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  1. Neither was I. I love that song and thought it would be the type of thing that he’d like as well.
  2. Dan18F1

    Schedule Changes

    It looks like Scott comes back from holiday that day so is doing it! Unless someone else can confirm didferently
  3. Dan18F1

    Grimmy and Greg Hide and Seek

    Oh, so it doesn’t look like they’re in Nottingham anymore then
  4. Dan18F1

    Grimmy and Greg Hide and Seek

    Pretty sure it’s Nottingham. When Grimmy said we’re in ..... there was three syllables which fits in with the Nottingham link.
  5. Dan18F1

    Grimmy and Greg Hide and Seek

    Also, Sophie of of Scott Mills has tweeted to say are there any music teachers missing a gong? Could just be throwing us off the scent but still
  6. Dan18F1

    Grimmy and Greg Hide and Seek

    I don’t think they could have got that far! But I’ll happily be proved wrong! This could actually ally turn into the longest show! It would be so brilliant if it does!!
  7. Dan18F1

    Schedule Changes

    Yeah i saw that too, I think it has been renamed.
  8. Dan18F1

    Schedule Changes

    Ahh, that’s why Matts not on at all then. The DJs all decide to take their time off at the same time don’t they? They were all here for the last 6 weeks and now they’re all gone.
  9. Dan18F1

    Schedule Changes

    Is Scott on holiday or something? I’d imagine they might br saving Matt and Mollie for when Scott and Chris are on breakfast for Grimmy and then they’ll do Scott’s Show. I think Jordan will probably do the chart on Friday.
  10. I think it might be Jordan on drive. Cel, I think, is covering the Greatest Hits the day before Greg’s meant to be off, and on the day that Greg is meant to start being off, Adele is doing Clara’s Show which means that Will Best is covering Adele which is what Jordan normally does so could mean that Jordan is doing Greg’s show. Alternatively, it could just mean he’s on holiday.
  11. I’ve also signed the petition. Hopefully it will help some more people hear about it. This new breakfast show isn’t looking promising now with no Chris Smith and maybe no podcast. Hopefully Greg and his team can surprise us.
  12. Dan18F1

    Maya Jama's Latest Scandal

    I’m glad it’s fake really. She doesn’t deserve this much hate by that newspaper and as much as I don’t like her broadcasting, she seems like a nice person!
  13. Wow! I really wasn’t expecting his last show to be that soon, I think he’ll have a month off and start his new show on the 20th August. That will mean though that half an hour of it will still be the Summer Mix which would be annoying. And then Grimmy would probably take 2 weeks off and also start on the 20th which means that we might be getting Matt and Mollie doing Scott’s Show, Scott doing Breakfast and Jordan doing Drive. I think that the song he hates most might be Rise by Jonas Blue. It’s a very generic dance song and he doesn’t seem to like generic things that much. Alternatively it might be Yikes by Kanye West or ASAP Rocky song (praise the Lord I think it’s called)
  14. Dan18F1

    Schedule Changes

    Yeah he was surprisingly good actually I thought.
  15. Dan18F1

    Schedule Changes

    Jordan is also covering for Matt with Mollie for the rest of the weekend and so Cel is doing Jordans Greatest Hits Show. Jordan is also covering Adele on Monday and Tuesday and possibly all week because Adele is covering Clara’s Show.