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  1. Have you read this unfortunate story about a Tinder date where a girl threw her poo out of the window because it wouldn't flush... and then gets stuck in a window? Reminds me of the girl who left a poo in a bag for her date by accident and called up to tell the story on Scott's show. Classic stuff from 2006. Worryingly seeming more frequent than it should be! Listen back here: Mills_ Natalies embarrassing story..mp3
  2. The good thing about Chris is he can literally slot into any show and still seem a good fit - whether that's with Greg James, Alice Levine, Matt Edmondson, etc.
  3. Looks like there were a couple of issues logging in using Facebook last week. I've taken a look at it and it should be working now. For those not aware you can link your Facebook account to sign in using that rather than your standard username and password.
  4. I've put together a map of all the places Big Weekend has been, it's quite interesting seeing the gaps. So did anyone manage to get tickets? I've managed to somehow get both days despite being well out of the area. So you can rely on me to be tweeting the whole thing...
  5. I assumed we were going to get more Scott and Chris as a result of Bangers being on all day. Not quite the same!
  6. Agree, I thought he was a good listen and sounded a good weekend deputy for that show. Sure he wasn't perfect but for a first attempt it wasn't bad. Would listen again.
  7. Well I guess the time set aside for it was never going to be as long as what the show allows. It's good for Scott they let him have time to promote it - surprised it hasn't happened sooner. Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  8. One thing that I found striking at Big Weekend last year was the queues of people who were talking about their favourite DJs. It was Scott's name that came up various times. I mean it's hard to say how much these people listen to Radio 1, but I think he remains the most recognisable name with young audiences. Now you could argue that's the strength of Scott's work, you could also argue Radio 1 has more to do to connect its audiences with the newer DJs.
  9. I've uploaded all of the shows to the website - They could do with being clipped to just the speech but for now they're there so we know we have them.
  10. We're all friends here!
  11. Radio 1 yesterday played Spiller and Sophie Ellis Bexter which was Number 1 a whole 17 years ago. That feels like it could have been out just a few years ago, yet it's considerably a long time ago. It's crazy. Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  12. I've found it pretty difficult staying on top of when Scott is on. I thought he was off for Bank Holidays but he's on today.
  13. I'll be watching this tonight but I'm not sure I hold much hope for Scott defeating his opponents. Perhaps like with Pointless it will be Chris who gives Scott the boost he needs!
  14. Sounds a lot like Capital or Kiss, but perhaps that's what he needs. A lot more lively than the usual breakfast show sound!
  15. I think it's like Twitter verification - you need a lot of sources.