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  1. Dan18F1

    Schedule Changes

    On Friday, Dev is doing weekend breakfast solo and then on Saturday, Adele is covering for Maya. Next Monday, Scott is in for Greg and Matt and Mollie are in for Scott. The week after, Jordan is in for Adele all week as she is in for Clara!
  2. Dan18F1

    Schedule Changes

    Also, Scott still seems to be the cover for Breakfast. He’s in for Greg on the 24th September!
  3. Dan18F1

    Matt & Mollie

    I did originally think it was a shame that Matt was given a co host as he was perfectly able on his own. But, as Mollie has been here a while, I’ve got to really like her. Her and Matt have very good chemistry and I really enjoy the content on their show! As much as I hope he doesn’t go any time soon, when Scott does leave or move, I think them or Jordan would be a very good replacement. I do actually quite like Dev and Alice on their weekend show. I don’t think they have great chemistry - but that awkwardness is what seems to work. I did think they were missing features on their drive time cover though. I do think it’s a massive shame that the natural double act, Matt and Alice never happened apart from a couple of shows. And I very much doubt it will ever happen again!
  4. Dan18F1

    Schedule Changes

    Thanks for that chart, it’s very helpful! So some schedule changes for the next few weeks, on Sunday, Cel is in for Dev and Alice and also Cel is doing Life Hacks solo. Next week, Dev is in for Charlie on Monday and Jack Saunders and Grimmy start their new shows. Then, on the weekend of the 14th September, Alice is off all weekend. Finally, on the 19th, Dev is in for Charlie on the 8th!
  5. Dan18F1

    Chris's Friday Extra Podcast

    On Chris’ podcast last week, when he was speaking to Scott, Scott seemed to announced that’s Innuendo Bingo would be back before Christmas but with bigger celebrities than they used to have!
  6. I think he meant to get listeners involved in with the guest which is what he managed to do. I think they’ll be a bit more flexible with guests once the show has settled in and once they’ve got rid of the summer mix so they have more time!
  7. Dan18F1

    Schedule Changes

    Monday’s 1-3am, replacing Monki who is just staying with R1 to cover and do events. This also means that Jack Saunders is going to be on 4 times a week.
  8. Dan18F1

    Schedule Changes

    Yeah, I saw that, very strange how it’s all changed but I’m just glad that Cel isn’t on for 4 hours anymore. Also, on Friday 31st Jordan is doing Early Breakfast, on Saturday 1st DJ Charlesy is in for DJ Target and on Monday 3rd, Dev is doing the 8th! Jack Saunders’ new show is called Radio 1’s Indie Show btw.
  9. Hopefully Wednesday or Thursday will be What’s My Age Again! That’s one thing I really hope he brings over to Breakfast!
  10. Oh yeah definitely, I just wanted to mention that every show wasn’t going to be as packed as yesterday’s show was!
  11. Today’s show sounds a bit thin compared to yesterday’s: They’ve bought the summer mix back and they’re replaying Calvin Harris’ interview!
  12. After talking about greg all day, I completely forgot and didn’t manage to listen to Jordan and Chris until I saw a clip online just now. Did anyone get to listen to them together and how did they work together? They seemed to be getting along well from the small snippets that I saw!
  13. I don’t think he used one actually, it was in the middle of the Calvin Harris chat so I think he just introduced it!
  14. Yeah he did, it was Calvin Harris and Sam Smiths new one!