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  1. A good blog here from @Matt D on the RAJARs. Grimmy's slumped to the smallest audience for Radio 1 breakfast, but there's good news for Clara, Greg, Annie Mac, and Scott who have seen growing audiences. This somewhat contradicts that Radio 1's audience are shunning radio - although I guess they have more appeal with older audiences. Moyles and Radio X are also on the up which is pleasing to see.
  2. An impressive number of recognisable artists BBC Introducing have supported over ten years in one way or another. Florence and the Machine, Alt-J, Ed Sheeran, Marina and the Diamonds, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Bombay Bicycle Club, Chvrches, Everything Everything, Chipmunk, Two Door Cinema Club, Soak, George Ezra, Jack Garratt, Wretch 32, Gabrielle Aplin, Slaves, Royal Blood, Speech Debelle, Jake Bugg, Declan McKenna, Viola Beach, Rizzle Kicks, The Ting Tings, Circa Waves...
  3. 50th Birthday Celebrations

    Yes the Radio 1 Vintage page should take you to the podcasts. I'm a bit lost without the station today - feel it could been even bigger than three days. Still I guess it's time to look forward again now! Sent from my SM-G955F using the mobile app
  4. 50th Birthday Celebrations

    I knew the song but didn't realise it was all to do with St George's Day I'd forgot about Roy Walker doing about Carpark Catchphrase, tragically! I see he still managed to get some Radio X plugs in there - I wondered if there would be a mention or they'd try to avoid him getting publicity.
  5. 50th Birthday Celebrations

    I listened to Adrian Juste - who reminded me of Mark and Lard - and it made me wonder if people will be just as bemused about Scott's features in 25 years time.
  6. I'd argue they've made it more difficult messing about with BBC Three and talking about pooling budgets with Radio 1 (no doubt for further cuts). I'd say the reason I'm still with Radio 1 outside of target audience is 6Music doesn't really speak to me, BBC local radio and Radio 2 are targeting a demographic much older. There was so much focus on targeting the pre-teens but there needs to be a better strategy for 25+ and under 45.
  7. Refreshing to hear someone finally talking about the value of older talent to Radio 1. I'd argue Scott - who's perhaps an older star now - can connect better than some of the younger DJs to younger audiences. An interesting piece with Ben Cooper - who also admits to being dyslexic and not very academic - here:
  8. Forget being realistic - who would you love to have on a Radio 1 station out of the presenters from the past 50 years? Whether it's Scott on breakfast, Jo Whiley in the morning, John Peel in the evening, and Mark and Lard in the afternoons - let's hear your fantasy Radio 1 line-up!
  9. 50th Birthday Celebrations

    Loving it all so far - I think they've got a good mix of music and chat for the Radio 1 simulcast. Just hope I can stick with listening to Radio 1 Vintage on my phone/laptop all weekend (DAB is a nightmare here). Fear I won't be doing much this weekend...
  10. Just to let you know that the forum software has been upgraded. This is mostly bug fixes but if you see anything quirky that shouldn't be there let me know. There was a problem with the Unofficial Mills app but this should now be resolved.
  11. Worst Tinder date ever?

    Perhaps - but I think also that era gave more opportunity to be creative too. The prank calls, Badly Bleeped TV, competitions and such like. So much 'red tape' these days - the show has had to adapt.
  12. Have you read this unfortunate story about a Tinder date where a girl threw her poo out of the window because it wouldn't flush... and then gets stuck in a window? Reminds me of the girl who left a poo in a bag for her date by accident and called up to tell the story on Scott's show. Classic stuff from 2006. Worryingly seeming more frequent than it should be! Listen back here: Mills_ Natalies embarrassing story..mp3
  13. Chris Start post-Scott

    The good thing about Chris is he can literally slot into any show and still seem a good fit - whether that's with Greg James, Alice Levine, Matt Edmondson, etc.
  14. Facebook Login

    Looks like there were a couple of issues logging in using Facebook last week. I've taken a look at it and it should be working now. For those not aware you can link your Facebook account to sign in using that rather than your standard username and password.
  15. Big Weekend 2017

    I've put together a map of all the places Big Weekend has been, it's quite interesting seeing the gaps. So did anyone manage to get tickets? I've managed to somehow get both days despite being well out of the area. So you can rely on me to be tweeting the whole thing...