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  1. Also, Vick has said she isn’t going to be on Life Hacks for 3 weeks. We know Katie is doing it solo next week so she probably is again in two weeks.
  2. Is Arielle doing next Friday and Sunday at 11am next week?
  3. As part of Drag day: Clara Amfo in for Adele Roberts. Arielle Free in for Jordan North. Dean McCullough in for Matt and Mollie.
  4. Who is going to be on from 10.30-1 on 20th-22nd August?
  5. Brilliant news, he is still one of the top at the station and I hope he doesn’t go anywhere for a very long time.
  6. Is he the one on Asian Network? I remember he used to cover the CBBC Chart Show for Cel. When Vick goes to drive, who do we think will be the cover for the Chart?
  7. Olly Alexander for week 1.
  8. The evening schedule remains the same as it currently is in W/c 9th August. Adele does start interim for Clara in this week though, meaning Clara’s last show is 5th August. As part of the Radio 1 Dance weekend: DJ Target and Jeremiah Asiamah host together for four hours from 7pm-11pm on 7th August (No Tiffany). No Rock Show, instead it’s Benji B from 9-11. There’s no BBC Introducing either, instead there is an extended BBC Introducing Dance with Jaguar from 11pm-1am. Also, for Grimmy’s last week of shows, the schedule lists ‘Station Off Air.’ Makes me think that they are planning something quite special that will be listed as a different programme for his final shows.
  9. Why just tour unis? A live radio 1 tour would be amazing!
  10. Wow Scott back on drive! it’s an interesting change to say the least, because unless both of Arielle or Matt and Mollie are off for that period, they have more than enough presenters to effectively cover all 5 slots. Do agree that they should move Future Artists forward when RMC finish though, it’s a shame that they won’t get to be together for their final evening show though.
  11. Surely Jack would want a holiday though?
  12. What do you all think about this suggested cover schedule for this summer:
  13. I still think that the 1Xtra night is lazy, especially on a Saturday when they really should have dedicated dance music, not a simulcast of their sister station. the question is, what fits on a Sunday night? The audience probably want something relaxing. In my eyes, ‘Sunday Night Chillout’ would go down the road of light banter, discussions about the week, and music that isn’t too loud. i do sometimes think that The Rock Show should become one of the specialist shows, but it would no doubt be seen as a demotion.
  14. Here is a further updated version following on from further changes to the actual schedule during the week.
  15. You can, to an extent, understand some of the BTS Tweets, which get about 40/50K likes, but some, like the Lil Nas X one, receive almost no engagement except a few likes and maybe two or three comments. clipping up some bits from the show (e.g. Jordan’s interesting comments about the grunting during Wimbledon during today’s show) gets the image of the station across. most, if not everyone in Radio 1’s demographic use some form of social media and it’s important that R1 don’t alienate those who aren’t teenagers and those who aren’t particularly into celeb gossip, as to a lot of the next generation, who they want to to attract in the coming years, they will appear as cringey purely based upon those few tweets that they saw. And then, that’s it - off to Heart and Capital, commercial stations.
  16. Radio 1 Presenters are generally seen to be the listeners friend, their mate. They’re not above us. They’re not below us. They’re equivalent to us, at least on the radio. Whilst some DJs do like to delve into their celebrity life and Celeb gossip (a certain someone whose name rhymes with Jaya Maja) they generally all do this. So, the social media feeds seem particularly baffling to me. The tweets seem to be desperately aimed at teenage girls. Why do they do this? Not one of the DJs aims at this, even if they are a fan of celeb gossip, a la Grimmy, they still do aim to a wider audience and are still enjoyable for everyone. I’ve linked some of my ‘favourite’ tweets below from the feed, but most of all, I think that they vitally need to fit back into the stations radio output so that they appeal to EVERYONE. So anyway, what’s your opinion on the social media feeds?
  17. I find the 1Xtra night just lazy to be honest. It is just a simulcast of Radio 1Xtra. If listeners want to listen to that then they will go to 1Xtra, there’s no need to show it on both stations when a second dance night would make more sense for a Saturday. on a Sunday, it does make more sense to have a longer chill out show. Putting it from 7-9 then having the Rock Show straight after pretty much nullifies all the ‘chillest vibes.’
  18. My biggest problem is the nighttime schedule. From September I’d have: Monday-Wednesday have a full on chillest show from 22:00-0:00, not just a power down playlist. This would be hosted by Sian. Thursday night is the rock night, with The Indie Show followed by The Rock Show. Friday and Saturday night are all about dance. Danny and Sarah on both nights, with Pete on Friday and Jaguar on Saturday. on Sunday I’d have BBC Introducing followed by Sunday Chillout, hosted by Jess and then Sian.
  19. I don’t think they have enough ‘Best New Pop’ for 30 minutes on a Friday morning, let alone 60 minutes in primetime. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if Best New Pop quietly disappeared over the next year or so.
  20. The one more change that I think will happen before 2023 is that Adele will leave, and be replaced by Katie. That’ll be the end of the Katie and Vick pairing, and Sam and Danni will take over Life Hacks.
  21. @anothernerdhere is the timetable you requested:
  22. Press release: https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/2021/vick-hope-jordan-north-radio1-drivetime
  23. Grimmys last show will be on 12 August.
  24. Who do you think will be the covers from September? Considering a lot of the usual covers are getting promotions, this is what I think: Arielle - Sam & Danni or Rakeem Greg - Matt and Mollie RMC - Won’t need a cover because they’re a trio Scott and Chris - Katie or Dean Jordan and Vick - Jack or Arielle Clara - Jess Jack - Jess/Nels Hlyton
  25. My one problem with all of this - Katie has been a bit ‘forgotten’ with all of this. Realistically, she did deserve that morning a lot having been on the waiting list for a bigger slot for about four years.
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