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  1. Schedule Changes

    Do you mean for the forums?
  2. Friday is now the weekend

    I was thinking that the other day, there's a lot of content from yesteryear Scott and others wouldn't be able to do these days!
  3. Friday is now the weekend

    Although I remember this chart show with Scott, Laura and Chappers which worked as a one-off.
  4. Friday is now the weekend

    It seems to tick all of the boxes that Ben Cooper has to deal with though. Dwindling listenership, a large wage bill for the bigger DJs, a male-dominated schedule. Not saying it will work though...
  5. Friday is now the weekend

    I mean as far as schedule changes go this isn't as dramatic as I expected this year's overhaul to be - no one has been binned! It seems to say a lot about Radio 1 that Scott's had a boost from this news, he seemed a natural fit for the chart show from his cover stints in the past. Not sure what to make of the fact Maya lasted only a few months working with Scott and Chris though! Will the chart show now return to a 3 hour show rather than the weird reboot it has been in more recent years? I wonder if this is Ben Cooper's way of getting the wage bill down - presumably Grimmy will be getting less now unless they're expecting the usual Friday hosts to do some more elsewhere. Jordan is great, it's a shame we're not hearing more of him, but Mollie King and Matt Edmondson are a good match.
  6. Profession Confessions

    See I wasn't convinced by a second podcast, it sounded like a harder sell, but it will be interesting to see how it performs.
  7. New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    Not sure how Example helps with the need for more female voices. Sent using the Unofficial Mills app
  8. Whether or whether she isn't, it's nice to hear some new voices, especially when they make Scott cackle like he was yesterday [emoji23] Sent using the Unofficial Mills app
  9. Schedule Changes

    Phil Taggart also sounding good in for Annie Mac tonight
  10. Schedule Changes

    Have to agree Jordan has brought some fresh energy into covering Greg's show and is more in tune with the usual style of programme.
  11. A good blog here from @Matt D on the RAJARs. Grimmy's slumped to the smallest audience for Radio 1 breakfast, but there's good news for Clara, Greg, Annie Mac, and Scott who have seen growing audiences. This somewhat contradicts that Radio 1's audience are shunning radio - although I guess they have more appeal with older audiences. Moyles and Radio X are also on the up which is pleasing to see.
  12. An impressive number of recognisable artists BBC Introducing have supported over ten years in one way or another. Florence and the Machine, Alt-J, Ed Sheeran, Marina and the Diamonds, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Bombay Bicycle Club, Chvrches, Everything Everything, Chipmunk, Two Door Cinema Club, Soak, George Ezra, Jack Garratt, Wretch 32, Gabrielle Aplin, Slaves, Royal Blood, Speech Debelle, Jake Bugg, Declan McKenna, Viola Beach, Rizzle Kicks, The Ting Tings, Circa Waves...
  13. 50th Birthday Celebrations

    Yes the Radio 1 Vintage page should take you to the podcasts. I'm a bit lost without the station today - feel it could been even bigger than three days. Still I guess it's time to look forward again now! Sent from my SM-G955F using the mobile app
  14. 50th Birthday Celebrations

    I knew the song but didn't realise it was all to do with St George's Day I'd forgot about Roy Walker doing about Carpark Catchphrase, tragically! I see he still managed to get some Radio X plugs in there - I wondered if there would be a mention or they'd try to avoid him getting publicity.
  15. 50th Birthday Celebrations

    I listened to Adrian Juste - who reminded me of Mark and Lard - and it made me wonder if people will be just as bemused about Scott's features in 25 years time.