can’t see them moving the 3 from Kiss before their show has even started! Especially as they’ve plastered that it’s from 9 - 11 on social media.
  2. Could the big show announcement in May have been that Maya was joining on Fridays! What a disaster that was!! If it’s not big weekend or innuendo bingo, then I’m thinking it must be something for comic relief! Or something completely unexpected like Chris leaving - but I don’t thin k it will be that!
  3. I’ve just seen that for the information for the shows on Iplayer radio and BBC Sounds, on Scott’s Show on Wednesday, it says he has a big announcement to make! I wonder whether this might be the return of Innuendo Bingo!
  4. Dan18F1

    Schedule Changes

    Did anyone hear Nikki Osborne or Adam English yesterday or today? I’ve just listened to some of both of their shows back, and I really liked what I heard of Adam! Sounds a bit like a young Greg or Jordan with his delivery so hopefully he gets more cover slots in the future. Also, interestingly, both of them had their names recorded which suggests that R1 may have plans for them to cover again.
  5. Dan18F1

    Big weekend 2019?

    I’m not sure it will be Cardiff since it was in Swansea this year! I also don’t think Olly Murs will perform but I agree with both your other performers
  6. Dan18F1

    Big weekend 2019?

    I’m predicting it will be announced mid January with Stormzy as a headliner and it will be in Aberdeen! Most likely I will be wrong though!
  7. Dan18F1

    Schedule Changes

    Dev is still presenting the 8th the week commencing the 14th of Jan! I thought Rickie, Marvin and Charlie were meant to start at the start of Jan?
  8. Dan18F1

    Schedule Changes

    Sorry to double post but the 8th is still happening well into the new year with Dev still presenting it week commencing the 7th January! All the other normal presenters are back that week though
  9. Dan18F1

    Schedule Changes

    I think they’ll use their own package! Mollie is there though so it’s not like they’re both off - Jordan is doing everyday from Christmas Eve!!
  10. Dan18F1

    Schedule Changes

    On Saturday 5th January, the new Rap Show with Tiffany Calver begins. Jordan is also in for Matt which means that they still don’t want Mollie doing her own show strangely!
  11. Dan18F1

    Schedule Changes

    This is a complete guess but I would think the 5th January for the rap show and the 7th January for Rickie, Melvin and Charlie’s Show. There might even be a confirmed date somewhere that I’ve not seen yet!
  12. Dan18F1

    Schedule Changes

    Jordan was doing Clara’s show earlier - I’d have thought they’d have called Matt in though!
  13. Dan18F1

    Fantasy Christmas Schedule 2018

    Thought I’d post all the Christmas schedule in one place: Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd: As Normal Sunday 23rd: As Normal apart from: 10:00 Arielle Free In for Jordan North 7:00 Abbie MacCarthy in for Phil Taggart Christmas Eve: 4:00 Adele Roberts 6:30 Scott and Chris 10:00 Clara Amfo 1:00 Arielle Free 4:00 Jordan North 7:00 As Normal Christmas Day: 4:00 Adele Roberts 6:30 Scott Mills 10:00 Artist Takeover 4:00 Jordan North 7:00 As Normal Boxing Day and Thursday 27th: Same as Christmas Eve Friday 28th: 4:00 Adele Roberts 6:00 Jordan North 10:00 Maya Jama 1:00 Chart of the Year with Dev 4:00 Chart of the Year with Scott Mills 7:00 Danny Howard 9:00 Pete Tong 11:00 Monki Saturday 29th: Same as Friday 28th Sunday 30th: Not sure yet - presume Same as Saturday will but update when confirmed New Years Eve: 4:00 Nikki Osborne 6:30 Matt and Mollie 10:00 Adele Roberts 1:00 Katie Thistleton 5:00 Arielle Free 9:00 - 1:00 Jordan North New Years Day: 4:00 Adam English 6:30 - 4:00 Same as NYE 4:00 Jordan North 7:00 As Normal Wednesday 2nd + Thursday 3rd January: Same as NYD apart from 1:00 Cel and Katie Friday 4th: As Normal except: 4:00 Chart with Jordan North
  14. Dan18F1

    Schedule Changes

    Thanks for that, has the schedule been posted up somewhere? EDIT: Just seen it posted on the R1 website. Thanks anyway!!
  15. Dan18F1

    Schedule Changes

    I’m not going to post a full list of when they’re on but between now and Christmas on the early breakfast show it’s mostly either Jordan or Arielle doing it with Adele doing the odd show!